Upgrade to the Droid X Early If Your Contract Ends in 2010


Verizon’s pulled an Apple: if your contract is up at any time in 2010, you’ll be able to upgrade to the newly-announced Motorola Droid X immediately when it launches. This is great news for those that have been looking for a reason to jump into the current generation of smartphones and have been waiting to pull the trigger on a device worthy of using their upgrade.


Any of you fit that bill?

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  1. What about the yearly upgrade? Any news on that?

  2. i am up for renewal on july 18th so technically i fit the bill :D

  3. Pity… might’ve been an impulse buy if it was “get an early upgrade if your contract ends on or before July 11, 2011″… hahaha… I really do enjoy my Droid tho, just the keyboard is lost on me and it slides open slightly in my pockets, which gets kinda annoying…

  4. sweet my contract is up in december! this is a very nice surprise for me….im still debating waiting tho as im sure there will be a better phone out by december

  5. Check out Verizon updated the website with all the details, confirming that it is an 1GHz OMAP processor.

  6. Contract ends Oct. 17th! 2 of my lines have an upgrade so I will definitely be getting 2 new DROID X’s!

  7. ya, what about the annual upgrade? I bought the DROID the day it came out…will i be eligible?

  8. OMG I hated when you been waiting for a upgrade then finally get, then a month after the return date they come out with a even better phone without even telling you earlier when you got a upgrade. LAME QQ But anyways this phone is going to rock!!! I might drop the droid for this phone because it sounds good enough to lose the Physical keyboard.

  9. Any word on the unsubsidized price?

  10. I checked and there is no mention of the processor

  11. I don’t think the folks working at Verizon got the message on this. I’m up for an upgrade on July 22nd and my contact ends November 22nd. I just called and talked to them and she said they won’t give me the early upgrade (1 week early) so I can pre-order. I have to wait until July 22nd… but she “assures” me that they won’t run out.

  12. If you are the primary on your plan you get a yearly upgrade, not just the new every 2 and yes this counts with the X. Think I’m waiting for the 2. X is nice but prefer the Droid features. but thats why I love the android market. Phones to fit everyones tastes, preferences unlike those other folks who think we should all eat gala apples even though theres a huge variety of apples out there ( I like grannysmiths especially in a pie !! )

  13. Yeah, that’s a stupid announcement. If you’re contract was up on December 31st, 2010, you’d be eligible no matter what under Verizon’s Annual Upgrade policy. You get 2 year pricing, you just lose your NE2. I guess they were just planning on not everyone knowing that.

  14. Sweet my upgrade is in Aug now I don’t have to wait

  15. cheekgan…there are a lot of people who are on one year contracts, so it would be a huge benefit to them.

  16. @Rachel – with VZW even if buy the phone full price you still have to pay $29.99 data plan. Might as well get a discount unless you are 1.5 years from an upgrade and must have this phone. BTW in that time 5 phones better than this will be released on VZW.

  17. What’s up with all these wide as a house phones?

    They’re cool to play with for a while but after a while the wide body gets really old. By this time though you’re locked into another 2 years of expensive service or face a $350 ETF.

  18. i will buy the x regardless of my contract I hate my palm pre plus, but verizon is simple the best so i stick with their crappy phones

  19. @Sanjeev, you’re totally right. This phone is hot, no doubt about that. The only major thing I can think of that it doesn’t have is a front facing camera. I want to get this phone, but since my contract isnt up until next June, I’ll probably wait. There’s no telling what will be out by then.

  20. Hmmmm….anybody know if Verizon still doesn’t let you swap off phones with someone else on your plan? My wife is coming over to V in the fall and I wouldn’t mind giving her the Incred for a Droid X since she’ll probably dislike the size of it. Then again she won’t like the Inc either with no physical keyboard lol….oh well.

  21. I’m confused…so if I am eligible to upgrade in december I can jump on the droid bandwagon and buy this phone? Orrrr does my contract have to be at it’s full two year end in this year?

  22. Phil…I’m on a family plan and my mother was due for an upgrade on 6/22 and I was due for one on 10/10. I straight up told them I was going to have my mother upgrade to the Droid Incredible and then switch it to my line and then reactivate her old phone back on her line. They told me no problem and that they will just activate it right to my line for me. No issues at all. You might have to call again to get a different rep seeing as some of them are jerks.

