Sprint HTC EVO 4G Video Roundup


A couple Android phones had the proverbial red carpet rolled out for them in the mindset of CTIA-goers yesterday: the Samsung Galaxy S and the Sprint HTC EVO 4G. We just got done rounding up some videos of the former and now we’re moving onto the latter. Here are some “moving pictures” – as old folks might call them – of the EVO 4G in action for the first time at CTIA 2010, along with a few comments be the videographer. (Or moving picture maker?)

Mobilecrunch says its superlight, superquick, super crisp and had only great things to say.

IntoMobile says,  “It’s like an HTC HD2 with Android”… and we have ALL been waiting for something like that!

HDMI Out On The HTC EVO 4G – amazing quality! [intomobile]

From SlashGear:

PhoneDog Gets A Limited Look: Apparently at the EVO 4G event they had “stations” to demo specific features of the device, and this particular station wasn’t the most informative, but its an attempt!

4-minute demo from UnwiredView:

YouTube user ikejhamb

PhoneScoop Gets SpeedForge, Qik Demo

For some reason I really like this picture from UnwiredView. Not a video, but I like it!

That red ring seems to steal some thunder from the HTC Incredible, does it not?

Seen some other great videos around the web? Share in the comments!

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Samsung Galaxy S Video Roundup

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  1. I’m getting confused. I read “Verizon is getting this new android phone – verizon is getting that new android phone” but – the phones then come out on Sprint or someone else. Is Verizon getting another Android platform smartphone? Sherry

  2. Question for those who know the answer. Why do these videos always show so little of the phone operating. I mean, they always show the hardware layout, where the buttons are and how you can scroll through the screens. But they provide little application demo content.

    Is this a hesitancy of the carrier or manufacturer to show products still unfinished, too much information for competitors, or just the demonstrator’s lack of knowledge of the phone?

    Just wondering if there is an official limitation imposed by the carrier as in “you will only show this and that” or informal limitations.

  3. Yes verizon is getting the Incredible, something less is the spec department but more along the lines of the desire. Not sure when its coming out but its coming sometimes this year.

  4. Why are all these guys talking about high quality youtube as a new feature? It’s been on the Droid since November

  5. By the way, I think this is the perfect form factor. I don’t think phone screens could go any bigger without being too big to hold such as that huge Dell phone.

  6. @gwlaw99: I think they are talking about the EVO has an HD Camcorder. It records at 720p. So its not just able to display HD like the droid, but will capture in HD.

    At least thats my take.

  7. also @gwlaw99: I have huge hands. The Dell mini 5 would be perfect for me. I am happy to have a larger phone personally. Looking forward to 4.3″

  8. Im just glad the phone is finally here. I can’t upgrade until October, but I will have me a EVO. Finally sprint puts out a real Flagship phone. This phone should hold me down for a while. No more buying new phones each year.

    aka – Geekman

  9. They keep talking about this phone replacing your video camera and your point and shoot. Really? I will have to see it to beleive it. Megapixals and resolution don’t mean very much of the lens is still terrible. Are there any sample images and HD video out there that were taken on this phone? I would love it if this hype were true, but I don’t beleive it.

  10. eh this is a little big for my taste…i think a 3.7-4.0 inch screen is perfect for me…thats why i’ll be waiting to see when verizon announces the incredible….hurry up!

  11. Its not going to replace a Digital SLR but the tech is probably about the same as a point a click digital camera. Plus with all the digital editing suites out there, you can fix most images nowadays.

  12. I have a Nexus One. I love it, but I knew it couldnt be top dog forever. *sigh* oh well…. I still won’t move to Sprint, but I envy the HTC Supersonic

  13. Best phone on the cheapest and only 4G carrier. Win-win for me. For Sherry: Nobody said this was a Verizon phone. Verizon is getting the Incredible which is a HTC Sense phone more along the lines of the Nexus One. Some people kept insisting that this phone and the Incredible were the same but obviously they are not. Different screen sizes, etc. If you live in a rural area and have better Verizon coverage you will have plenty of phones to pick from. If you live in an urban or suburban area, check your coverage because you can save a fortune on Sprint and they have coverage second only to Verizon and are just as good in the cities.

  14. This is what the X10 should have been like. Oh well. I’m still annoyed by the nice phones coming out to the ancient technology networks.

  15. I might just jump the Verizon ship to get this one. And thats saying a lot since I haven’t found anything that appealing…not even the iPhone could make me do that when it was the only smartphone worth having (minus the AT&T network of course. I wish someone had a decent camera though since all the HD videos looked like jumpy crap when they were probably pretty awesome in person.

  16. Amazing phone.
    The quality on the 85″ screen was amazing.

  17. I want this phone I hope it does not cost alot.

  18. I like how an awesome phone finally comes to Sprint, and by the time they finally release it…the other carriers will have better phones. Only a matter of time until AT&T or T-Mobile retaliate, and that time will be before the summer.

    Best thing Sprint could have done was announce it first thing in the morning at CTIA, and begin selling it the same day at noon…

  19. Phandroid.com is quickly becoming a dam for the biggest pool of ignorance I have ever swam through. I am going to need a boat soon.

    @Antione -> You are totally clueless. This phone does not come out till the summer. No one else is even close to deploying 4G in America even till the rest of the year. This phone has been in development for 2 years.

    @swehes -> what is so ancient about sprint’s network seeing as they are the only American 4G carrier right now and can roam 100% on Verizon towers?

    @Sherry -> Sorry, this is not the incredible.

  20. I LOVE the big screen. I do a lot of photography and photo based art, so this will BLOW the iPhone away for showing my work on the fly! And, all the high end specs are bonus over my Hero! TY Sprint for nutting up again!

  21. @SwampFox-> I could care less about 4G at this point, it’s only in 26 cities and I will assume you will figure out I don’t live in one of them…By the time it’s in my hands, it’ll be obsolete

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