Last Nexus One Shipment Arrives At Google

Sine Google announced plans to cease the sale of their flagship Android handset the Nexus One through their online store, we have all stood by waiting for the plug to finally be pulled. Sadly, the time has now come as Google received their final shipment of Nexus One phones from HTC this week. Once this stock is sold off, the N1 will be no more in the Google web store.


The phone itself will not cease to be available, however, as carrier partners will continue to offer the sexy Nexy for the foreseeable future. A note is even made that Nexus One distribtuion may still spread to other carriers depending on “local market conditions.” Google will continue to offer the N1 to developer’s through a tertiary sales partner. The full text of the blog post announcing the end of the Nexus One’s availability online¬†follows:

Earlier this year, we announced that we will be closing the Nexus One web store. This week we received our last shipment of Nexus One phones. Once we sell these devices, the Nexus One will no longer be available online from Google. Customer support will still be available for current Nexus One customers. And Nexus One will continue to be sold by partners including Vodafone in Europe, KT in Korea, and possibly others based on local market conditions.

To ensure our developers have access to a phone with the latest Android OS, Google will be offering the Nexus One through a partner for sale to registered developers. Visit the Android Market Publisher site and log into your developer account to purchase a Nexus One.

If you still want to get your hands on the unlocked version of the phone that never quite made the sweeping changes to the handset market it intended to, head over to the Google web store quickly as we’re sure the remaining stock may not last long. For now we shed a single tear as the phone that could have changed everything inches one step closer to the end of its life.


[via IntoMobile]

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  • Jeff Marshall

    Last of the Mohicans! (Sp)?

  • mike


  • Wello

    “For now we shed a single tear as the phone that did change everything inches one step closer to the end of its life” *fixed :)
    Can’t wait for the phone gallery! Can you imagine? All the android devices, with information and specs and possibly even reviews and rankings! Links show the closest buy location! The possibilities! Hate to say it but it will beat phandroids phone database, sorry :P (That’s if they do the right thing..)

  • dalex7777

    Great phone, but I’d rather get an unlocked Desire for $50 bucks more. However, without this phone we would not have had the growth in the current generation and adoption of Android phones: the Bravo/Desire, EVO, Incredible all come from this phone.

  • Steve

    @Jeff Marshall, no it is from the Indian crying about littering tv commercial. GET OFF MY LAWN

  • phoenix

    i’m sad i won’t be able to really buy a good stock android phone unlocked. i love the fact that i can make my own plan and just plop in my sim card, and i love that it’s stock android that will always get the updates quickly.

  • quick

    I wonder about the N1’s accessories… will they no longer be available anywhere after they close the online store??

    Already have an N1, but I would like to be able to buy the car dock down the road if I need it…

  • ari-free
    famous crying Indian TV ad

  • Bigmerf

    very sad :(. lol

  • Samuel Maskell

    glad I got one just in time..

  • http://Phandroid Dillan

    huhuhu :*( that is just wrong!

  • Nexus One developer

    I am proud to have Nexus One with Google logo on it! :)

  • George Anderson

    My wife wants one, yet I don’t have another 530 to pony up right now, just bought mine a month ago…Looks like I need to learn to develop.

  • Joel

    I’m going to bet… a small cult following for this Nexus after 1 year… if not, at least Google should try to facilitate this

  • Dave Hensley

    Got mine thru the store – what a great phone. It will be a sad day when the last one ships…

  • Brovine

    Sad, I agree. Android fans check out this article:

  • Al

    will this last batch Have the amoled screens or the super tft screens?
    i will only buy if it has the amoled screens
    since read amoled shortage is leading htc to use super tft lc screens from sony to replace amoled screen devices

  • TK

    For the record, I have never regretted buying the phone. The Nexus One WAS a game-changer, even according to Google. It didn’t sell 5 billion handsets, but it did more than Google had even hoped for. Long live the Nexus One.

  • elijahblake

    if they would have sold this phone for $350, it would have been a done deal, but $529 just puts it too high for most people like me.

  • Leon

    I demand the future existence of a Nexus Deux! This cannot be end of such a grand object.

  • Nick

    As the proud owner of one, this is very sad indeed. Too bad that too many people are so engrained in the ways of lack luster carrier subsidized phones.

  • ari-free

    What did it really change? It was only available for one carrier, t-mobile, and not a good plan. And it didn’t convince other OEM’s to use stock android instead of their custom UI’s.

  • hot rod

    lol. take a hint from the samsung galaxy s and htc touch pro 2. worldphones that are available on all carriers…buh bye N1, nice try google-still a fan.

  • Jouten


    It was also for AT&T

  • George Anderson

    Soon to be a collector’s item…In the future, the “Google Phone” will be a valuable collectible and my son’s son will get filthy rich for selling the one that I shall leave behind. Long live the Nexus One!

  • Evan Kaufman

    @quick Good question…I shudder to think what kind of hoops I’ll have to jump through to find a car dock or replacement battery.

