A Family of Sony Ericsson Android Phones: X8 Gets Its Own Hands-On Video

The Sony Ericsson family of Android phones continues to grow month by month, and the latest addition to their line of Xperia products is no exception to the consistency we’ve seen from them. The Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 – a phone that was once codenamed “Shakira” goes hands-on in this video by SE-First.

It was sized up against the bigger Xperia X10, as well as the 2 smaller devices the X10 Mini and Mini Pro. The X8’s been described as the “middle-ground” between the low-end offerings you’ll get in the Mini package, and the high-end offering you get with the X10. It has a 3-inch display, a 3.2-megapixel camera (a downgrade when it’s put up against the Mini), and will come with Android 1.6 and SE’s four-corner UI. The device will go on sale in Q3 for less than 200 Euros.


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  • snapdragon

    the screen/size dimmension dont look exactly great – the could’ve easily stuffed 0.2-.03 inches more onto that case

  • chris foster

    Sod the new phones let’s get the existing customers happy this x10 is heading towards the bin right now as it is downright garbage.

  • SuperMuna

    lol at the youtube clip.

  • Ricoalex

    bummer about the camera, only 3.2. It looks snappy at least

  • phoenix

    they all look the same. snoozefest.

  • ari-free

    I don’t want my phone to be pretty. I want a bucketful of does. Unfortunately, Sony doesn’t.

  • Alan

    Sony obviously needs to fire whoever designs and markets their xperia brand… big promises with no fulfillment
    acer makes a better phone than sony any they just started making phones…

  • Kristian

    What is that x10-mini lookalike?

    The x10 mini is smaller than that one, and doesn’t have a walkman logo on it!!