Word from Samsung France is Galaxy S Will See Froyo in September



The Samsung Galaxy S is one of the many top-notch Android smartphones that launched during an awkward and unfortunate window just after Android 2.2 was announced but before it was readily available to get prepped and come pre-installed at launch. Now owners of these phones have to play the waiting game as promised Android 2.2 updates get pegged to roll-out. August was already named as the month to look out for the Froyo upgrade to hit handsets in Samsung’s native Korea, and now word from a Samsung France representative is that the update could be reaching French Galaxy S handsets in September.

It is unclear if the update will also be ready for the rest of the world by that point, as the Galaxy S available in France is the international version available in most areas. Even if the update doesn’t roll out proper, there is a chance it will still be compatible with non-French versions of the phone, though it may take a bit of work to get it installed.

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  1. Need a release date for EPIC!

  2. My Vibrant is coming tomorrow, and I can’t wait until 2.2 comes along! But my Vibrant’s real test will be this thursday and friday when I take it to Comic-Con. Don’t let me down, Vibey! I won’t say Vibey again.

  3. I got my vibrant last week when it first dropped and it is pretty amazing! I would like to have 2.2 so I can watch flash videos on the browser though. The super amoled screen is in a league of its own. Awesome phone!

  4. SGS is the new black.

  5. So the french gets their fix in september

    South korea gets theirs in August

    What about North America?

  6. Well, Sprint already said when the Epic is released it won’t be a long wait for 2.2 after. So hopefully, hopefully this news gives Sprint a chance to ship it out with 2.2 or have the wait even shorter after the release. All in all this is good news for all galaxy S phones.

  7. The phone hits Japan in October.
    Maybe docomo will be nice and release it with 2.2 pre-installed.

  8. Word from me, still not buying it. I honestly hope the update comes in a timely manner, and I’m glad to hear that people are enjoying the Vibrant. That said, I personally will not buy another Samsung phone after owning the Behold 2. I simply won’t allow myself, no matter how great the Galaxy S models are. I can’t justify rewarding Samsung with my dollars after the way they blew off the Behold 2 debacle. If they had said straight up, “we lost a ton of money on the Behold 2 and we are cutting our losses, no more updates” I would have still been bitter, but less so than being lied to. Saying the Behold 2 CAN’T be updated to 2.0+ is outright false.

    Samsung will never release the drivers, because they use the same encryption schemes across their product lines. This means ROMs will only be able to be developed/modded from the sources Samsung releases after they make a build.

  9. hopefully it will be out for the captivate soon…. just got it today and i love it… so glad i left the world of the iphone for it… its super fast already so sure with the update it will be even better.

  10. I hope everyone has learned their lesson. How is that Android 2.x update for the Behold coming along Samsung?
    They make great hardware, however, I will only get the Galaxy S when it already has 2.2 out.


    My Galaxy S is fantastic. Sooooo happy to have returned my iPhone4 and upgraded to this delicious beast… can play all my Divx Xvid WMV videos and Flac Ape Wma audio with no conversion necessary.

    I removed the customised Samsung interface and am using LaunchPad Pro, which is really fast and glorious, AND I am using my phone in areas where my Hero and iPhone4 could not receive a signal… yessssssss….


  12. Hey, that’s before Verizon users will see anything in the US, apparently. Maybe they are holding out for Froyo, though more likely wanting to spread their 3 big releases out over 3 months. Really annoying though, given that the Fascinate appears (in my opinion) to be the top dog of the three summer Verizon Android phones.

  13. I think they should hold out for Gingerbread. Google starts working on the newest version months before they are released so I’m pretty sure Samsung has already seen some of it already. I think the first version of Froyo that I installed on my Nexus had a date from December.

  14. After seeing Samsung screw the Behold users, I’m not buying a Samsung phone unless it has the Android version I need. The lost their respect when they screwed their customers. They have to earn it back.

  15. i have a galaxy s that i bought here in france (december 2010) and i am trying to update to froyo 2.2 and kies says that my device can not be updated, can anybody help?

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