Acer Liquid A1 Gets Eclair Update In March?


The Liquid A1 is Acer´s first Android handset, has been seen at the FCC, and launches with version 1.6 of Android.  According to a French blog, Liquid A1 owners may get an update to Android 2.0 as soon as March this year. The new edition will have new features like synchronization to multiple accounts, plus version 2.0 will hopefully allow for multitouch with certain applications. However, it is uncertain if  the function will be available on the updated Acer Liquid A1.


[Mobinaute via Phone Arena]

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  1. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. @Nexman

  3. I don’t understand the hostility, this is good news for Acer owners.

    Lets hope HTC keep up.

  4. I don’t get it… it’s running plain vanilla Android,right? Why wouldn’t they just upgrade it to 2.1?

  5. Usman: Its because they are idiots!

  6. Agreed! Why not take it to the latest version, fix up all the bugs in v1.6 (e.g. no vpn settings in menu) and March…! Considering the bugs and all, I would have expected something sooner!

  7. There are 2 ex G1 Devs now working on Acer A1 plus some other new A1 Devs so as there should be a Nexus One port by the time this update comes out.

  8. I have been using the Acer Liquid for a couple weeks now and im extremely picky on my phones but here are some things i enjoy.
    768mhz speed is amazing
    storage memory is sufficient
    Design of the phone is very sexy haha
    very responsive touch screen
    speaker volume is very clear and loud
    battery life

  9. hopefully cyanogen or haykuro will take a proactive role in development and ports.

  10. maxima is already creating custom roms for the A1.

  11. @ Usman

    The Liquid is actually not running vanilla Android. It isn’t a complete makeover like the Sens UI, but still, it requires some changes… And 2.0 to the Liquid in march would make it a really quick uppgrade, in Android terms…
    Consider the 7500i that runs completly vanilla, and maybe never gonna get the upgrade…? Or the beloved Hero that almost released six months before the Liquid, still hasn’t gotten anything other than some minor bugfixes

  12. This is good news, but Google and the phone manufacturers need to dedicate more resources to bringing older devices up to speed with new versions of Android. The A1 should never have released with anything other than 2.0.

  13. Hopefully they’ll send the fingerprint from that version to Google and it will have full market access instead of the current situation where copy protected apps STILL aren’t accessible.

  14. I hope so, an upgrade to 2.0/1 or whichever may also include fixes for the battery life, everyone with a A1 should get it as there is a update app which i think is Acer only – correct me people if im wrong?

  15. i like the phone but battery life sucks on this…hope we get the update ASAP and it is better optimized than 1.6

  16. March came and gone still no update for the Liquid A1.

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