Android 2.2 (Froyo) Caught On Camera, Flash On The Nexus One [Video]


Waking up to a surprise on a day as gloomy as this one (at least in my native area of Wisconsin) is always appreciated. Sometime last night, Android And Me stumbled across a video from Ryan Stewart – self-proclaimed evangelist for Adobe (is this even an official title?) – showing off Flash 10.1 Mobile on a Google Nexus One (likely one of the bunch of Adobe employees that received a Froyo-stocked Nexus One as a gift).

The video showed Flash in several different forms. He demoed a game/application of sorts, we saw him scroll through a flash-enabled stock chart, and saw him play a couple of videos – all right within the browser window. For the most part, everything looked smoothed. I did notice some choppiness at the beginning of each video he tried to play from different sites, but that’s to be expected as it looked like content was still trying to load (and because this probably isn’t a final build).

As Ryan went to retire the video (the 6:30 minute mark), we also got a brief glimpse of the version of Android 2.2 he was running. For starters, the launch area seems to have gotten a drastic change. On the left and right of the classic “Nexus Launcher”, there are buttons to launch the dialer and web browser, respectively. It’d be pretty cool (but unlikely due to the style) if you could customize those to your liking.


Additionally, there’s a tutorial widget taking you around the different elements of your homescreen, and it looks like the Google Search widget has gotten a bit of an upgrade, too. We’re not sure what pressing the area on the left does (changing search types, anyone?) but we can’t wait to find out. May 19th is the date we expect Google to lay all that good frozen yogurt out onto the table (as they’ve already gotten a giant statue of the sweet desert delivered to the Googleplex).

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. can he install apps to the SD card?

  2. looks like a motorola droid, not nexus one.

  3. That’s so tight!

  4. Also he has the screen rotated in the other direction I am rooted and have had that for a while correct me if I am wrong but the stock next one does not work in landscape in that direction does it ?

  5. I feel bad for people on Verizon and Sprint who won’t get the Nexus One because everybody knows it will take a year for their HTC Sense phones to get past 2.1. Wow the Incredible and Evo are outdated before they really get a chance to shine. :(

  6. I cannot view the video right now but if he has the buttons and trackball on the left then it is rotated opposite of stock 2.1 nexus one.

  7. @craig He does have it rotated the other direction and yes, that is not enabled on the vanilla 2.1 N1.

  8. Visit Phandroid for the articles. Stay for the “database connection” errors.

  9. @jdog

    That’s exactly my thoughts. They should have rolled out the N1 on both carriers rather than the HTC nonsense (pun intented). The Sense phones will not be updated nearly as quick, if at all… Once they stop being money makers, they will be dropped.

  10. This really proves apple’s just being gay, it looks “finger friendly” enough, and theres not way it wouldn’t work pretty well on the ipad. Some companies are just fucked up.

  11. I am glad there is, what looks to be, a “permanent” phone button on the bottom of the launcher.

    I am pretty convinced that absolutely no one without Android experience could pick up someone’s Android phone and make a phone call if it was not on the launcher home page. And that’s not good if you have little kids who need to use your (my) phone, or if you’re in an accident, or if your phone is lost, or anything like that.

    And yeah, I am glad for many reasons I returned my Hero after 30 days, because the update to 2.1 has been ridiculous. On the other hand, we’ll see how long it takes 2.2 to actually be announced and then pushed out to Nexii.

  12. I will Get the first Phone that comes out with Froyo 2.2.

    This is great!!!

  13. jdog wrote on May 11, 2010
    Awww, don’t feel bad jdog…I updated my phone whenever I want, because I have money.

    And for those who don’t, or if I don’t feel like it, I still love my HTC Incredible, and a couple extra tweaks aren’t changing the core of my Android. And we’ll still be able to install upgrade with Flash alone eventually.

    It’s all rainbows and sunshine, kiddo.

  14. I just want to see some vzw ads come out that show video content being played in the web browser.
    Droid does, bitches.

  15. @Max

    That was the first thing I saw. I’m not a lefty but I’m sure they will appreciate the multi-rotated screen (similar to the iPhone) so that lefty’s can use the trackball and buttons with THEIR dominate hand!

    What other little fixes will there be? i’m excited for FroYo!

  16. I noticed how he had it plugged in and charging lol

    Anyone want to wager what the battery life will be if you’re playing a flash movie/game? I’m thinking like 3 hours…

    Google and HTC need to get together and introduce some new battery tech that gives mobile devices more battery life. If Seidio can do it, there is no reason HTC can’t match or beat it. I’m talking about a battery of the same size with more capacity. Perhaps they need to make it nuclear lol The Voyager probes launched over 30 years ago are still going because of it…

  17. awww destardi I got money to and its not my daddys LOL. It seems I offended you and seeing as I was not trying to, it’s obvious your a teenager and can not comprehend the full meaning of the words in the English language. :o

  18. Anyone else notice that he has the phone rotated on the wrong side? Does Froyo add rotation of the screen in any direction like the iphone?

  19. This looks promising.. but stil some are waiting for their 2.1.. and still some don’t get it.. I upgraded to milestone from htc magic just to get my hand on 2.1.. and now waiting for 2.2 already..

  20. Very impressive, cant wait, but it looks like a Motorola Drod/Milestone to me also.

  21. Ryan- good spot- if it is a Milestone then yes it can only be used one way, to allow you to use the keyboard. Using the other way means you can only use the screen. Maybee as you say Froyo will change that. But i do love my keyboard and the options it gives. In fact i love my Milestone and cant wait for Flash. God bless smartphones!!

  22. Its a nexus one because the earpiece side is curved. The milestone is mostly rectangular.

  23. why? android 2.2 is work on flash. but it’s did’t catch the camera.
    can you tell me. send the solution to my email.

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