Downloads of Yelp for Android Nearing One Million Mark


Yelp is continuing it’s location-oriented dominance, now boasting close to one million downloads of their Android app since last December when it launched. Their number of active mobile users is growing by 50 percent each week, and now stands at 2.5 million. A large portion of this number does come from their iPhone userbase, but the recent addition of check-ins and more Foursquare-like elements such as badges is in large part responsible for the rapid growth of Yelp on all platforms.


Mobile use still only accounts for 7 percent of the 34 million total users of the social rating and local search service between apps and the Yelp website, but those using a smartphone make up 27 percent of all searches queried. Yelp’s mobile presence is slightly greater than Foursquare who they now directly challenge on the check-in front. Do you count yourself among the millions using Yelp, or is another location-based social service the only worthy of any storage space on your phone?

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. I think that Yelp reviews are generally useless and the Foursquare-style features are for utter morons with too much time on their hands, the one value of the Yelp app is to find restaurants near my location when I am traveling.

  2. Ever since Yelp added checkins, I have completely dropped Foursquare.

    “Badges! We don’t need no stinking Badges!”

  3. Yelp is one of the worst location based apps there is. The reviews are utterly useless and the information is wrong or outdated 9/10 times.

  4. Yelp is used best as a restaurant locator. The reviews are mixed bag but just finding a local restaurant when your on vacation is well worth the download.

  5. This increase is probably due to the fact that the recent update fails to install on many phones. I myself must have downloaded it 20 times and it still doesn’t replace my current version.

  6. Yelp is terrible. I use Google Place Directory.

  7. Yelp is useless to me unless im wanting to look at restaurants. reviews are inaccurate

  8. Who the hell posts a graph about # of downloads without posting a y-axis measurement? WORST GRAPH EVER.

    Oh and the app is ho-hum.

  9. I’ve been using Aloqa, I’ll check out google place directory.

  10. Gowalla ftw!

  11. Google has that built into the browser… go to from your browser and search with “near me now…”

  12. If poynt would come out for android I wouldn’t need to use Yelp!

  13. Where has worked well for me

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