  23. Eh, I’m more curious about the DROID 2. I mean, the only features I look forward to from the DROID 2 are the extra buttons on the physical keyboard (not too excited about the arrow key replaced d-pad) and the 1GZ processor, if not a tad bit higher. The ONLY reason I’d switch my Droid for the 2 would be if it came with FROYO already or if there’s some awesome offer done from Verizon. I barely got my Droid back in March-ish and I’m going to fight Verizon tooth and nail if it does come with FROYO because I DO want that built in mic button on the keyboard and the added speed. Who knows? Time will tell.

  24. if you got a new contract with your launch droid (like I did), you don’t qualify for the early upgrade, since your upgrade time is up in november, but your contract is not. I verified this last night with vz.

  25. I confirmed with VZW that if you’re eligible for an annual upgrade on the primary line in 2010, you can upgrade to the Droid X before your 1-yr anniversary. But they told me Aug 31 was the earliest you could do it. I can’t find that info anywhere online.

    The prospect of LTE devices in the fall makes me nervous about upgrading from the Droid to Droid X in late summer, but I guess it’s always like trying to catch a falling knife these days…

  26. I just spoke with VZW again and i believe that Aug 31st date that you mentioned was the last day to upgrade for the early discounted upgrade price for the Droid x. Its promotional for everyone trying to get the new gadgets coming out this summer. My one year will be up this november and I was told that I would be able to upgrade the day the X comes out.

  27. So I got the droid 1 the first day it came out (nov 6 09) am I elligible for an upgrade to the x?…..maybe for the droid 2?…..amy ideas?

  28. anyone know if this phone will be able to take advantage of the 4G network when it’s finally released.

  29. I also bought the Droid on Nov. 6. I have been searching for details on weather or not I’m eligible since my annual upgrade is in 2010. Anyone know the full retail for the X???

  30. @Anthony P
    What you said makes more sense. As always, it’s a bit of crap shoot who you talk to when you call customer service. I think I’m going to sit tight and watch the Droid X chatter in late July.

    I’m mostly curious about battery life. If the device performs as advertised and the battery is at least as good as the original Droid, it’s a go for me.

  31. boo-frikkin-yah

    my new-every-two comes up 9/28… so this will save me 2 and a half months. sweet.

  32. @ Spence You can only get the early upgrade if your contract ends in 2010. new every two only qualifies if your contract is up in 2010. my new every 2 is in november but my contract isn’t up until feb 10′. new every two allows you to upgrade at 20 months in. if your new every two starts on 09/28 you may want to call verizon and check when your contract is up.

  33. does the early upgrade policy begin on june 15th for other phones too?

  34. Just a heads up….
    I just called *611 to confirm: You can only upgrade to the DroidX with this new promotion if your actual contract ends in 2010…for instance my actual 2yr contract ends in Nov 2011 and I have a yearly upgrade in Nov 2010. My yearly upgrade does not qualify for me to get the DroidX in July…I will have to wait till Nov 2010 to use my yearly upgrade.

  35. So can people that bought the original droid in November get the Droid X on July 15th at the discount price using the new every year or not?

  36. Verizon rep on the phone said I had all the quals for getting the Droid X as far as he could tell but he couldn’t do anything until July 15. he did tell me that full retail will be $570.00

  37. I called today and was told I can either go the route of, if my contract ends in 4 months or fewer, I can upgrade with a 20.00 fee, or I can upgrade using the primary accounts yearly upgrade for a 20.00 fee…the both the customer sales rep and the phone support people are Verizon told me they were not doing the same deal ATT did with the iPhone 4. The upgrade, along with the 20.00 charge, is costing me about 232.00 to receive the device overnight on release day. If anyone knows of something different, let me know.

  38. This is not true I was just at Verizon and was told I have to wait until my contract is up in August to upgrade. This is total false advertising on thier part. I could not do it on line and I cannot upgrade in the store. My son was with me and he cannot upgrade until September when his contract is up

  39. My contract is up in November 2010 AND my new every two is eligible in 2 weeks but they did NOT let me upgrade early. : (

  40. how much do the contracts really cost????????????

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