[UPDATE] HTC Incredible $199.99 at CostCo! [RUMOR]


There’s just a ton of information rolling out of AndroidForums lately! The latest from the epic HTC Incredible thread comes from forum user JakRabbitSlim. He’s been checking the CostCo inventory system religiously and finally came back with something to write home (or write to AndroidForums) about.

Looks like Verizon won’t be the only place to get your hands on the latest hot item from the HTC camp. If this picture is of any merit, then we could be seeing CostCo sell this thing for $199.99 on contract, presumably. JakRabbitSlim assures us that this is a new entry as of today, but there’s one minor inconsistency: it lists the Incredible’s vendor as T-Mobile.

We’re not sure what that’s all about, and neither is anyone else, but we’re still going to eat this up as the likelihood of an official announcement draws closer and closer (I know some of you Verizon scorn have been dying for the wraps to come off this thing). As always, be sure to keep your eyes glued to the HTC Incredible thread and section over at AndroidForums.com to get the latest news from one of the most dedicated “Incredible” communities on the entire web!

[Thanks to all the phans that sent this in!]

[UPDATE]: Thanks to Google and the watchful eye of our readers, it seems that Wireless Advocates, LLC provides in-store product distribution and reselling of wireless products for Costco stores nationwide. It still doesn’t 100% confirm why T-Mobile’s name shows up in this database entry and not Verizon’s, but we can see where an honest mistake would come into play

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  1. “Vendor: 71966-03 WIRELESS ADV – TMOBILE”

  2. The vendor is “Wireless Advocates.” Stores like CostCo or Sams don’t exactly sell the devices – they let these 3rd party vendors have “booths” to do the reselling (computers for contracts, etc). It is possible that this vendor sells for multiple carriers and not just T-Mobile.

    I hope hope hope that this comes to T-Mo, but this screen isn’t a great source for such excitement.

  3. That’s how I read the screen, anyway. :-)

  4. It is clearly an error. There is no doubt the Incredible is coming to Verizon. We’ve seen it both branded and manual’ed for Verizon.

  5. I want it for AT&T or verizon (with better priced plans)

  6. Wireless Advocates is Costco’s retail partner. They operate the kiosks inside Costco.


  7. I was wondering the same thing? I thought this was supposed to be Verizon?

  8. ugh.. if it suddenly switches to a T-mobile phone, I am officially canceling my Big Red account and going to Sprint for the EVO. I can’t believe I am looking for the phone like its a Red Rider BB gun with a compass and a scope. Seriously Mental!

  9. man it sure looks like T-Mobile is scorin big this year

  10. http://www.wirelessadvocates.com/

    “Wireless Advocates, LLC. is the exclusive third-party provider of wireless and related products and services in Costco warehouses nationwide. Operating more than 400 stores between Alaska and Puerto Rico, we leverage our experience to create a preferred destination for products people want.
    We meet the needs of customers through our knowledgeable team of sales professionals, and collaborative relationships with industry leading technology companies.”

  11. maybe this is one of those phones that ever gets it like the touch pro 2 and this phone must cost a lot money costco give discounts so you now

  12. I wonder what would happen if someone asked the buyer about it. :-P

  13. I hope this is TRUE! I really don’t want to settle with My touch slide and I really don’t want to cough up $500+ on a Nexus 1.

  14. It looks like Costco is using 20-year old computers!

  15. I spoke with a T-Mobile manager last month about the NexusOne and he told me to wait…because they were expecting the Desire around the end of March or April. I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that the phone would come to big red. HTC did create two versions of the Desire (CDMA and GSM) Maybe we are about to get flooded with Desire aka Incredible phones :)

  16. I just took a look at the Costco website and they do not yet offer Verizon phones. Maybe Verizon isnt in their system as a manufacturer and T-Mob is just a placeholder.

  17. CostCo? Costco!

    pretty cool though. Seems odd, I have been told they dont honor verizons NE2 there by a friend. Havent tried myself.

  18. I think I am still set on buying a Nexy.

  19. The Wireless Advocates Kiosks in all Costco stores sell Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T phones, but not Sprint phones.
    We have purchased our cell phones from them for years, because you get a lot of accessories free that you don’t get by buying from the carrier, plus if you are switching to that carrier, they rebate you the activation fee.
    Since they don’t sell Sprint phones, and I will be buying the EVO when it comes out, this will be the first time in many years that I won’t be buying my next cell phone through Costco.

  20. I called Costco in Houston, gave them the item number 520488 and it brings up the HTC Incredible for T-Mobile. Item is new with no release date. Verified that item is from T-Mobile………………

  21. Maybe the buyer just wants you all to squirm….

  22. “I called Costco in Houston, gave them the item number 520488 and it brings up the HTC Incredible for T-Mobile. Item is new with no release date. Verified that item is from T-Mobile………………”

    Seriously ? So we might get a Desire or Incredible on t-mobile very soon ? Man, you’d think they’d be talking about this, if it’s true. At the moment it looks like there are just NO high performance Android handsets hitting t-mobile this year at all.

  23. t-mobile has a history of releasing there best phones in Q4 or late Q3 or early Q1. Its the least Verizon could do we are giving them the nexus one after all

  24. @Jess, calling your local Costco would at best confirm that they haven’t fixed the screen information. The staffer would have pulled up the part number and seen what we see above. S/he couldn’t check packaging because it wouldn’t be in stock yet. Speaking with someone at the Kiosk may give you better info if the item has hit the price guide (separate from Costco’s inventory system).

    FYI, it hasn’t.

  25. I spoke to the Kiosk folks at the Federal Way, WA Costco this past Sunday, and they knew absolutely nothing about this phone. Verizon is taking preorders online for the Incredible beginning April 19th. Got in line and purchased mine for $149 with a 2yr renewal contract. Confirmed with Verizon that it will be delivered to my home on April 30th.

  26. Just an FYI you may find these phones on the membershipwireless.com site or the costco site as well as the kiosks.

  27. I thought that the incredible was out of stock but my incredible went bad and the rep ordered another for me. Got it in 2 days. I was SHOCKED!

  28. When you claim a phone with Asurion, the manufacturer for the Incredible comes up as Samsung.
    I did receive the correct phone, on Verizon. Its just the monkey setting up the phone in the database. Then it’s probably an act of god to get it corrected so they just leave it.

    I did check my local “Costco” and they do carry the incredible in store, you CAN walk out with a $200 incredible on a NEW 2 year plan.

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