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Just wanted to give you guys a quick roundup of a couple things that I’ve seen across the interwebz lately. Give it a quick skim over and – as per usual – if you have anything to say about it feel free to check out that “Leave a Comment” box down there. ;)



As the guys over at AndroidandMe pointed out yesterday, Android.com got a bit of a makover.

androidsitePretty, huh?

DivX Playback Support

The same crew also mentions divx support on the way, starting with the LG GW620, LG’s first Android handset.

“DivX technology produces highly compressed video that requires minimal storage for the highest quality media experience on a mobile platform. In fact, a standard definition movie can be compressed into just 1GB using DivX technology; a size that can easily be stored on a mobile phone for viewing anytime, anywhere.

The LG GW620 is LG’s first Android-powered smartphone. Consumers can watch DivX videos on its 3-inch, 320×480 resolution touch screen. It is currently available in North America and Europe.”

…read more.

Droid Nearing 1,000,000

“It comes as no surprise to us that the Motorola DROID has been seeing some really successful sales numbers since its release. As a matter of fact, it is getting mighty close to its target of finding one million hands by the end of the fourth quarter. Actual sales figures are reported to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 700,000 to 800,000 devices sold, which is nearing Verizon and Motorola’s goal and already well over analyst predictions.”

..read more at BGR.

Loalytics give Android devs real-time insights with Vertica

Localytics provides a mobile analytics solution that gives app developers real-time dashboards and the deepest insights into how customers use their applications so they can quickly test new strategies to drive sales, drill-down into their users’ experiences and deliver a more successful mobile app, thanks in part to Vertica.

Boston-based Localytics is using the Vertica Analytic Database on the Cloud to power its real-time mobile analytics platform for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android applications. Other systems like Windows Mobile, Palm Pre and Symbian will be supported soon. The platform enables developers to quickly identify opportunities and problems by analyzing all facets of how consumers use their mobile apps.”

…Full Press Release.


There is a demo available here.  What do ya think?

Update: It looks like there’s a Motoblur update available for the CLIQ – through system updates on the phone. Version 1.1.4 to 1.1.31



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  1. Sigh, was hoping that the web version of the Android Market would have gotten a makeover as well…

  2. Divx support. Finally :D

  3. Hopefully Matroshka support up next?

  4. u might want to add this to the list…

    This just about guarantee’s the gPhone for early next year….


    Depending how dependable it ends up being… Say goodbye to all the carriers… But hello to constant GPS tracking by Google and the Feds… But don’t they already do that to us that have ever had a flu shot…lol

  5. WOW droid is almost to a million.

    I don’t think android is good with out sense ui.

    I am surprised!

  6. Make that 1,000,000 -1 Droid because I just took mine back yesterday. It is a great phone with the following major drawbacks:

    1. Keyboard so difficult to use as to be useless. I really wanted a QWERTY Android phone and had great hopes, but the keys are too flat and too closely spaced together, and the space bar too hard to get at. It’s a tradeoff between KB and thickness and if I’m not getting a usable keyboard I might as well have a thinner phone.

    Also, KB or not cut and paste is very awkward.

    2. Lack of a hard hang-up button. The hangup button is on the touch screen, but the touch screen blanks out when the phone is at your ear and mine did not come on for quite a while after it was taken down. Sometimes you do want to cut off a call right away.

    3. Flaky email performance with non-enterprise non-Gmail providers–i.e., Yahoo. Sometimes it wouldn’t send or xmit at all, other times it took days for messages to get through.

    3. Verizon. For a $70/month 450 minute plan I should be getting unlimited SMS. I wasn’t.

    4. Not GSM. So not universal (except for Japan).

    I did like:
    The GPS and all the apps that use it
    The Android 2.0 interface
    The feel of the phone in general, although more rounded corners would have been easier on my pocket.

    Now free of both Verizon and my TMO contract I have the luxury of waiting for the not-yet announced GSM Android 2.0+ phone with 1GHz processor that’s sure to come in the next year or so.


  7. Thanks for picking up on the Localytics release! We look forward to seeing more Android developers signing up!


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