Seidio Making Nexus One Accessories


Seidio isn’t being secretive or shy about their involvement with “the ultimate Android Phone” the Nexus One. In fact, they’re out-and-out advertising that they’re currently manufacturing accessories for the phone! Visit their website at and you’ll see this:


Interesting to see this level of formal approval for a phone that hasn’t yet been announced. Think they’ll get any type of slap on the wrist for this? Or maybe the polar opposite – it could be a part of the grand scheme (low budget) viral marketing that has half the world hooked.

Either way, feel free to sign up for updates when Seidio Nexus One Accessories become available.

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  1. I’m thinking its very much not legit. Look at the picture of the phone. First thing I noticed was the t-mobile network name – didn’t seem right. So I looked again with a more critical eye. You can see the refelction of the guy taking the photo in the screen! Clearly not an official press image – so I gather there’s no way these guys are a legit google partner on Nexus One accessories… unless I’m just being far too sceptical… if only it were true.

  2. This is not legit and isn’t approved by Google; they’re just jumping into the hype. You can see the reflection of the compact camera (and person) taking the photo in the reflection of the screen.

    That reflection seems familiar; i’m pretty sure i’ve seen the image posted elsewhere.

  3. haha well they’re using the engadget image…

  4. sounds good to me. more company should come out and show their full support

  5. well for kicks i tried to “sign up” with a junk email address, and it’s just a link to send an email to them… and every time it comes back with a failure notice… for what it’s worth

  6. not tryin to sound repetative but thats definetely no legitb

  7. bad chop job, i could do better

  8. Well you were all wrong , I own the phone and LOVE IT

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