Pre-Order Your Motorola Droid X At Best Buy Today


Have $200? Want one of the hottest phones that’ll be coming out this summer? Then head to Best Buy and throw that money down (rebate-free) toward the Motorola Droid X as they’re now holding pre-orders for the device. Just as the events heading up to the HTC EVO 4G launch, we expect other retailers to follow suit pretty soon.

verizon-droid-x-side (1)

What are you waiting for? Go smite this dastard iPhone 4 launch by pre-ordering a Droid X today!

Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile have truly become the leading destination this summer for all your mobile smartphone needs – from HTC EVO 4G from Sprint to the iPhone 4 on AT&T to the upcoming DROID X on Verizon. Enthusiasts of the Android platform can be the first to reserve a copy of the new Verizon DROID X by Motorola today at Best Buy. The pre-sale begins June 25 and the smartphone will land in stores on July 15.

“With the buzz we’ve seen around the Android platform, Best Buy is confident that consumers will be thrilled about the Verizon DROID X by Motorola pre-sale,” said Scott Anderson, senior director of merchandising at Best Buy Mobile. “It has been a great summer for smartphones with the HTC EVO and iPhone 4 launches, and the addition of the DROID X adds another strong option for our customers to consider.”

The Verizon DROID X by Motorola features Google’s Android 2.1 operating system, 4.3-inch screen and 720P HD video recording and playback. Android 2.2 will arrive to customers on the DROID X later this summer. The DROID X is available at Best Buy for $199.99 with 2-year activation, with no mail-in rebate hassle.

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  1. I just wished it was for T-mobile :( I would go and pre-order it right now :(
    It is making me thinking to switch to Verzion now .. Hmmmm

  2. As of 11:00am EST, my local BestBuy had no information on any pre-order for Droid X.

  3. I hope I’m wrong, but something tells me that this won’t preorder 600k in a day.

  4. When will verizon start their pre order?

  5. I just called Verizon to cancel my Incredible pre-order so I could pre-order X at Best Buy and the Verizon store agreed to swap my Incredible for a Droid X they will hold for me on launch day, woot!

    I guess there is one way to pre-order through Verizon so far.

  6. Best Buy taking orders before Verizon?

  7. ok we’ve heard it is $199 WITH a 2 year contract. But how much is this bad boy without a contract???? most of us dont have an expiring contract ya know

  8. I called my local Best Buy and they said that tomorrow is when they are doing the pre-order for the Droid X. I will be there when they first open.This will be my first Droid!

  9. I’ll be holding off on the pre order and try to get a deal on the plan from a friend.

  10. No shit, what the hell is wrong with announcing what the no-contract pricing will be?

    I’m afraid if I wait to find out then there will be none available for preorder, but I’m not going to jump in head first.

  11. going to pre-order the white evo

  12. I just checked with my bestbuy and they ARE taking preorders for the X. .but its only $50 down not $200 …retail price quoted as $600 (with no contract) but she didn’t seem all that sure about it.

  13. Where can I preorder one? Does anyone have a direct link? I looked all over Best Buys site and can’t find it anywhere.

  14. Just pre-ordered mine!! I was #1 at this particular BB. Paid $50 deposit for pre-order. As far as upgrading-if your contract expires anytime in 2010, Verizon will let you get the 2 year upgrade price without penalty to get the Droid X. Hope this helps!!

  15. if your contract is up by the end of 2010 you are automatically elligable for an upgrade if you buy the droid x. it was in the paper

  16. Prepaid $50 an hour ago at my local BB. Employee who checked me out said the X would be available in a week and I would receive a phone call to come pick it up. $50 prepaid cost goes towards the phone purchase price of $199 w/ a new 2 year contract if your contact is eligible in 2010 w/ Verizon. Price is $500 otherwise. I have been waiting for this to come out since the original droid keyboard was unappealing to me. Good things happen to those who wait. FTW!

  17. It’s not on Best Buy’s website, you have to get off your rear end and go to the physical store to place a preorder. I called my local Best Buy earlier and they confirmed, 50 dollars deposit. I’ll be going later on to reserve mine!

  18. The X isn’t going to be available in a week. Verizon already said the release date is July 15th, so try 3 weeks. I don’t think I’d take the word of some flunky at BB over Verizon’s national campaign news.

  19. @Wetworx…valid point. I’ll post back here when I have it my HAND.

  20. According to CNET you have to sign the contract when you pre-order. Does this mean that your 30 days to return starts when you pre-order? Or does it start when the phone is actually activated? (Verizon’s 30 days)

  21. @RS
    Perhaps he/she meant they’d HAVE it in a week. Although that would be kinda early still

  22. I pre-ordered my from Verizon yesterday by calling their sales department. It’s a bit disheartening though that BB is going to sell it for $199 w/o a rebate and that VZ has a $100 rebate when going to them directly. I don’t know if I want to deal with BB (which I hate) or just deal with the hassle of a $100 MIR. Either way though, that sweet bundle of goodness will be mine!!! :)

  23. Waitin for GSM version

  24. quick update yes the phone pre order is avaialable at best buy THE RETAIL PRICE IS 599 , BEST BUY WILL NOT HONOR NEW EVERY 2 so i will just wait for verizon pre order

  25. my verizon store is not and will not be taking any preorders.
    but i just preordered from my BB and i was the first.

