ADC 2 Winners Announced

Just a quick late night update by everyone’s favorite Talton Pettigrew (seriously, how many of those do you know?).  I was getting ready to call it a night when I noticed – low and behold – the ADC 2 winners had been announced but a few short hours ago.  I said to myself, “Self – better do a quick update.”

Step away from the computer to have dinner with my wife and spend a couple minutes with some friends.. and look what I miss!

Not much, some might argue.

winners…view full list.

So tell me. What do *you* think of the winners?  Worthy of the prestige title(s) or simply the best of the mediocre?  Should we kiss their feet or write harshly worded emails to the judges? Sound off and let us know what you think!


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  • Chuck

    The ones highlitghed here are disappointing, but after clicking through, about 5 of the winners are apps I’ll probably grab. That’s a pretty good number considering I consider myself an app hunter.

  • Marcus

    horrible simply dissapointed nothing on that list is revolutionizing

  • Roumi

    They are rubbish, fxcamera is ok and so is hoccer the rest r rubbish

  • Josh Turmel

    Wondering how the heck SweetDreams won overall when there is already something out there that does exactly what this app does, it’s called Locale, and it’s not the only one there is at least one other one.

  • Jonathan

    SpecTrek looks like it could be fun. I’m going to try it tomorrow on my lunch over at the mall.

  • Dave Kaufman – Techlife

    @Phases – check out the tip box, I tipped this early this afternoon, before it was on Google’s blog.

    @Jonathan – I used SpecTrek, best to try it in an open field, as you need to be able to get close to a ghost. It was fun and very tiring. (out of shape – raises hand!)

    @everyone – I was thrilled with the ADC. It got thousands of apps and developers into android. It might have had some odd management according to what I read, but overall fine.

    One oddity why would these devs not capitalize on being in the ADC and get a ver. in the Market – I’m looking at you SweetDreams. I am interested to see that app since it seems a lot like Timeriffic an app I was co-developer on.

    Congrats to all who entered and the winners.

  • Maj

    i was keeping high hopes for the games but they are totally disappointing, the cheapest iphone games out there are a lot better than these.
    And the apps, nothing revolutionizing, some of them are not bad but not great to win such an award

  • Luffy

    pretty rubbish if i’m honest

  • Aaron

    Sweetdreams = timerrific?

  • Morten

    Nothing huge for sure, but I don’t think it looks bad at all.

  • Dustin

    Is Tasker even in the market? I can’t find it with direct search.

  • disappointed…

    …Exactly that!

  • Furret

    Lel… I really don`t get it, but my ADC2 app still did not get the fact, that the event is over… So it`s still wanting me to review and the app I allready have on my phone from the ADC 2 is still there… not as I`m complaining about it ^^

  • Black Kristos

    @Jonathan: I’ve been using SpecTrek for a few weeks and it’s awesome. Give it a shot!

  • Nigel

    SpecTrek is awesome, I played it with my daughter around a park – switch on sat view if you have trouble following a map and compass by itself.

    I will have to try celeste the augmented reality apps are great.

    So, so about the others though – but I can’t complain it’s not like I have the ability to develop anything anyway. I’m barely qualified to have a Droid :-)

  • halido

    i cant even find one of these apps in the market?!

    i mean apps like tasker, trip journal or andrometer

    can somebody helP?

  • amovilar

    The winner app Sweet Dreams will be released in early 2010. They are working in the final release, that include sound sensor, motion sensor, location sensor, and time sensor.

    Sorry my english :-)

  • SimplyDroid

    I think SweetDreams could be a great project, there are many a nights that I forget to change my phone settings and am woken by a newsletter that I don’t care to read at 2AM!

  • gorkon

    These are crap. The first round of ADC was way better with Locale being a winner.

    I skipped a AWFUL lot of apps because they screwed up and apps would not install.

  • JakeMG

    What the doodle is actually a super fun game. I played it all through beta and loved. I’ll definitely buy it now.

  • Yuri

    I liked Trippo a lot, very clear russian pronunciation, probably also other languages, but ok it’s not in the list

  • Pent

    Someone asked about Tasker:

    It’s not available yet. The reason is, likely in common with many ADC2 apps, that there was only 3 months to develop the first version
    and so work on the second (polished) version is still ongoing.

    As a dev, my take-home from this competition is: simple and polished is the motto.

  • ari-free

    re: games
    I think the ADC’s reflect the makeup of the android base at the time.
    ADC1: G1 early adopters
    ADC2: the t-mobile mytouch crowd. Droid came in too late to make a real difference. It’s not just about making sure it works right on droid…droid users just won’t go for the same kind of games.
    ADC3 should be more about Droid and totally kickass.

  • Rakem

    The first ADC owned this one….I get my programming degree by next year so ill be sure to deliver the goods. Where are all the outside the box thinkers?

  • David

    Seems strange that so many of these aren’t available. They’re missing lots of sales / downloads today.

  • Noan

    Only thing in there that I find super exciting is Wave Secure which is an amazing app.

  • Julz

    Wonder why Wavesecure got number three,
    numerous apps already out there with most of the features

    Companies like dashworks (for best buy) do it for free

    And they were out before competition started… like a few, its a rebadged/enhanced version of pre AD2 product…

  • Logotic

    SpecTrek is great, but it wouldn’t work for me until I took it to the cemetery. Apparently needs real ghosts in the vicinity.

  • john the lesser

    andrometer… not in market. wtf

  • Chump

    SweetDreams is crap. There is no innovation there. ADc2 judging was a joke!

  • Fredrik Olsson

    I wonder if Tasker will be released with that same icon. And if they do, will the ADC2 price money cover the court costs if the owner of the icon decides to act upon this blatant theft.

    Not sure what scares me the most, if the ADC2 judges has never seen an iPhone, or if they simply do not care about copyright.

  • electric ork

    Sounds like a random number generator picked some of the winners. I was astounded by Tracklet, one of the best looking UIs out there and it was a good use of the technology with attention to detail (it worked in landscape!). Screebl also was a useful tool that I thought could be a winner. Eclosion did a lot too. I’m glad Speed Forge 3D won. GangWars was also interesting.

  • cheewee

    Hi all,
    WaveSecure for Android is available from Android Market. As a giveback to Android users who supported and made our ADC win possible, we are offering an unlimited free lifetime account for Android users.

    Just head over to Android Market and download before 31st Jan 2010. You will be able to enjoy a free WaveSecure service for as long as you use that Android device.

    It’s our way of saying thank you. Do spread the word to other Android users so they can benefit from it too!

    Also, if you can join us on our Facebook page at, it would be awesome!

    Team WaveSecure

  • Satish

    Who are the overall top three ?