Video to be a Huge Part of the Droid X Experience Thanks to Amazing Specs


Looks like Motorola’s teaming up with Verizon to ensure that video is a huge part of the experience you’ll be getting with the Motorola Droid X. HDMI-out, 4.3-inch display at a 16:9 resolution, a camera that can capture video at 720p, and FULL Flash 10.1: these are the components that need to come together to provide a great video experience on the newly announced Droid X.

400,000+ pixels packs a 4.3-inch screen from edge-to-edge to bring you the content that you care about. With NFL Mobile Live, you can watch all of the games you need on the go, including the Thursday games exclusive to the NFL Network. Flash 10.1 will ensure that you can get video from other content providers that aren’t able to serve their content with a native Android application.


With 8GB of on-board memory and an included 16GB memory card pre-installed, you’ll have more than enough storage for all of the videos your device can handle. And if you need to get video content over-the-cloud to a bigger screen, the Droid X will be capable of providing a WiFi hotspot for up to 5 devices in your range. Other confirmed specs include a 1GHz TI OMAP-based processor and 512MB of RAM.


Excited yet? The event is still going on, but we just wanted to highlight some of the things Verizon’s excited about and some of the new features we haven’t heard of up until this point. Getting excited yet? You can expect more coverage as the event continues.

[Update]: I guess I’m quite the excited bugger, myself, having asked you guys twice if you were excited yet. I think we can all come to one large agreements: we’re freaking excited.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Digging the 24GB storage packed with it.

  2. 16gb pre installed card, wow, amazin this phone is really goin to be rockin for a while

  3. My concern is that it is not future-proof by lacking a front-facing camera. I think that area is set to explode, thanks to the EVO and iPhone4. What do you guys think?

  4. What type of display does this have? TFT, AMOLED?

  5. no front camera?

  6. is this going to run froyo?

  7. 8gb onboard + 16gb sdcard included + full flash + OMAP processor = sprint and their crappy htc garbage has been blown away. i like sprint, sadly i’m a customer, but they need to get competitive. no one wants the cheap junk htc spews forth anymore.

  8. 3 Mics, 512 RAM, 1570 Batt, Client- side SW, High Performance Antennas! This is one hard to top handset.

  9. 2.2 update late Summer. FFCam is way over hyped.

  10. Verizon needs to open up pre-ordering on their website already!!!

  11. So what’s the deal? Some images claim it has a 720p screen, but others say it’s 854×480, which isn’t 720p.

  12. I was set to switch from Tmobile and get a Droid Incredible, but upon further research I realized that although Verizon is releasing some powerful devices, their network, although reliable is fairly slow and will continue to be slow until they upgrade to LTE. I live in Eugene Or and don’t expect LTE to reach me until maybe 2013? Tmobile is rolling out HSPA+ fairly quickly and will even be compatible with my G-1… It does not make sense for me to have powerful hardware that cannot be fully utilized on a slow 3g network… Just a thought…..

  13. its definitly better than the iphone

  14. I haven’t seen anything about a 720p screen, only 720p video capture.

  15. #12 Jeffe:

    One thing to consider – your data transfer rates are pretty damn slow when you’re always on 1x :P

    Just a thought….

  16. @Matrix: You sir are a tool and a moron. In what way has the EVO (Sprint + HTC) been blown away? Sure the Droid X has some nice specs (especially the extra on-board memory) but this phone is being released after the EVO which gave it the opportunity to make these small changes right before it’s release. Overall, the TI OMAP processor is better for video processing in comparison to the QC Snapdragon but it’s not better on the battery.

    Get your head out of your ass you dumb fanboy.

  17. @Matrix WTF are you talking about dude! Do you own an EVO? Probably not…Let’s see how much Ram does the Droid X have? 512 that’s not future proofing anything. Hey does the Droid X have a front facing camera? Nope…does the EVO Yup…Is there a data cap on sprints plans? Not that I know of…How about Verizon? Well this can go on and on, but you get the idea. Dude even the new Iphone has a front facing camera…I have had every phone you can think of including the Iphone and none compare to the EVO.

  18. lol. NO there is the same data cap on Verizon as their is on Sprint. 5GB. it’s in all the damn fine print.

    FFC’s are not “that great” yet. give it 2 years, when everyone will want one so they can all video conference and MAYBE then that will be important.

    HTC’s handsets are rather (don’t get me wrong I like HTC and own an Incredible) cheap feeling. Motorola is probably the most solid manufacturer of high end phones in existance.

    The EVO is not a bad device. it’s moving us forward and causing other carriers to become inspired for progress. Though the ability for Sprint to say it’s “4G” is not really accurate by a LONG shot. Especially with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ being able to be DOUBLE the speed of the fastest down connection the EVO has had. But truth be told? the TI OMAP has less of a battery draw then the QC SNAPDRAGON, and have you seen the ‘expected battery life’ for this thing?

    8 hours talk. now let’s get realistic and say hey evo owners..

    your phone doesn’t do that. BUT DROID DOES.

  19. @ EVO lover. The 45nm chipset of the OMAP 3630 in the DROID X is significantly better at dispersing heat and reducing battery usage as opposed to the snapdragon. also an 800mhz OMAP can outperform a snapdragon on all levels. What do you think wit will do when they’re on the same clock speed. Also I’ve used my friends evo quite a few times and I was definately not impressed with the speed sure my droid is on froyo and OC’d to 1ghz but I felt like a was using an oversized droid eris. Sprint may have 4g on verizon but the droid x has a far better chipset than the evo.

