Leaked Verizon Database Images Comfirm Droid 2 Will Come With Android 2.2 at Launch



If the spy shot of the Motorola Droid 2 running Froyo (Android 2.2) wasn’t enough to convince you that the phone will come with Google’s latest version of the OS at launch, maybe these leaked shots of a Verizon device database will sway your mind. The shots — though they don’t do much to confirm any other specs we have heard floating around — definitively show that the Droid 2 will have Android version 2.2 when it lands on Verizon’s shelves as soon as August 12th.



[thanks to anonimac over at AndroidForums for sending these our way]

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  1. Yessir! Awesome K.

  2. That’s a very cool announcement to hear… So now the question is about release date… Does that mean that it will come out AFTER the OTA updates for the DX, D1, Incredible, etc… or will it be the teaser that comes out as the first in the Droid line???

  3. Bootloader Locked

  4. Still waiting for 2.2 on the original DROID!

  5. @b3n, where do you see bootloader locked on the pictures?

  6. i asked a verizon rep if he herd about the droid 2 yet and he looked at me with a questioning face and said no. I was like.. where have you been? under a rock?

  7. @dman977 haha you dont, its obviously not on vzw quick specs page… but i dont foresee moto changing it on the droid 2 if its locked down on the DX. Dont get your hopes up to have a pretty unlocked moto ever again.

  8. @dman977- All Motorola Android phones will have a locked bootloader going forward. Welcome to the walled garden..

    It should be named iDroid..It fits better.

  9. @Matt exactly. this is an apple move all day. disgusting to lock down such a wonderfully open OS. Which gives me hope pressure from the community will have them reverse it. None the less this shows that moto just wants to push hardware to the masses. They have 0 idea how important android remaining open actually is.

  10. NEWS TODAY. Motorola is selling most of its wireless division to Nokia for 1.2 Billion. Motorola has not been profitable for a long time.

  11. of course the battery info is missing. i’m really curious if they’re keeping the D1 battery in there, or going somewhere between that and the DX.

  12. If you don’t like a locked bootloader… buy a different phone. There are other viable options that are just as good as the Moto Droid series.

    If it’s that much of an issue, get in to producing your own mobile phones.

  13. Pretty sure the battery will be the same, the processor is more battery efficient so battery life will be better.

  14. It’s been 5 days since DX launch. Why are we still on this thread of locked bootloader? Spend less time to talk and more time to unlock it. Challenge yourself!

  15. @dman977

    I believe that was sarcasm.

  16. @12: m pretty much going with ur first two statements. as for d last one, if ever id be able to produce cellphones myself, id sell it to others unlocked and just for u, id sell u a special version locked to d max with a premium price to match. :-P

  17. @Dogsby @dman977
    Funnily, moto claims that the bootlock is for users sake and that’s it’s a nice thing but they never advertise on that :D
    all coming moto devices are bootlocked
    no custom rom here so you become a hostage of moto
    including bug fixes and phone support
    even if devices look attractive, it’s far away from android’s openness
    if you want a locked device, better go to apple, at least you get decent software
    if you like android’s openness, stay away from moto
    … IMHO …

  18. @rob
    how many other high-end qwerty phones with android 2.0 or higher can you name?
    i can name 1, HTC vision, and that’s not much more than a blurry leaked prototype pic right now.

    what’s annoying here is also how motorola says “get an N1 or dev phone if you want custom roms”, there’s 1 completely unlocked qwerty phone and that’s the slowest oldest android phone available.

    we just need more high-end qwerty phones.

  19. @thedicemaster what’s annoying here is that people seem to not notice that the only truly and completely unlocked phones are essentially developer phones. There’s a reason for that: It makes better business sense to hang onto some proprietary parts of the platform than to create fully open generic hardware. And if the market was truly driving fully unlocked phones, there would be more. That there are not seems to imply that it’s not a significant market segment.

  20. The bootloader is locked which I don’t like but as long as you have vanilla Android you should get the newest updates after the Nexus One. Second place isn’t so bad in the world of Android and if you don’t like being second then buy a Nexus like Moto said.

  21. @tauran
    Motorola is selling their wireless-NETWORKING division to Nokia, NOT their cell phone division.

    Moto is spinning off the cell phone division to become its own separate entity.

  22. Motorola will also be selling off their cellphone division, i.e Mobile Devices as soon as they can find a buyer. They have been trying to sell it for several years but nobody was interested except some no name company in India. The idea is to spin it off and then sell it and when that happens the CEO gets a huge bonus. They are riding the Android train to make mobile devices profitable enough to sell. I’ll be money the buyer will be a chinese company since that is where everything is made anyway.
    You can expect everyone to lock their bootloaders since the manufacturers, the carrier, and Google don’t want hacking. It causes support issues for them that they don’t want. it is funny though to see people shocked, shocked!! that Google and Android isn’t really “open” after all and never has been. Try getting the source code to the Android bits that interact with hardware. Try contributing to the source code. Not gonna happen. Expect the app store and app installs to tighten down too. Froyos’ JIT is going to make it more susceptible to malware and performance and stability issues. Corporations will never use Android as long as so many apps are allowed to get personal information and send it wherever. Not to mention the data that Google collects about user activities.

  23. I hope all the Bootloaders are locked for all future phones. We shouldn’t have to deal with all the phones being brought back because some idiot tried to hack the phone and screwed something up.

  24. p.s. Motorola will not be selling off their cell phone division. Get a clue and get up with the times.

  25. If Motorola sell their cell phone division to Nokia, what will happen to them? I think they will only do this if they are in the midst of bankruptcy.

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