Google Android Press Conference January 5th!


That January 5th Nexus One date has been floating around for quite some time now… and it looks like everything just got set in stone. All we’ve had thus far is a bunch of tightly tied rumors, pictures, videos and other unofficial evidence. But today, Google sent out invitations to a press conference to take place on January 5th in Mountain View, California:


An Android Press Gathering it is! This should be very interesting and unlimitedly (is that a word?) exciting. Stay tuned folks… this close to an official event, details are bound to slip!

The above invite was sent to Engadget… we’re waiting eagerly with our fingers crossed.

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  1. OMG! I’m calling in sick if I get an invite!!!

  2. yeah yeah!
    just give me that 2.1 animated background and im happy :)
    i know i wont be going to tmobile…
    THATS not gonna happen.
    but if they pull some surprises and show us a CDMA version…tapping the savings account!

  3. I just wet my pants.

    (sigh) I do wish it had the 720p video recording like the Bravo comin in April. But I can’t keep holding off.. google phone it is!

  4. hey .. this just in! 2010’s joke of the year..


    or was that DROOOOOOOOOID Owners

  5. They will announce that HTC will be its official cellphone manufacturer of choice…

  6. I think it’s going to be more than a phone announcment. Google is all about cloud computing. I speculate that they will announce some service(s) to go along with the phone. Perhaps the rumored Google Audio (music service) or a sync service?

  7. @jo I don’t understand why Droid is a joke now? Google is coming out with a phone that is a bit faster, has more ram, a nicer screen, less memory, with no physical keyboard on T-Mo.

    The Droid still has better hardware specs than 99% of the phones out, has Android 2.0.1 (Assuming it will upgrade to 2.1 officially at some point), and is on Verizon’s network. Still seems like a nice phone to me. Why the hostility?

  8. @jo: how so? If you look at it that way you will never be able to buy anything without being a “joke” as there is always something new around the corner.

    With smart phones being one of the few growth sectors during this recession it makes sense to see the market exploding.

  9. jo:

    joke of the year? how do you figure? instead of just trolling why don’t you explain yourself. go ahead and wait for the nexus, or wait until the next big device, or the one after that. it never ends.

    if i wasn’t already on verizon i doubt would have switched but i have been an extremely happy droid owner for near two months now. 2.1 is coming to droid, so all the fancy UI things that everyone is drooling about the nexus for will be available for us “joke” droid owners – sans the snapdragon cpu. and i couldn’t care less about gaming on my phone. i have a wii and ps3 for that

  10. @jo
    there is no bravo… this is it

  11. @Jo: LoL, I love my Droid. Not one bit of buyers remorse here. Not to mention I can’t live without a keyboard. So just because Google is making a phone which looks like nothing more than a Droid/HTC Eris and upped the OS to 2.1, doesn’t make it gold.

    I need a full keyboard, and that’s great that the Nexus “may” be sporting a 1GHz processor, but my Cortex A8 in the Droid runs plenty fast for me. :)

    PS: The only “joke of 2010” is the fact that your Nexus is going to be running on T-Mobile’s 3G network (or shall I say lack of 3G network). :)

    Now let’s stop bashing our fellow Android phones and get back to bashing AT&T and the iPhone! :)

  12. PS: If we could down-rank on these comments, Jo would have been down-ranked into oblivion.


  14. ROFL Derrick, took it all right out of my fingers. A+ sir.

  15. This is good and bad news. With this being a press event, it most like;y will mean an announcement of the device for a future purchase date, not actual availability. I would anticipate pre-orders to be taken with a week or two of the event, and shipment of the device around the beginning of February. I hope I am wrong!

  16. David,
    It will on just wait for it buddy. Just imagine for the first time in Googles history, we will see something else other than a search box. Imagine how many people use google? So imagine the people it will be advertising it to??

  17. @David
    Your very wrong my friend. Although there has not been an announcement yet, there is indeed a difference between the Nexus One and Bravo..

  18. It’s nice to see a good mix of Android phones hitting the market.

    Droid with qwerty
    Nexus w/out
    Eris for chicks
    Sony X for people with money to burn

    Life is good in the Android World. Time to step it up Apple.

  19. @david There are more phones to come. Why else are there codenames for: Dragon, Passion, and PassionC in the 2.1 rom?

