Internal T-mobile Doc Confirms Google Phone


T-mobile have confirmed the existence of a Google phone AKA nexus one and confirmed their support of the handset in an internal T-mobile system. Check this…

T-Mobile “Officially” Confirms Google Phone - TmoNews - Unofficial T-Mobile Blog - News, Videos, Articles and more_1262106323384

In the leaked screen shot is says:

Google,with the support of T-mobile, is scheduled to launch a new Android device in early January. The Google Android phone will be sold solely by Google via the web.

  • Support for this device including troubleshooting and exchanges will be made managed by Google and htc.
  • T-mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, features and rate plans

Additional details and StreamLine content regarding the launch of Google’s Android phone will be coming in early January

So now we know that this phone “will be sold solely by Google via the web”. T-Mobile will only support “billing, coverage, features and rate plans” of the phone. All troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC and the expected launch of the device is “early January”.

We still don’t have any confirmation of the pricing but various sources of TmoNews are confirming a “January 5th date, 9am , ordering through Google ONLY”. We’ll update you with any news we have so keep an eye out! We’re all waiting on some more leaks and info which hopefully will not be too long!

(Via TmoNews)

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  1. cant wait!!

  2. speaking of leaks.. i just leaked my pants.

    by the way, running joke of the new year:



  3. Jo, that was a joke?

    I don’t know what’s more pathetic, the joke or you pretending to laugh at it.
    Anyhow, the phone looks very nice.

  4. Again, why make such an awesome phone that should be “open” and limit the 3G coverage to only one carrier (tmobile). Tmobile voice coverage in my area sucks is better. I have no experience with data on AT&T but dont want Edge speeds when i should be having 3G or 3G speeds!

  5. Said it once, say it again: Android burst into the scene with a phone other than the iPhone, up to and including a hardware keyboard. The Nexus One is an iPhone clone, not a competitor. DROID lives on, and as of now still on a better network.

  6. If all is true about the hardware on the Nexus One, even without a physical keyboard, it still is a WAY BETTER phone than the droid, AND Verizon is just too expensive for some of us mortals.

  7. haha i literally just read the article here at werk. i was rushing here to post but nooo someone beat me to it.

  8. aye no keyboard makes the nexus one a total looser

    tbqh i’d be happy with a G3 phone with thats identical to the g1 with more snappy guts ;) Snapdragon, 1gb memory, better gaming processor, etc

  9. @espiritiv: I’m pretty sure the T-Mobile only thing is more of a “testing the waters” situation with a new business model for the US wireless industry. It is a natural fit since T-Mobile and Google have a history of collaboration with Android and T-Mobile also has pricing plans that are lower specifically when they are not subsidizing a phone. There was even a rumor a few weeks ago that Google shopped the idea of selling their own phone online to Verizon execs and have Verizon just support it (like T-Mobile is doing with the nexus one) and were turned down. I’m fairly confident that if the “Google Phone” craze catches and it becomes a popular device, other carriers will jump on board and different versions with the appropriate radios will emerge for all US carriers.

  10. @Jo
    Quit trolling the 2 posts and posting such a stupid comment about “Droid” owners. You don’t have a clue what your talking about. By year end 2010, there will probably be 10 more phones out that have specs better than the Nexus One (which is an awesome phone, no doubt).

  11. yes!finally something for me to look forward to for the new year! i have desperately needed a new android phone an google has answered my calls an now tmobile will support the billing an stuff also this just keeps getting better and better thanks google your the best :)

  12. @espiritiv

    Drove truck (big rig) for about 4 months over a year ago.. I never ran into a situation where my TMobile phone didn’t work when I needed it to.. In the weeks before the myTouch came out, 3G was not in my city, so I decided to pass.. however about a week after it was out I rechecked the map, and low and behold it was available in my area.. got it, it works fine.. granted I haven’t traveled much, but I really have no worries, because for one, I know that my phone will work for making calls.. yes they need to expand 3G more, but I have no worries because I could get by with Edge and Wifi if I really had to… So I guess you do have a point with the 3G, but I really haven’t seen any call problems at all.

  13. @espiritiv: this phone is a tri-band 3g – works with most of europe, asia, plus tmo usa. couldn’t care less with at&t, i had enough of their s**t. they have sent me at least 4 emails over the last 4 months telling me their 3g service has been upgraded and should be better in my area but until now, all i get is 2 bars at most with the iphone. i can barely use the browser let alone make phone calls, here in san jose at the heart of silicon valley. at&t is a joke as far as i’m concerned.

  14. W00T if this is under 200 unlocked this is like a insta buy. Rest in peace my g1 and your stupid screen ribbon cable getting messed up in the slider.

  15. The G1 is a lousy phone; T Mobile is not helpful. Why would anyone give Google – or T Mobile – more power over their lives?

  16. I just hope the phone affordable. Like if its under $199.sorry I’m not a baller I’m just a broke christian man that loves all the newest techs. We want a price. I’m hoping we can bill it because even coming out of pocket with $199 for something I want and not need is not happening.I hope we can pay incriments. Whatever just tell us how much it will cost dang!!

  17. Watching Android rollout to date, I am left with two conflicting data points. One, is that everyone I talk to within Google is supremely confident that the data (that they are looking at) suggests that they are poised to win in the market. Two, I am confused relative to the ‘battles’ and ‘war’ analogy, what is the battle they are fighting and what is the war that they expect to win.

