Foodie Alert! Epicurious Releases Android App


Want access to 28,000 tasty recipes procured by the folks at Epicurious right on your Android phone? Then look no further than Epicurious’ new Recipes App for Android. Just like the iPhone version which has reached over 2 million downloads, you can now have a mini chef’s companion in your pocket. The Android version supports voice search, so go ahead and beg your phone for some delicious apple pie and see how many results come back. The app also has a shopping list feature so you don’t forget any of the ingredients you need. Just don’t go dropping your phone in some cake batter, because that wouldn’t have a good result.

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  • Quentyn Kennemer

    OMG. I need something like this.

  • Titus Thorngate

    Not showing up on the market for me. Could this have anything to do with the leaked copy of Froyo I’m running on my N1?

  • OMG Android Application Tips

    This is a great application and will help a lot of people out.

  • polarbear42

    This one don’t work with my Desire, tells me it can’t download recipe and to check network, but network works for everything else. Then it’ll forecefully be closed down.

  • Jabba Sixtenan

    I have the leaked Froyo also and not showing up on my N1 either.

  • John

    Having the same problem here too.
    Have also installed the Froyo

  • Paul T

    Is it sad that I am insanely excited for this? And I do not even have my first Android phone yet! Come June 15(ish) I will!

  • xarophti

    Downloaded it as soon as I heard about it. Looks good! You do need to finger flip through the recipes slowly, however, or it acts a little flaky. Could be the sheer number of recipes.

  • ari-free

    when you’re cooking, you don’t want to touch your phone with your dirty hands. You NEED voice recognition.

  • joe

    weird, it says it can’t find it on the market place. im running android 2.1

    anyone else experience this ?

  • z

    Buggy as all hell. Ugh. Did they even test this?

  • Clinton

    Doesn’t seem to be available on my 2.2 Nexus One. Scanning the code with Goggles bring up a link to “View in Android Market.” But clicking the link I get a popup error “Not Found.”

  • rysh

    Also here it’s not showing in the market … having a Nexus One with froyo.

  • chaunceyd

    This is an app that will make an android tablet even more tempting for use folks who already have android phones. Especially if they can work out the performance issues in the next iterations.

  • DonIsGood

    I found this app on my HTC Hero (Euro), but don’t have enough room to install it as it’s 8Mb in size! Talk about Catch22!

  • jjfizzil

    Okay downloaded this app last night, and will say i was not extremely impressed as I had hoped. The file size is really large, would prefer if it could store these on the SD card, that way you have the recipes you want only. The UI looks shiny and nice, and you browse through the recipes by finger flipping not via the arrows. Right now the app is sluggish at times and can take a few seconds to load the app. There is voice search as an option, and works nicely. I spoke the words green beans and it found 702 options. If the sluggish issue is fixed I would say this is probably the best food and recipe app on the market. Especially since its free and it allows the recipe ingredients to a shopping list option or you can email it to a friend. I would agree that this will come in handy for the tablet androids and those who opt for google tv sets. Overall I would say give it a try if your a foodie or want to impress a few friends for dinner.

  • Luke

    Off topic but where do you find that barcode images for apps like this?

  • Haggie

    Installed and uninstalled. The shopping list feature isn’t useful enough to justify the space it takes up. I can search the COMPLETE Epicurious database through my Android browser.

    Epicurious would be better served by building a really tricked out mobile website for Android, iPhone, et al.

    I think any app like this is doomed to fail. I want ALL the data, whenever I need it, pulled from the cloud. Why settle for partial data clogging up my local storage.

  • xarophti

    I may end up uninstalling it. The file size is huge though I do have room as I don’t load every app on the planet, but my phone’s been acting flaky all day. I did load one other app, and it’s one of the two. Based on size alone, this is my prime suspect.

  • Matt

    Be advised it’s over 8 Mb’s so best to only use if you have APPS2SD and best to download over Wi-Fi if you have a limited data plan.


    Anyone know who created these apps for Epicurious?

  • Tony L
  • therestisez

    I’m on Android and prefer “My Recipes” which allows me to store my own recipes. It allows me to share my recipes over the web too. It has a free and paid for version.