Phones, Tablets, and ¿Appliances?


You heard right, the NIM1000, a touch screen Android based module can be used to control all kinds of appliances. It is designed for manufacturers of products such as kitchen appliances, washers, and dryers.


Made by Touch Revolution, the NIM1000 module will be shown at CES in the appliances and gadgets section. The washer/dryer has touchscreen controls and stain guides. The microwave, according to Touch Revolution, has widgets to play Pandora, show photos, show recent news, browse the web, and timers for both the oven and the burners.


I suppose we will have to wait and see how practical this sort of application of the Android OS ends up. The NIM 1000 module will surely be a head turner at this years CES!

[via Gizmodo]

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  1. Hehe, Would like to see an Android phone interface with a toaster.

  2. you could make some sweet apps for a toaster!

  3. Seriously, G, a toaster? I was almost positive that the first poster would make the obligatory “networked coffee” comment. ;-)

  4. will it automaticly update your twitter acount i am using the microwave for popcorn setting haha

  5. @Jason:

    I thought G’s comment was a reference to Cylons, personally.

  6. I would hate to see viruses made for an Android Run home.

  7. I worry about the person who sits in from of a microwave and surfs the web… that’s just begging for cancer.

  8. This is interesting for consumer electronics manufacturers as they can now upgrade their software over-the-air.

    It depends on how neatly the software is integrated in the entire device, but it could mean that post-manufacturing bugs can be solved automatically as long as it has an internet connection.

    And it should increase the amount of Java developers, which is good for Android, Google and Sun Microsystems.

  9. that is pretty cool. it would be nice if my washer could tell me the exact problem in english instead of flashing “E5”. It would also be cool if it could get a video from the net that shows you how to fix the problem.

  10. I would love to see Google Goggles + Android installed on a Microwave and it be able to automatically look up the cook time based off what it is…

  11. is it me or is google becoming skynet lmfao…….love android but google is taking over the world….wat if i was wrong and google is the bad guy and apple is the good guy…nah they’re prob both bad lol

  12. One step closer to Talkie Toaster…

  13. Hey Phandroid, how come you didn’t let us know that Apple is unveiling a tablet in March? Now that the nexus has all but been labeled dead on arrival in the category of “revolutionizing” then at least start updating us on products that ARE.
    Apple Tablet to be unveiled in March


  14. Imagine this:
    “You are standing in front of the microwave, popping your popcorn, to ready for the movie you are going to watch. Your microwave sends a signal to your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, that you are popping popcorn, and which movie you are going to watch. They call you on your webconversation that are on the microwave, and ask if he/she can join you”

    Hmmmm. Google domination at work.

  15. The good news is this is a win for Android all around. This will increase the popularity of Android even more, while validating it’s usefulness, adding to a better Android experience for all users.

    P.S. Can’t say that for all OS’s (LOL).

  16. i would never allow my household appliances to be connected to the internet. Hackers will blow up peoples houses by allowing gas to run through the house then turn on the stove

  17. re Bobby Kiaie
    ummm yeah… sure… how do you know the “hackers” arent already plotting on you?

  18. @josh
    omg thanks for the warning man..im gonna unplug everything in my house and insulate my walls with lead..man :/

  19. Android is Skynet!!! I’m telling you this is how it starts…… Oh well

  20. All your fridge are belong to us!


  21. I have much more important stuff in my PC than in my fridge or toaster. Yet it is connected to the internet for some reason…

  22. jo: if Apple had an iFridge, all your food would have to wait a month before it could be approved. All your food would have to be vegan and organic just to have a chance.

  23. o man, the google take over is going to being soon.

  24. all those recipe/shopping apps make much more sense if there was android built into the fridge. The fridge is also the information hub of the home. No need for all those magnets! But I don’t see the point of having pandora in your microwave.

  25. A fridge with Android. Create a program that scans the products when being put in. When taking it out, you scan it and mark it empty. You schedule that every Monday, your fridge will place an order to replace the food that has been eaten. Some grocery recieves the order and delivers it to you.
    Vola! You don’t have to leave your house during rush hours to go shopping for groceries.

  26. If there was an iFridge, it would not let you eat if you are fat… Apple would place weight limits on the fridge door, and you would only be able to put Apple approved food in the fridge. Android, on the other hand, would let you use the fridge for whatever you want. Even ice cream and hot dogs. Hell, Android would even let you change the look of your fridge!

  27. yeah..you’d scan every food in after you bought it and it would keep track of how old each thing is.

  28. @ swehes i thought this is how you should finish
    Imagine this:
    “You are standing in front of the microwave, popping your popcorn, to ready for the movie you are going to watch. Your microwave sends a signal to your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse, and your blu ray player to saying how long it will take the popcorn to finish and how long it will take you make it to your living room to watch the movie via Google Maps(GPS). And once you reach your destination the “living room” lights darkens. Hmmmm. Google domination at work.

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