Desire, Legend, and Wildfire by HTC to Get Froyo Sometime in Q3


HTC’s gone on record to officially acknowledge that the HTC Desire, HTC Legend, and HTC Wildfire will be getting an upgrade to Android 2.2 sometime in Q3 of this year. Essentially, you could be surprised and see it released in two days, because that’s when Q3 starts. Realistically, it will probably be a few weeks to a few months before we see HTC grace their Sense-enabled phones with Froyo.


At least one camp of HTC-made Android device users are beginning to enjoy Froyo. Now the long and strenuous wait begins for the rest of the band.

[Recombu via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. What about the Eris? That’s pretty much the Wildfire (same specs and such).

  2. i’ve just bought a Wildfire, my first little Android and i’m very please to hear this news. Maybe when i’ll be rich, beautiful and intelligent i’ll buy a Droid X! Actually i’m 36 years old and my hopes are very low!hahahhahahah!

  3. root your eris, as i did. then you can get 2.2. also when it is available for the legend and wildfire, one of the devs over at xda will port it to the eris.

  4. Frankly just not good enough. Feels like I’ve gone back to a Microsoft phone where they just don’t care about existing customers. This release has been available to developers for a while so HTC should have been working on this long before now. That’s me rooting my Desire tonight.

  5. i don’t care bout this phone. Cause the Desire isn’t even on the AT&T network I’m just still piss I can’t have this phone on my hands. And I might as well buy it UNLOCKED.

  6. What about my Dinc?? How could this be? LOL

  7. Yeah, what about the INC – didn’t this used to be the HTC flagship phone?

  8. Htc deire user UK. Cant wait for FROYO and apps2sd. If the update isn’t here by the end of July I will be rooting. Just glad I got an unlocked phone because a lot of the time its the carriers and not the manufacturor who are slow at pushing the updates out

  9. +1 Dinc user here. Give us Froyo!!

  10. The Incredible seems to be left out too. This phone is still new and in demand. What’s the deal?

  11. Fantastic! anyone knows if flash 10.1 will on the legend when it hets froyo?

  12. Well, when can we root our Dincs and do this ourselves? This will be the last HTC phone I buy.

  13. i was kinda waiting it for Desire in early july. i still live in that hope. i might be able to wait a couple of painful weeks… maybe… barely…

    Incredible and EVO (among others) are carrier specific, US-only models, so i guess it’s because of that. i’m sure they’ll get it too later on, though.

  14. You guys confuse the hell out of me. They have a hell of a lot of work to do when they port Sense to a new version of Android. There’s a lot more to it than just adding the skin – there are a massive number of apps that you get with it, and even then it’s not just porting, it’s getting them to work well with the new features of 2.2.

    I think getting it within a few weeks or months is pretty good!

  15. Why can’t HTC release the applications through Market instead, and lock them for only HTC phones. Then they would just have to port the skin itself, instead of all the applications, and just update each application individually.

    Not sure if they have the possibility to give applications out on the market that is only available for HTC phones, but if they don’t I would bet the Google could fix that for them in a short amount of time tbh.

  16. Dan, I disagree. Firstly, this isn’t a brand new thing, they already have a port onto 2.1 and it should me interface changes not a complete rewrite. HTC will also have been aware of what these changes were and developer versions of the code base for some time. Finally a company their size should have the capacity to move things quite quickly, it’s an open phone operating system, not a Microsoft os. Most of the 2.2 stuff is internet in the way it compiles code for speed and shouldn’t go too near to anything on top of it.

  17. Oh nice! The Gadget show are calling Q3, September or October (which is Q4) before we get this release

  18. how about tatoo?

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