    Still, I love this phone and I regret nothing!

  • swehes

    Google will come out with another Developer Phone. Just wait. :) It may not be a N2 but it will be a phone that has stock android. :)

  • Dave

    The Nexus One was my first smart phone, and I expect I’ll be holding on to it until it stops working. Truly a great device.

  • DE

    If only they would have released it through the carriers, it would have been a bigger success.

  • Dick W

    I sure hope our two last at least until AT&T pulls their head out of their a** with regard to Android phones. Locked is bad enough but locked and maimed 2nd rate phones with late or never updates? Puke.

  • jf79

    Glad I got one just recently then. (2 weeks ago)

    It’s my first smartphone, and love it!

    Hopefully Google changes its mind and makes the N2. :)

  • Dick W

    DE: Since “release through the carriers” probably meant gagging it up with carrier restrictions, limitations, branding kaka and control over updates, or the carriers wouldn’t play, I guess I’m glad there was at least a short interval where we could avoid that.

    Now I just hope I can keep ours in good shape until another window like that opens.

  • James

    The Nexus One will go down as a ground breaking device. The Nexus One has been out for about 7 months. Look at the devices that came out after the N1. Imagine what kind of Android devices will be on the market by the end of the year. In the meantime the same IPhone that is out there right now will still be the only IPhone on the market in 7 months. The N1 will be seen as the spark that ignited the Android revolution. Perhaps this is what Google had in mind when they launched this device.

  • Jake

    If they had only given the device to verizon instead of t-mobile, this phone would have killed the iphone in my opinion. I would have bought it in a heart beat if it were on verizon…

  • 9ooyan

    Bought mine on day one a and never looked back. Loving froyo. Hope they get the FM receiver into a nice custom ROM, will root for it.

  • http://Google van

    Got my from Google store this May and Still lloving my N1. Truly, it will be a sad day when it ends but N1 is a true legend. I am still hopeful that there will be a Nexus 2.

  • chris

    so very glad i got my n1. it’s a fantastic phone and i believe future phones will follow its model. an unlocked, no contract phone is incredibly liberating. despite its high initial price if you do the math over 2 years of reduced rate, non-contract t-mo service vs. subsidized phone but higher monthly service your total cost over the 2 years is about the same and often less with comparably equipped phones.
    so i too shed a tear for its demise but i’ll proudly carry the n1 torch…

  • CJ

    I’m sure the nexus one is a great phone. But lets not give it too much credit. The Droid got the android buzz going last year, not the n1. I think the Droid deserves at least a half share of all the accolades. It was the first android phone to sport 2.0.

  • daffyduck

    A sad day for a truly great phone, that forced other manufacturers to up their game on Android hardware!

    Had mine since January, still love it & still think that, despite its flaws, it is a greater package overall that most of the new Android phones out there.



  • asqwerth

    I decided to bite the bullet and order one from the website before the last shipment ran out. I had wanted to wait a little longer, see if any Nexus 2 was announced, but now that that seems unlikely, at least for the next year, I decided the specs for the Nexus One were still comparable to newer phones (I really don’t need a front facing camera or hdmi output). The benefit of having stock Android and being able to get Froyo and later this year, Gingerbread, faster than other phones was too tempting. My intention once I get it is to finally risk rooting and flashing custom roms onto my South East Asian HTC Hero (yes, I’m a big scaredy-cat and didn’t want to take risks when it was my only Android phone).

  • n@te

    Its really sad that it’s ending I really wanted to get one of the Google branded ones well I guess the developers one could always be gotten

  • vinny

    I will say I am also a very proud owner of a new N1, still the best Android device made today. The phone can do everything much better and faster then almost all of today’s so called modern devices. The phone is built better, the size is just right and the looks, the looks are killer. Just ordered the desk top dock and probably going to order the car dock as well. I know some of the hardware is probably dated buy the phone is the balls.

  • s4mb4

    not sure how google can not sell a developer phone. where will android 4 come from??

  • san

    very sad :'( hiks..hiks

  • Ayocuz

    Had my nexus one since january and with all the newer devices that’s done came since I’ve gotta say not really been tempted to trade my baby in yet. I think the droid did do a-lot for the platform but the nexus one did a great deal in getting us all better more advanced hardware.even if I do get another phone (android of course) I’m gonna always use my sexii nexii.this phone has left its legacy all over our community.

  • Austin

    I ordered my Nexus One like 2 days after release and it’s still great. I have friends with Evos and Incredibles and neither of those phones are as fast as the N1 (with CM 5.0.8). I blame HTC for that stupid Sense interface.

  • bani

    Im proud to have bought this superphone and to belong to an exclusive group of nexus one owner….Thank you google for this….this is a “never want another phone anymore phone”……

  • wallace

    If it wasn’t for my one of my friends for having one.. I would never even bought one.. now I cant let it go.. its like my little personal assistant….lol, I just wish I got the car dock for it… if anybody nows how I can still get the car dock please let me know…