Samsung M100S Video: 10+ Minutes Of Hands-On Footage

Earlier today we told you about the announcement of Samsung’s first Android Phone for the Korean market, the Samsung SHW-M100S running Android 2.1. Now a few videos of the device have popped up and they look rather promising – that display looks great!

Near the end of the first video they compare the iPhone to this device in terms of size and this looks MUCH chunkier than the iPhone. But then again, some people like that more bulbous, Palm-Pre-ish stone in your hand feel instead of a thin slate-like experience.

Thanks to for the videos!

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  • onlyever

    Looks to me like an Android Powered Omnia II/Pro. It looks pretty good to me. :D

  • dannydarko

    Not bad but that commentary was killing me it was like a warped peanuts cartoon.

  • 2FR35H

    Basically looks like a behold 2 without the call/end call and cube button with a smooth finish… Possibly a bigger screen very nice

  • The_Omega_Man

    What is the Antenna for?

  • lsd_xtc

    hmm… looks good but too fat for me :)

  • jo

    omg cool with a tv receiver!!!! i know that chunkiness from Samsung, it’s their own style it sits good in the hand; the samsung touch genio has the same design.

  • booyah

    Me want! that’s a cool phone, better than the Nexus one design. Samsung was smart and made it a little bit more chunky and placed the USB port ontop. Sweet!

  • ebs

    Chunkier, yes, but not MUCH chunkier. Personally, I find most smart phones to be too chunky and large, and would much prefer a smaller Android phone altogether. Let’s see, a comfy 50mm width, 85mm long, 6mm depth, 2mm bezel. Damn…

  • John

    Nice phone. Only think I like is the Keyboard. I wish there is way to port it to the Nexus One. The On screen keyboard looks nice and big keys. It looks it would be easier to type on that keyboard.

  • G8D

    It doesn’t look that much bigger than the iPhone..?

    Not a fan of Samsungs, but always nice to see more Android phones out there.

  • shawn1224

    Hopefully this means Android 2.1 will be coming to American Samsung touchwiz handsets i.e. Behold II owners. :)

  • fupadroid

    so what are the embarrassing specs?