Samsung Galaxy A Uboxing and Demo [VIDEO]


The Samsung Galaxy A is one of a few Samsung handsets for Korea’s SK Telecom. While it is not quite the powerhouse of its older brother the upcoming Galaxy S, it still shows some pretty respectable specs. An underclocked CPU running at 720MHz, a 3.7″ AMOLED touchscreen, 5MP camera, and 8GB internal memory all under the direction of Android 2.1. The phone looks pretty quick in the following unboxing and demo video, check it out:

[via ZerobrownKim on YouTube]

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  1. Why the iPhone like UI?

  2. I agree with legendary. Ruins the whole ENTIRE phone.
    Probably a marketing. If you can’t beat em join em.

    Anyway looks nice. I’d get it, but I’m gonna wait a year or two until my nexus is TRULY outdate ;D

  3. Hey! What happened to my favorite “Database Connection Error” I miss it!

  4. Hate the UI…I hope I never see this UI again.

  5. I kind of like the app menu like that iphone rather than the long scroll down.. I think it works better..

    and i love that DMB antenna.. heh.. live tv anywhere.. works in subways too! we should have that here..

  6. Borrowing @$$ video. When I they gonna upgrade
    My behold 2 from 1.5..!! Really now who the hell runs 1.5 now in days.?

  7. what happened to wallpaper and widgets? :) Samsung designers are on iCrap fumes ? :)

  8. This was a horrible demo, the dude spent half the review flipping back and forth between the two pages of the application list. It would have been nice if he’d shown a bit more of what people will actually see when USING the phone, like all of the home screens and widgets and stuff. Instead he made it look like even more of a blatant rip off of the iPone UI.

  9. Do you think it will be possible to install HTC sense on it?

  10. After seeing how Samsung went all out in promoting the galaxy s at CTIA, i’m not suprised they copied the iphone os. I guess they just want a tried and tested ui and are not taking any chances with the galaxy s. I am really looking forward for this phone. Just hoping the price is not too high.

  11. jaestoner01, it’s boring not borrowing, and it’s when ARE they.

  12. I dont like the Iphone UI ripoff, but I like how it has the option for it, because thats what android is all about, options. It will also be a good transition for iphone users switching over from the dark side.

  13. I already saw this on Youtube yesterday. All I can say is that this has a led flash, so hopefully the Galaxy S will also have one.

  14. How about its full specs? Is this phone better than Galaxy Spica?

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