FourSquare Update Lets You Flag Erroneous Venue Information


Ah, so you want to check-in to the totally trendy new bar you found in the hipster quarters of whatever city it is that you reside in, but upon looking it up FourSquare is returning multiple results for the same exact venue. Decisions, decisions. Well, the latest update won’t help make that decision any easier right off the bat, but it will allow you to flag items to hopefully clean up the results returned. Duplicate entries? Incorrect information? Venue doesn’t exist anymore? Flag away.


The update should hopefully cut back on those that wish to become mayor by living outside the law rather than by abiding by the system. It’s just not as much fun to be the mayor of Joe’s Pizza Place when someone else is already the mayor of Joes Piza Place. Get it in the market now!


[via AndroidCentral]

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