  20. There is such a huge difference in the G1 and Droid that I can see how people think the Droid owners will get screwed (since the same was thought about G1 owners), but the Droid is a good phone. The G1 on the other hand was iffy…

    Also, Apple releases a new iphone every year, “screwing over” the ones who bought it previously, so why doesn’t anyone complain about that? Technology is outdated the moment you buy it, get used to it.

  21. Limitlessly exciting? Boundlessly exciting? Pretty exciting, one way or another.

  22. The nexus needs a “killer app” to convince anyone to switch to T-mobile. If someone is a Verizon or AT&T customer why would they switch to get a phone that comparable to the Droid and iPhone?

  23. … omg guys.. I want to officially apologize to all the Droid owners who were offended by my “joke of the year” comment. Your comments have made me realize the error of my ways and that I too will be a “joke” one day. In this emotional period of enlightenment that I have reached I ask for privacy and respect for me and my ego as we both grapple for some clarity in this trying stage of our life.

  24. There’s a unannounced Sprint Android phone coming out. I wonder if they’re going to announce a Wimax Android phone? Just some speculation.

  25. @nemov, I’ll be switching from AT&T to Tmobile for a couple reasons.
    1. AT&T is overcrowded due to the number of iPhone users.
    2. I like the ability to customize offered by the Android platform.
    3. AT&T doesn’t have any Android phones (yet).
    4. Tmobile has sufficient coverage where I live.
    5. Verizon doesn’t support simultaneous Voice + Data. Not sure if I need this but I’ll like to know that I can do it if the need arises.
    6. Tmobile is rolling out their 21Mbps 3.5G network next year. By the time AT&T rolls out their LTE network, I’ll contemplate switching back.

    See, their is a reasoning behind switching from AT&T to Tmobile.

  26. Android 2.1 on a 4G phone system would be COOL!

  27. @jo
    baahahahaha best apology ever

  28. @kidphat

    4G will be available on Verizon next year. I guess if T-mobile works well in your neck of the woods it makes sense.

  29. I am contemplating an Eris. My contract is up in February but I won’t switch to T-mo cause above all else I need to be able to have reliable coverage. I just hope with CES around the corner I will get some good news.
    PS: The Bravo is not the Nexus. The Bravo is different. It looks like a larger version of the Droid/Eris/Hero.

  30. i should have never left tmobile :/…i hate cdma its soo stupid..ever network should be gsm there is no point in cdma and i dont see a single positive aspect of a cdma network..

    you cant talk on the phone and surf web at the same time
    when you receive a text while downloading something it cuts off
    pain in the ass to switch phones
    all the cool phones are made gsm and take forever to go to cdma

    i mean i like sprint and everything and i get way way way better coverage than i did with tmobile..but for some reason the actual smartphone is more important to me..i know i shouldnt be but it is :(

    now if sprint gets a nexus one or passion or dragon then my complete view would change because i would be happy but until that happens or method comes about for changing the droids esn/meid to sprint one then i hate cdma

  31. I hope phandroid gets an invitation! :D

    On a side note , I bet people who go gets a free Google phone… awesome!

  32. All bashing aside, 2010 looks like it will be Android’s real “coming out” party. I’m definitely going to get the NeXus One as soon as I can, but I’m definitely not a DROID hater, I think big V did a really good advertising job with DROID taking android as a whole to a new level. NeXus One will surely kick it up a few notches…

    I CAN’T WAIT!!

  33. Isn’t that the same day as we was hoping for news on the X10?

  34. Oh man, check out those beams of light. To me they look like from the ‘X’ in Nexus logo, don’t you think? I’m so excited about this handset I can barely contain myself :)

  35. So will this mean they will make nexus one available to all, or only to people that get the invites? Do us average joes have to wait for a long time before we can have access to the phone?

  36. Yeah Jo, don’t bash Verizon because they made Android REALLY popular. T-Mobile can not afford Verizon’s marketing budget.

  37. I really want an android phone on AT&T. Would be nice if they finally announced one.

    I don’t ever want to switch because of my corp discount and I’m kinda bored of the iphone. I would switch to T-Mobile but I like getting a 3G signal everywhere I go in California.

  38. @omega, I get 3g everyhere with TMO! Have you ever seen or heard any TMO problems lately?? Because its better than AT&T thats for sure.

  39. i get coverage everywhere i go with tmo. i bought the G1 on launch, and now im hoping that i can finally upgrade to the N1 next month. If not then im gonna contemplate switching to another network.

