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dropboxFor starters, let me just say that this is a service that I can DEFINITELY see myself using even WITHOUT the Android application. The fact that Dropbox is coming to Android is pretty awesome and if you don’t know what it is… I think you’re really going to like it.

Essentially Dropbox is syncing software. On any computer/phone to which you install Dropbox, a “shared” folder will be created. Add stuff to that folder from 1 device and it will be synced across ALL devices. The app is already out there for the iPhone and the folks at AppVee did a pretty good/helpful review/summary:

Apparently the folks at Dropbox sent out an E-Mail to their customers saying something to the extent of, “Android users have a lot to look forward to!” We followed up with them and they said they are working hard on the Android app and also said if we know any developers who might want to work on it… let them know.

The developer part makes me think a release is anything but imminent, but I can tell you as SOON as Dropbox launches on Android Market I’m going to become a customer. I have a desktop computer, 2 laptops and a phone and having documents on some and not others is a HUGE pain in the butt. I have been reluctant to find a solution but it looks like the solution may have found me!

Any current Dropbox users out there that this excites? Any future Dropbox users based on learning about the service?

FYI Dropbox pricing is as follows:

  • 2GB = FREE
  • 50GB = $9.99/month
  • 100GB = $19.99/month

I’m unsure if the app will have to be purchased or whether it will be a free app that is only usable if you’ve already got a paying Dropbox account… or something else. But I’m eager regardless!

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  1. Dropbox is an amazing program that has forever changed the way I work. Getting it on Android – and thus having access to EVERY file I work with on my Droid would be one of the best advances possible.

    If you are not using Dropbox, you should be.

  2. I use dropbox all the time, even using their mobile site to download stuff… I didn’t get an email.

    We’ve know they have been working on an android app for a long time now, they put out a search for an android developer few months ago.

  3. I love Dropbox on my mac but am also running Sugar Sync on the Mac and my droid and am very happy!

  4. As a longtime Dropbox user and college student, I can safely say that I am pumped for this app. You can fit quite a few lab reports into that 2 GB…

    The iPhone version is free, so I imagine the Android one will be as well.

  5. I use Dropbox — very useful. I’m excited!

  6. I am a Dropbox fan and this app is top on my list of missing Android apps. May make me become a paying Dropbox user!!!

  7. Finally!! Waiting for this for a very long time. I have downloaded DroidBox in the meantime which lets you connect to your dopbox account

  8. Dropbox is an awesome application and I too am looking forward to this for the Android.

  9. So will it just move the file to your device or allow you to store it for use later?

  10. maybe im missing something here but why not just create a home network and share files across that from home for free. If you need to access files on your home computers from work, log in remotely to your home computer and get the file using something like logmein…this is all free by the way

  11. +1 for Dropbox being a good service.

    It has changed the way I work now too.

  12. sugarsync is better…imo

  13. I have been using it on my laptop and my desktop…….Can’t wait to use it on my N1 to complete the hat-trick.

  14. Just downloaded this to my Mac. Looking forward to using this on my work PC and my Android phone.

  15. wow!
    this is just what i been looking for
    need the release!!

  16. My street marching days are long over but I can see something like this being a gamechanger in the way protesters are treated – Imagine setting this up to sync any video/photos you take on your phone to the cloud. Police brutality can not be covered up by taking your phone off you as occasionaly happens now.

    A very bizzare and niche use for it certainly, but something that could be very handy in certain countries.

  17. Maybe there should be a comparison between all these cloud services and which ones support Android.

  18. I’m already running Sugarsync and I don’t see how this is any different from that or any other pc sync app. Does anyone know which one is better?

  19. Dropbox is the most important program I have installed on my computer, besides my browser. I have a 50GB paid account, which I use to sync/backup my entire music library along with photos and documents. I’m extremely excited about getting an Android app for Dropbox. As the first commenter said, if you aren’t using it you should be.

  20. Sounds like promising software. I will try it out when it arrives.

  21. RE: seeking. Sure, create a home network. THat is doable for some, but dropbox offers cloud storage of 2GB for free, with an extra 1/4 GB for every person you refer, upto 5GB. I pay for the 50GB level for $100 per year; I sync my files between a home laptop, home desktop, and work desktop; and setup shares with other who I collaborate with. Add to that, Dropbox saves prior versions of files, with history for the past 30 days, forever if you pay the extra $40 for that (I do — as Dropbox’s version control saved my butt on a huge project last fall after a software crash).

    Could I do this with a home network file server? Sure. But who has the time and energy for it. Dropbox is easy; it is stable; and for most, it is free. AND now, I can use the moble site to easily grab files as I need them on my DROID.

  22. why is so much better than google docs?

  23. weeeeeeeeeeeeee

    but when?

  24. I have been a happy 50GB Drop Box customer across 2 laptops and a tablet PC. (One of wich is a MacBook Pro) and I love it. While Dropbox has a mbile site I can access on my Droid and even snag files that I can then open with DocToGo or something, having a native app will me awesome! So nice to see Android getting all grown up. The Moto Droid is my first Android device and while its not perfect (what smartphone is?) I love it. Keep it up Phandroid, Google, Developers, Verizon, and the very supportive Android community!

    – K

  25. I pipe up also – sugarsync already has Android support, and has worked flawlessly for me – give it a look before deciding if you want to wait for dropbox support.

  26. Definitely excited for this. Hopefully there’s some options to prevent downloading/synching of files above some size threshold. Not a whole lot of room to spare with music and pics on the N1’s 4GB card.

  27. Well, the clear plus for me is that Dropbox has Linux support where Sugarsync doesn’t. So I’m desperately waiting for the Dropbox! ;o)

  28. Has anyone tried Go Aruna? I share and store files with them. There’s unlimited space for me to upload and I have a drop box for people to leave me files. My only problem with them is that you can only upload 500mb at a time which isn’t even that big a problem. They are free and have an app for android. So I’ve never used Dropbox and I’m sure I’m just missing something really special about it, but not seeing how it could be any better than Go Aruna.

  29. Umm….Dropbox is already on the Android…

    Droidbox :)

  30. Can’t you use drop box from the android web browser? I’m getting my nexus 1 tomorrow and i’d like to know.

  31. I use Live Mesh service and software to sync all my office documents between my desktop and netbook and it works quite well. Didnt try Dropbox yet, but I have been invited by friend to use it. To anybody who has used both, is there any noticeable difference or any advantege to use Dropbox?

  32. As a long time user of Jungle Disk for online back up and sync, I find dropbox much more user-friendly and intuitive and I have now replaced “My Documents” with “My Dropbox” in windows explorer, no need to have the two folders and drag files into the other.

    If anyone else wants to use my referral link for an additional free 250MB of storage (for both of us) please sign up through my link


  33. Same as the guy above, if you havn’t got Dropbox yet and you want an account, sign up using this link.

    I’m not advertising or anything, it basically just means that you get an extra 250MB of space on your account, and so do I for referring you.

    So, seeing as I’m running out of space to store my university work, I’d appreciate it!

  34. If you haven’t gotten Dropbox, get it now. Dropbox is a backup tool that lets you sync your files between multiple computers. You simply install the software on all computers you want to sync your files on. Then simply drag and drop your files into a folder that Dropbox software creates on your desktop and voila the files are now also on your other computers. No more need for a usb stick.

    Sync your files online and across computers with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free!

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