Motorola CLIQ Gets Software Update


Software Update for the Motorola CLIQ™ 11.30.09


From time-to-time, Motorola releases updates to enhance the overall performance of its phones. The 1.1.31 software update for Motorola CLIQ provides improvements to its battery, touch, and Bluetooth functionality.

For optimal performance, we encourage you to download and install this latest software update.

For more information on Motorola updates and repairs, visit us at Motorola Support.

Who Can Use This Release

All Motorola CLIQ users.


After downloading and installing the 1.1.31 software release, you will notice:

Longer Battery Life: Improved battery life while phone is idle or running applications.

New Battery Management Feature: A new “Battery Management” feature lets you customize battery settings, such as turning data off when phone is idle for 30 minutes. And with the 1.1.31 release installed on your phone, you now have the option to select battery consumption modes that optimize data performance while minimizing battery consumption. To enable Battery Manager, go to Settings, Battery Manager, Battery Profile.

Better Bluetooth: Improved pairings, audio and call connections with Bluetooth headsets, including: rewind/fast forward feature with S9 and HT820 headsets. For more information on available Bluetooth devices for your phone, visit us at Mobile Phone Accessories.

Touch Screen Accuracy: Improved touch screen accuracy and protection against inadvertent key presses and unintended phone calls.

TTY Option: Text Telephone option for the hearing/speech-impaired lets you converse with callers via “real time” text messaging instead of relying on the caller’s audio.

Better Business Connections: Improved connections to corporate email accounts.

Improved Caller Connectivity: 1.1.31 repairs issues with lingering connections after hang-up.

Quick Office 2: Quick Office 2 supports additional file types and enhanced capabilities.

Accelerometer Enhancements: Improves overall accelerometer responsiveness and accuracy.

Additional Information

  • For a successful installation, we recommend installing these updates while the battery in your phone is fully charged.
  • Make sure you have a SIM card installed in your phone.
  • If you have difficulty with this update, visit us at T-Mobile Support.

© 2009 Motorola

Should be available through System Updates on your device!

[Via Motorola]


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  1. Installed this one without issue. For a moment, it got my hopes up for 1.6

  2. wooooo! I don’t have a cliq but I know this will hopefully address many many of the over all issues users have had with the cliq. Might make a bit more viable to purchase. Though it’s getting brought to the table a tad to late.

  3. yeah no 1.6 and i was really looking foward to some improvements with blur and the happenings notification options but it atleast shows that the updates can be done with some ease i actually just went through setting on the phone to check for updates and it started to download. so im hopefull that 1.6 or maybe 2.0 will be in the works soon. still miss root ill take that over either right now.

  4. is this OTA? my wife has a CLIQ and would love this update.

  5. @Tony, yes several over at Moto’s forums were a bit disappointed in that regard, too.

    @John, yeah, should be downloadable through Settings -> About -> System Update

  6. I picked up my Cliq as soon as I read this, and the prompt to update was already there. Installed easily and quickly. It’s a great phone; too bad it isn’t getting more attention.

  7. How is it that software would solve the problem? i would have thought they would have to rebuild the phone or something at least switch the battery if any but the improve touch response could be definitely useful to behold 2 owners though

  8. Has anyone had any problems with the update? I went to the “check for updates” screen, and it’s said “checking for available update. Please wait…” for a little over an hour now. I rebooted but it says the same thing. Any suggestions or is it just supposed to take this long? Thanks for your help.

  9. It is in the update software area now!! I am downloading it as we speak – er type :)

  10. Went in flawlessly and my initial tests with screen accuracy show marked improvement. Labyrinth and accelerometer 10x smoother. 2 fat thumbs up! Woot! Here’s another vote for 2.x on the Cliq – only thing stopping me from purchasing one for my wife.

  11. Installed with ease but why waste my time with such a minor update..give us 2.0 or at least 1.6 so I can use google navigation. Till then I stick with my mytouch..oh the battery life still sucks

  12. Upgrade = they fixed something they should have done right the 1st time

  13. Woot battery life got a lot better now and the touch screen as well now were ready for the next level :)

  14. ive looked every where on the pages they provide in this post but i cant find a way to do this manually ie via usb like downloading the update from a computer and updating that way. does anyone know if this is possible or do we have to do it via the update push.

  15. i was really hating on this phone because of the problems with the touch screen (unresponsive and constantly opening things i didn’t want open). i also was getting way too many force closes. i’ve had the update for a few hours and so far it’s been a HUGE improvement but this is something they should have had fixed OOB because if i wasn’t past the remorse period i would have sent this phone back. this isn’t really an update it’s a ‘fix’. hopefully the update is coming soon but if after this much time we get only the fix then i’m not very optimistic about it appearing in the next couple months which sucks because i’d like to try the map nav app.

  16. this phone map sucks my locations do no even be my locations

  17. Here’s Motorola’s response when asked about future updates to Android OS on the Cliq:

    “Regarding your concern, at this moment we cannot confirm when an upgrade will be available. However the phone is ready to receive software upgrades to both the Google Android OS, and the Moto Blur interface, therefore upgrades are being planned, but we don’t have a release schedule, or confirmation up to which Android version it’s going to upgrade”

    They better announce something in the next two weeks or this thing is getting returned…

  18. For those of you having problems with the update. Make sure that your wi-fi is on. I return the phone several times in the last ten days because of the battery life. Hope this helps.

  19. Yes no 1.6. I was wondering why not just do it as 1 big update. Maybe they are waiting on 2.0 or even 2.1.

  20. I talked with T-Mobile and Motorola support 12-27-09. Both indicated an update would be coming. If not soon I will be returning this phone and T-Mobile may loose a customer that has been with them for 10 years.

  21. I’m really hoping for updates to the Android OS as well. Some features I miss that I hope will be available to make my work easier:
    * Voice dialing from my bluetooth headset
    * Longer battery life
    * VPN connectivity to my business’s network

  22. It’d be nice if they could improve the Bluetooth to the point where it didn’t cut out for a full second during a song every couple minutes.

  23. I also was hoping that versions 2.1 and 1.5 could be referenced somehow and maybe the main dudes can let us know when a new release will be availabe for this phone. It definitely has the capabilities, but BLUR is kinda holding it back….I hope soon they will be compatable.

  24. 2.1 is the WORST update ever. Every single application just come on and my battery now dies within an hour versus lasting all day prior under 1.13 and 1.6.

    it just shuts my phone off randomly. When I go to advance task killer every single application is on, even the alarm clock…lol

    Wished I could get back to 1.6.

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