    By that, I mean at this stage they are not in the same league to win the potential iPhone buyer, as Android lacks on hardware design, developer tools, media, apps momentum and marketplace.

    Yet, based upon RIM’s last quarter, it’s not like they are taking share from the Blackberry. Hence, best guess is that they are REALLY going after the Nokia and Symbian ecosystem, which is fine and logical, as it represents a comparable structure in terms of variety of device form-factors, multi-carrier approach and Nokia/Symbian has a dispirited developer base, so low hanging fruit.

    The only paradox is that to win that audience, you can’t be effectively competing with the handset guys (i.e., Motorola, HTC, Samsung, LG) in either soft or hard form (by anointing a preferred device/partner or formally branding, marketing a Google device). Yet, to not do so is to guarantee that the distance between iPhone and Android only grows.

    Personally, I think that they have misread the market, and face a choice between a fragmented market or abandoning their open credo and trying to go toe-to-toe with Apple in areas that Google hasn’t proven to be strong at; namely, hardware design, user experience, developer tools, etc.

    For more fodder on this one, here is a post that I wrote called:

    Android, Inevitability and the Dawn of Mobile: 


    Check it out, if interested.


  18. All I want to know is: will it come to the UK?

    Actually, that’s not all I want to know. I’d also like to know how much it’ll cost, and how soon can I get it?

  19. Fantastic phone,
    sheesh HTC, heard of Fring???

  20. Verizon may be expensive but why not Sprint? Most people won’t switch and lose coverage just for this phone

  21. Mark: Nokia? Nokia doesn’t have any play in the US

  22. Looks like a great phone; but its an automatic failure if its only available at 3G with T-mobile. They have no coverage and no customers. Google cant be this stupid. The phone must be available at 3G with other carriers, or its a failure out of the gate.

  23. @cwrig . . . Ever heard of the G1 or myTouch 3G? Oh yeah, huge failures . . .

  24. @ari-free and other TMO doubters. I switched from the big red simply to get the first Android phone knowing they’d eventually be available on Verizon, as an early adopter. TMO didn’t have 3G coverage up until September, but now they do and honestly there’s not many times where it matters that much outside a few apps. With that said I know there are so many other areas that are/were in the same boat with TMO 3G just arriving recently or about to. They’ve done a really good job, considering we didn’t even have TMO in this state barely over a year ago. Since being with them I have only great things to report. They’re customer service FAR trumps any carrier I’ve been with (all of the others), I’ve experienced only a handful of times where signal was lost and I’m more than happy to pay almost HALF what I would for the same plan on big red.

    Oh and: “Most people won’t switch and lose coverage just for this phone.” As others are saying, there will be other phones in 2010 as well, and… Ask anyone that switched to AT&T for the iphone. Loads of people are more than willing to gamble the carrier for a handset.

  25. @Matt W…Ever heard of the G1 or myTouch 3G? Oh yeah, huge failures . . .

    They are. They have sold a miniscule amount of volume compared to if they were on a larger carrier. That was apprpropriate for the G1 as Google needed to test the waters in a low profile way. Putting the G1 on TM was a good idea. Putting a phone they want to compete with iphone on TM Only; really bad idea. If Google is serious about this phone, it will work on 3G of other carriers.

  26. Ok I am confused. Does the unlocked version work on other carriers? Or does it only work on T-Mobile’s network?

    If so why what are the reasons for buying an unlocked phone for $350 more?

  27. lol yeah if its on T-mobile only…then it can’t be a heavy hitter regardless of a….handful of people who are good with there 3g covrege….and service

  28. Then again I could be wrong because ATT has been voted the worse cellphone service many times in tech mags and they have iphone…which is a cellphone killa…well outside the blackberry it beats all other phones…in sells

  29. jer: “TMO didn’t have 3G coverage up until September, but now they do and honestly there’s not many times where it matters that much outside a few apps.”

    those are probably google apps such as google nav and that matters a great deal for google!
    I don’t want to find myself stuck in the middle of NYC and not be able to get coverage.

  30. TMo currently has 227 3g pops and promises 100 plus more by March which will then equal att’s 3g footprint. At that time (March) they will turn on the 7.2 mbps service making them the fastest and equalling (if not surpassing) the nation’s largest gsm 3g carrier. Never before has a carrier built a system so quickly and solidly (thank you DT). The next phase will take 7 months to initiate their 21 hsdpa service and THEN let’s see the “maps war” !!! Thank you T-Mobile for becoming the nation’s Best and Fastest network FIRST!!!

  31. @Paul…yeah and by that time the big V will be booming in there 4g and behind them everyone else but y mobile. Lol i will see….

  32. U will see I mean….t will be the last to have 4g

  33. I have been with T-mobile for a good 3 years, and have only just recently left the carrier to the big red.

    Everyone saying that T-Mobile has strong coverage, I’m happy for you, but T-Mobile reception in my area while I was with the company was terrible to say the least

    In Southern California (Long Beach) T-Mobile is more than a joke, and I wouldn’t switch back to the carrier unless some major improvements are made to the network. I got more than tired of waiting

    Sooo, the Nexus One looks like an amazing phone, but I’ll be just fine with my Droid… a great phone that actually works reliably

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