  26. My BB would also not honor new every 2 I have 2 phones on my plan due for upgrade this year one on 8/10 and the other on 10/10. I’ll have to wait for Verizon no biggie

  27. I like the Idea of the Droid X, but the more I mod my Inc the more I like it. So far I’ve only made a few non-root adjustments like the DI boot, and the Droid X multitouch screen, plus the slidescreen launcher but it already feels like a whole new phone. Oh and then there’s the Droid X live wallpapers and the Galaxy S wallpapers and the Original Droid photo gallery… starting to love my Inc again…

  28. Does anyone know how the pre-order works at BestBuy? Is it first come, first serve during the pre-order and that guarantee’s you a phone when they are available in store? Or is it that you can pre-order, but then it is first come, first serve on the day it is available in store (regardless of how early you were during the pre-order)???

  29. I pre ordered at Best Buy today at about 7:00 pm. I was #3 at my local store. The pre order is $50 but they put it on a gift card and gave me the card to use when the Droid X comes in. He told me that when it arrives to the store, they will call people that pre ordered, in the order that they ordered (so I will be called 3rd)and schedule a time to pick it up. This is to avoid any rush or lines on release date. This Best Buy store (Dayton Ohio) DOES honor new every 2. I also am not obligated to buy the phone at this point. I simply bought myself a $50 gift card and was put on a list for doing so. Not a bad deal at all if you ask me. No rebate either. Just the gift card plus $149.99.

  30. I don’t know what people are talking about when they are saying they are not honoring new every 2. Forgive me if I’m wrong, but if I am eligible for an upgrade now, I can get the Droid X on the 15th. I called two best buys and they confirmed this. It doesnt make sense if they are just signing up new customers that are switching over from other carriers.

    Does anyone else agree with me?

  31. Pre-orders: first ordered, first received on release day.
    If they take 50 pre-orders and only are shipped 45 units, those last 5 people are SOL.

    Doubt you had to worry though, I was #1 at 11:30am on my way to work. Sadly the employee knew nothing. I had to educate HIM on the Droid X.

  32. Hmmm.. I just got my Droid replaced for the second time via the insurance because the phone started to go nuts from the touchscreen somehow breaking. Never dropped the thing(s).

    I wonder, could I somehow swap this Droid out for the X??

  33. One problem here. That pic is not the Droid X. Whens the Shadow coming?

  34. @ CB
    You may want to check your contract end date for both phones because even if they are available for upgrade they will only allow you to upgrade to X on release date if your contract is up this year, regardless of what type of upgrade you have coming.

  35. @ Chris

    I was told that preording at BB would guarantee you a place in line (1st is 1st, 2nd is 2nd). It would not guarantee you a phone. They will call you on the day they get the phones and set up an “appt” with you to come get it.

  36. Just went to BB and pre-ordered my Droid X. You pre order for a phone, not necessarily the 1st/2nd/3rd phone, only b/c a 4th/5th person on the list may be able to pick theirs up before the 1st on the list; either way you get the phone. Yes you set up an appt, then work out the phone plans and such. Had to get rid of my TMO MT3G; too many problems w/carrier, I hope Verizon treats me right now that I’m back…

  37. Couple of comments/questions…. I’ve seen a couple people say their BB didn’t honor the New-Every-Two deal and a couple said they did. So I want to understand how this breaks down…
    Right now Verizon is allowing anyone whose contract expires in 2010 to sign a new 2 year contract to get the subsidized price of $199. If you do that in the Verizon store on or after 15 July 2010 then you have to pay $299 and then mail in for the $100 rebate. If you pre-order through BB then you sign for another 2 years, pay a $50 deposit that goes toward the $199 total that you pay for the phone (no mail in rebate required to get that price). So now my question comes in about how the New Every Two comes into play. Let’s say I go to Best Buy (and they happen to honor New Every Two). I am eligible for the New Every Two because I have had my current phone for over 2 years and my plan has been more than the minimum $34.99/mo eligibility requirement. From Verizon’s website, it looks like the discount will be $30 or $50 depending on how big of a monthly plan you maintained during the 2 years…. OR if you were enrolled in the New Every Two plan prior to 15 Feb 2009 then the discount is $50 or $100 depending on the size of your monthly plan. I’ve been in since before 15 Feb 2009 so I fall in the 50 or 100 catagory instead of the 30 or 50 catagory. So I’ll assume I get a $50 discount. So it looks like my payments at Best Buy would be…. 1.) Go tonight and pay $50 deposit for the pre-order. 2.) Come back sometime after 15 July 2010 and pay another $100 and get my phone. That would be a $50 deposit + $100 payment + $50 discount from New Every Two = $200 price that Best Buy is advertising without mail-in rebate. So I would get the Droid X for 150 bones. Sound right?

  38. Josh, newsflash. that picture is the droid X, notice the HDMI out on the side. The X is also referred to as the “shadow”. Go educate yourself moron.

  39. This is untrue verizon will not let u upgrade to droid x if contract is up this year. They will only let u if ur eligable.

  40. I never got a call from my local Best Buy here in NY. I stopped by on the way home from work and they said they didn’t get them in and couldn’t set up an appointment for me. I asked for my deposits back. So disappointed! Should have known from the day I went in… they didn’t even know that I could reserve the phone in the first place. I had to show them on the internet. Probably never even ordered them. What a joke!

  41. Hi, does anyone knows about the availability of droid x in europe?
    and when can I purchase this phone without any plans?
    thank you

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