Apr 13th, 2010 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:21 pm

There’s just a ton of information rolling out of AndroidForums lately! The latest from the epic HTC Incredible thread comes from forum user JakRabbitSlim. He’s been checking the CostCo inventory system religiously and finally came back with something to write home (or write to AndroidForums) about.

Looks like Verizon won’t be the only place to get your hands on the latest hot item from the HTC camp. If this picture is of any merit, then we could be seeing CostCo sell this thing for $199.99 on contract, presumably. JakRabbitSlim assures us that this is a new entry as of today, but there’s one minor inconsistency: it lists the Incredible’s vendor as T-Mobile.

We’re not sure what that’s all about, and neither is anyone else, but we’re still going to eat this up as the likelihood of an official announcement draws closer and closer (I know some of you Verizon scorn have been dying for the wraps to come off this thing). As always, be sure to keep your eyes glued to the HTC Incredible thread and section over at AndroidForums.com to get the latest news from one of the most dedicated “Incredible” communities on the entire web!

[Thanks to all the phans that sent this in!]

[UPDATE]: Thanks to Google and the watchful eye of our readers, it seems that Wireless Advocates, LLC provides in-store product distribution and reselling of wireless products for Costco stores nationwide. It still doesn’t 100% confirm why T-Mobile’s name shows up in this database entry and not Verizon’s, but we can see where an honest mistake would come into play

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