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Seeing as how the Motorola i1 is the very first Push-To-Talk (PTT) Android phone, I’m MOST interest in seeing this feature demonstrated. Grab two i1’s and show us how they communicate using android and the PTT features, right? That’d be nice, but we’ll have to settle for a tour of the phone’s other features.

They show PTT for a brief few seconds at the videos opening, but I’d like to see Push-To-Talk on Android demonstrated in depth. I think this feature alone will urge many Motorola/Sprint fans to grab the i1 as PTT seems to have a pretty loyal following, especially in the work arena. But we also see a lot of the PTT phones being ruggedized with military grade specifications – will the i1 be tough enough to do the trick?

By the way, as you heard, this is Motorola’s NINTH Android Phone. Doesn’t it seem like yesterday they announced their first? I mean sure, some of the overlap, like the CLIQ/DEXT. But still…

[Via Engadget]

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  1. They seem to be adding some good apps to it (Pre-installed).

  2. You can only PTT iDEN phones from i1. It seems dumb to buy another phone just to get PTT. There are excellent free PTT apps on the android market. My favorite is TiKL – Touch to Talk. I can PTT a group of my friends. All I need is their phone numbers that are already in my contacts. They can be on any android phone with any carrier. TiKL connects me instantaneously! Some user comment says it is faster than nextel. And it’s free!!

  3. I think there are plenty of iDen phones with PTT out there right now. It wouldn’t make sense if the i1 could only PTT to other (and later) iDen phones.

    Chances are it can PTT with all the previous models, smart phone or not.

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