  20. *wit=it

  21. FFC is a gimmick… we have had webcams on computers for how long? With wireless companies implementing tiered data plans, it will inhibit video call adoption even more. Companies have been trying to do video calling in one form or another since the early 90s and it hasnt caught on cause its just not that important to see the person you are talking to. This phone genuinely excites me because its on verizon, OMAP processor, 24GB of memory out of the box and getting froyo by September (supposedly)

  22. actually the motorola milestone xt720 in europe sported a froyo version that is actually too fast. it was a damn good interface to come up with. it had the card like interface in the webOS. wait for the xt720 to release in USA

  23. @knowledgeablemystery

    Perhaps you should research before you go running off at the mouth. Sprint has UNLIMITED DATA on 4G. So there is no fine print to go searching for, its right there in big letters on the contract. Nothing hidden, assumed, or implied.

    And for those who don’t know but needs to really find out, Both the processors are basically ARM Cortex A8s repackaged with some multimedia processors. Geeez, give that BS a rest. Anyone can come type up something they have seen someone else type and all of a sudden make it truth to them. If you think that way, you’re a sheep, and I got a nice piece of land im willing to sell you too.

  24. baaaaah…

  25. The next big thing will be using your phone as a portable digital TV. Only Verizon has access to content such as live NFL games and that may be a major factor for many people. The day will come when we can have any TV channel including HBO and pay per view events on our phones.

  26. Both the Evo and Droid X are great phones. There are plusses and minuses to both.

    +Front facing camera
    +Kick stand
    +Fairly fast shutter speed on camera
    +Sense is much better the Motoblur (stock is obviosuly the best)
    +uses the newer touch sensor tech that supports “unlimited touch”
    +SprintTV actually decent
    -No dedicated camera button
    -Snapdragon and battery size makes horrible battery life.
    -Smaller built in mem.

    Droid x:
    +physical buttons vice capacitive (personal preference but hey)
    +Dedicated camera button
    +A better processor that is more power efficient.
    +GPU is better
    +8gig internal storage and 16 gig card included
    +3 mic’s
    -no front camera(gimmick or not better to have and not use then not have and cant use)
    -Motoblur(this has a newer version but going by old one it is lacking)
    -getting close to the “its too big” category.

    AS you can see they are both great phones where the minuses are kinda nitpicky.

    But the OVERALL picture is also important so lets consider service:

    +Unlimited data that will probably stay unlimited to get signups that they are desperate to get.
    +450min 69.99 plan is unlimited mobile to mobile on ANY network..you only use minutes to call landlines which is rare these days
    +while all built in apps suck..sprints are less so.
    SprintTv actually decent while Vcast kinda stinks.
    +Largest military discount for our troops.
    -coverage less then verizon
    -gonna be a while before 4g is in NON-metropolitian areas and when it is its Wimax (which i think is the better tech) which is gonna be the new CDMA that the world will NOT use.

    +Best coverage
    +Going LTE route for global sync
    +better customer service(ive had both..personal opinion)
    +huge push for Android and great Google partnership
    -more expensive plans
    -strong rumor they are going tiered data later in the year ala ATT

    Its a hard choice. Im on Verizon..its gonna come down to hand on time with both and detailed analysis of what my out of pocket monthly expense will be for each.

  27. ^I support this poster and their post! Good breakdown.

  28. Those of you who think the Snapdragon can compete with with the OMAP or Hummingbird are either ignorant or just plain stupid. Yeah they are all based on the ARM Cortex A8 but all have drastically different chipsets.

    The Snapdragon runs at 65nm while the OMAP and Hummingbird run at 45nm which make them more battery efficient.

    This link should show you enough proof that the Snapdragon is outdated and over hyped. Sorry EVO Lovers but you can keep your FFC because I will gladly trade up for a faster processor.


  29. Front facing camera has been available for many years in Asia and Europe, but has never been popular in the US. Part of that could be consumer, part carrier; I don’t know. But I don’t think it’ll matter much in the end. It’s not a deal breaking selling point.

  30. Frustrating to see fellow Androiders arguing among each other. Both the Evo and DX are great devices! Remember diff stoke for diff folks. I personally would never ever turn on any front cam. Who wants to see my nerdy ass picking my nose while we talk.

    Typing this on a droid incredible and loving it. If you need to vent there are a slew of inferior iPhones to rip on.

    FYI. Sprint or whoever doesn’t builr their network themselves they buy other rebuilt ones. Look up Clear, that’s who they use in Austin tx. Also the mobile service in austin on my g1 covered just as much as verizon and according to the speedtest apps is almost double the band. I use cyanogen on the g1 .

  31. Doesn’t sound like anything special to moi.

  32. @JonA and other who haven’t noticed the 720p Screen claims


    The image in the middle of that page claims a “720p Screen.” Motorola’s official Droid X site also showed the same image.

  33. I really don’t see this busting the Evo, simply diversifying. The Evo is awesome. I own it and love it. Sprint network however is horrible, I’m shocked. Now debating Samsung Galaxy S and Tmo of Droid X and Verizon……….. choices- I want stock or sense UI blah… what to do

  34. who cares about a FF camera. those are only for people who have to take retared pictures of themselves to put on Facebook. If you are realy going to base a technology or product of of how friendly it is to take pictures of your self. You have bigger issues than technology choices. You need Therapy.

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