Acer Liquid A1 Gets An Upgrade to Android 2.1

At long last, the Acer Liquid A1 has received an upgrade to Android 2.1. Many showed frustration when Acer brought out the Liquid e – the A1’s younger cousin – and gave it Android 2.1, but didn’t seem to say a peep about their similarly-specced A1. At least in France, Acer’s finally delivering Eclair (very fitting, I’d say) to those owners.


Not much else to say here except we hope to hear about other regions getting the OTA soon.  With all of the devices Acer’s been launching – such as the Liquid e and the Stream – it should be at least a little refreshing to know that they’re still thinking about their first kis– I mean Android device.

[LesMobiles via IntoMobile]

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  • xmetl

    strange 2.1, well that looks more like android 1.6 to me

  • PepelePiu

    Lol well the screenshot is of 1.6…

    I upgraded mine to 2.1…. and its fricken sweeeeeeeeeeeet…!!!

    Only problem i faced was that the official website blocks all downloads to the US… But using one of those high school proxy redirects i was able to get a denmark one… and it worked :D

    I honestly dont see why Acer would want to limit the update for parts of the world…

  • Aux

    2.1 finally rocks our Liquids! Thanks to Acer!

  • José Nicolas

    I can’t find it either (sweden), probably the same block pepelepiu is talking about, to bad I am not as experienced as he, or else I could do the same thing…

  • spyglass

    Me too, I’m just trying to download but I can’t see it… :(
    Hungary. Damn, I want 2.1.

  • Chris

    It seems to be a phased roll-out. First were France, Italy and Germany, then came UK & Australia (for some reason not US yet) a week later. Weird though that Taiwan seems to be a bit further off still, seeing as Acer is a Taiwanese company.

  • sam

    hi guys..just bump into this site where gives link to download the eclair (2.1)

    enjoy your acer liquid 2.1! wohoo…

  • Alexandre Willian

    I would like to know how to upgrade my Acer Liquid 1.6 to 2.1 or 2.2.