Verizon Customers Say “OMG, I Want That Phone” Regarding the Droid X [Video]


It’s easy to forget that those of us who read Android blogs and visit message boards to go even deeper with our knowledge of Android and the devices it runs on are a part of a minority crowd. A majority of consumers out there are aware of Android, but up until what Verizon’s shown them with the Droid X, weren’t really aware.

As Verizon filed random customers into the venue where they unveiled the device Wednesday, they wowed and enticed them with a hands-on look at the device and – as expected – they were highly impressed. I know many of you will be ecstatic to try it out for yourself whenever demo units hit Verizon stores (or if you’re lucky enough to find one of these sitting out in the wild).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Droid X Stripped of System Files, Then Stripped of Hardware Components on Video

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  1. I wonder if they’ll allow me an early upgrade for any of the new droids?

  2. You can upgrade early for this phone if your available for an upgrade anytime in 2010.

  3. I am keeping my Incredible…

  4. I would’ve thought that 4.3″ is a bit too big for a phone but as one guy put it: “this is a home theater in a pocket.” People will want the bigger screen to watch NFL and blockbuster downloaded movies.

  5. I’ll be retiring my Eris when this releases in July – can’t wait.

  6. I can’t WAIT.

    I’m going to be there first thing July 15th. I LUV me that huge, honkin screen.

  7. Man! I have to wait until Febuary to upgrade. I still like my moto droid, but this is the first time I ever felt like I really need this phone. Scary huh.

  8. Well since my contract doesn’t come due till 8 of 2011 I am so looking forward to what will be around at that time.

  9. So if you’re eligible for an upgrade between now and December 31, you can upgrade to the Droid X early?

  10. @Trustkill – Not quite. The early upgrade promotion is for customers whose contracts end by 12/31/10, which would mean upgrade dates up to 8/31/10 if on a 2 year contract, or 10/31/10 on a 1 year. A 2 year contract is required (no 1 year option), no alternate upgrades (using one line’s upgrade to put the phone on another line) and there’s no word yet whether this is available to people who already have smartphones.

  11. The EVO was my first foray into the Android world. I must say that it’s nice to see multiple carriers all put out excellent phones that will hopefully smash the iPhone’s dominance. It’s important that everyone remembers that it’s not EVO vs Incredible or Droid X vs Galaxy S, etc. It’s Android vs iOS…and we’re going in form the kill!!!

  12. Wow you gotta love Android soo many great devices for all carriers. Im on sprint and rocking the Evo but the Droid X looks awesome as well. If I was on Verizon I would mos def be picking this up and pre-ordering it today.

  13. wished these droids would branch out to other GSM lines. it would do wonders for their business world wide

  14. Keeping my Incredible. Next phone will have to have LTE and front facing camera. Not one or the other. The camera is useless without LTE.

  15. @Inspiron41

    Droid = Milestone
    Droid Eris = Hero, MyTouch3G, etc.

    I’m sure there will be (if not already) GSM equivalents of the Droid Incredible and Droid X.

  16. Keeping the Incredible but also own the Moto Droid. I like it except for a couple things. Whenever it is out of the case the battery door comes of easy and I have a cradle charger and take it out of case every night. Sometimes after charging all night the battery indicates that it is in the red zone and needs charged so I have to power it off and reset it and then it shows a full charger. I am a touch screen person and my biggest complaint is the physical keyboard and to put it simple it is useless. Wife has Ally and physical keyboard much better. All that said I will be trading the Moto Droid for the Droid X although there are many things I like about the Moto Droid.

  17. goshhhhhhhh
    i just bought moto droid in in december hopefully i can use my dads upgrade

  18. I too am anxiously awaiting ATT to get a high end handset like an Evo and subsidize it. GSM used to get all the handsets first, it’s been reversed lately.

  19. Droid X = SOLD!!! ;)

  20. @ Shinzakura

    I dont think that the DROID Incredible is goin to have a GSM brother, DROID X is for sure.

  21. I’m a little bummed I bought my incredible on April 29. too late for a return to get this droid x

  22. I’ll have to wait and see how they top this next year. Sweet looking device, but next year’s model will be even sweeter, I’m sure. Must…be…patient…

  23. Man, I would absolutely trade in my droid if the X had a front-facing camera. I know it’s kind of picky but I think I would use the feature to talk to my folks (they are so happy to receive video calls on skype). I think Motorola has a winner here though, it’s so cool that more and more people are being turned on to Android.

  24. Ya great but can verizon’s network allow you to multi-task while talking on the phone, texting, emailing, tweeting etc ????

  25. who needs to talk on the cell & txt at the same time?? I would much rather have that dependable VZW network than constant dropped calls & missing data connections. HAHAHAHAHA

  26. I wish Verizon would let me bring back my Incredible and get this phone at the $199. I’ve had the Incredible since day 1 so over the 30 day return. :(

  27. They should let Eris users upgrade early since our phone has reached EOL 7 months after launch. HTC and Verizon just gave up on this phone and we the consumers got the short end on this

  28. I can’t wait for the Samsung captivate

  29. Soon on LTE. One can talk on voice and use other apps concurrently.

  30. if i already have a blackberry…will i be able to get the “early upgrade” for the droid x…

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