  40. i think i just understood google’s plan. they are going to sell open ‘google phones’ they buy themselves from manufacturing OHS partners at cost (ie. great products with a great OS very cheap compared to what the consumer is used to) to get their mobile ad-displaying/revenue-generating model out in the open. Companies like T-mobile, whom I suspect has been planning for this change, will sell cheaper contract-less plans if you provide your own device. all you have to do is plug directly into the grid. aren’t we doing that anyways right now? google is an amazing company, love them or hate them.

  41. the only good thing about the droid was that it introduced me to the nexus one. i saw it run a few apps and concluded that it was a better phone then the iphone. however, the n1 will reign in the ladies.

    why tmobile? from what i know, it is the only carrier right now that runs a similar program to voip. considering that google has gvoice, their plans are clear. we could see a carrier-less future.

    the droid was only a product to flood the market with android and its apps. it had its fun for like a minute. i mean, by now it should have been cemented that it will get the update of ‘flan’. but i haven’t read it yet. weak.

    i think the ‘unlocked’ n1 follows through with their long-term goal better than the droid line. but still, i don’t know whether it will officially be the n1 that carries everyone into voip or the ‘real’ google phone that does.

  42. @9ooyan: Perhaps that’s why TMO recently offered their newer plans that don’t require a contract? All I know is I switched my plan to a “contractless” since it’s cheaper and I know I’ll be upgrading my phone well before my 2-year renewal.

    For those clueless Google has a store already in place (and has for some time perhaps this will be where you will be able to buy it WHEN it’s available:

  43. Droid is better then the brain dead Sprint Hero. I wonder if the N1 will have a class 6 reader. HTC is using up old parts in the Hero, only class 2. And did they ever figure out the Bluetooth bug? and the SMS bug? The only real ‘problem’ the N1 may have is legacy design issues HTC introduced with the earlier models.

  44. @ Jojie Millena

    Thank you, these morons dont know shit about what they are talking about? you want AT&T and get over priced and always be on some restriction shit? Yay you can now send pictures on AT&T and yay you can now be on phone and search the web, OH WAIT TMOBILE HAS BEEN DOING THAT FOR DECADES LMAO. Go ahead, Tmobile i’ve been over a few states and i’m always 4 bars 3G, did you morons know tmobile just upgraded their network to 7.2 speeds for free at the end of december 09? Check your mobile speeds, of course you wont hit 7.2 but the point is all 3g is now faster FOR FREE. Idiots the nexus one has double the processing power of the droid and almost double the memory, higher resolution than iphone with OLED screen it looks better than all of them together. Snapdragon 1ghz + 5mp camera with 2x zoom + led flash. 3 leds on trackball for notifications, 512Mb memory, dont even talk about multi touch cause rooting the phone takes care of that, and its already been done. If you are ignorant about a mobile operating system or platform, you should save the comments, same goes for THE BEST OF THE BEST PER DOLLAR service contract = TMOBILE. Always talking about the fastest 3G shit on AT&T me and my bro compared many websites loading from his iphone or my G1 W/ Hero rom and i raped him on every site. SO STFU PLZ, btw im from new jersey and never been out of 3g in my life lmao.

  45. Oh and btw dont get my point messed up, the droid is still a great phone, I’m coming from a g1 which to me rapes all the other “supposed to be better phones because they look better or got a lil more memory or a bigger screen releases”

    this is the true upgrade from my g1 with hero rom, i’m saying good bye to my true keyboard and my 1 thousand SNES roms, but im saying hello to actual good hardware, I had g1 before release date on oct 08, its done me great after rooting. But the lack of OPEN GL 2.0 ES aside from the other 10+ upgrades is the reason im leaving it. Can’t wait ;P

  46. @ kidphat

    you are a smart man, although forgot to mention, SAVING MONEY from that switch to a better more flexible service. I think my brother is paying 130 a month with his lil iphone, although he gets shocked everytime he sees the uses i give my rooted g1 with hero. When he saw me literally playing modern warfare 2 on my 50″ tv using Gmote on my g1, he nearly shitted himself, most g1 users are too stupid to give it sick use, but android is incredible when it comes to actually using the phone on a daily, and not “SHOWING IT OFF” cough cough iphone, its the best thing i’ve owned in the cellphone department.

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