Today ZiiLABS announced TRINITY, a “Smart/Media Phone” concept device and development platform.

“Zii TRINITY is a 3.5G Smart Phone and Development Platform that supports the Optimized Android™ and native Linux®-based Plaszma™ Operating Systems. Support for High Definition 1080p video output and accelerated 3D graphics enable OEMs and ODMs to quickly and cost effectively bring differentiated solutions to market. Based on a proven media-rich platform Zii TRINITY offers partners a complete market-ready solution with the built-in flexibility for customization.”


Features of the Zii TRINITY 3.5G Concept Phone* Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Tri-band WCDMA, HSDPA Cat 8 at 7.2mbps

* Full featured platform featuring ZMS-05 StemCell Processor
* Linux-based Zii Optimized Android and Plaszma Support
* Accelerated OpenGL ES 3D Graphics, Video and Imaging
* 3.1″ 480×800 16M colour Active Matrix OLED with capacitive multi-touch
* Mini HDMI port for 1080p video output
* Xtreme Fidelity#8482 X-Fi audio technology
* 5M pixel rear facing, auto-focus camera
* VGA forward facing camera for video conferencing
* USB 2.0 Micro port for connectivity and charging
* MicroSD storage expansion and SIM card slots
* 256MB low-power DDR memory
* Integrated Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR and Hardware GPS
* Composite Video output
* 1130mAH lithium polymer battery


[Read Full Press Release | Zii TRINITY]


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  1. Uh can you say bad Instinct makeover! Pass….too many bad memories.

  2. the specs seem interesting but this phone looks ugly

  3. Uh Oh… Creative ZiiLabs is back again, with a copied (and still ugly) design. I already wasted $399 for their ZiiEgg device, and let me tell you, nothing on that device worked properly. No proper documentation of APIs and no source code for their proprietary linux was available. The only positive thing Zii has is their ZMS processor. But the software they write is worse than amateurish

  4. Two major problems I see with this:

    1. What’s the internal memory? This is a media Android phone based on the specs. So how much internal memory is there? I think much is stated by what’s not said.

    2. 1130mAH battery???? Perhaps they didn’t hear the negative talk about the G1’s battery. Especially with all the media specs should it be bigger. I have a 1700mAH battery in my G1 with the original back cover. So there’s no legitimate reason why it’s so small.

  5. The battery specification is similar to the G1. Not to spectacular in that department. Or is there a difference between lithium polymer or ion?

  6. *sigh* Can someone please make me a cool Android phone for T-Mobile? A phone that’s cool like the Xperia X10… please?

  7. no game controls? what’s the point?

  8. Interested if it comes to ATT

  9. Look at all that empty space on the top and bottom. How about a 4″ screen?

  10. oh it can do video conferencing…I’d trust this more than the saygus.

  11. the buttons at the bottom look ugly. and a smaller screen than the g1? no thx. i’ll pass,

  12. @Josh: Forget about Plaszma, this thing can run Linux, which means it can run Android. Or perhaps even Debian, Red Hat, Slackware, etc.

    This thing will never see the stores, it’s a promotional device to market the Zii “STEMCELL” system-on-a-chip.
    That part is what makes this phone interesting, being able to to 1080p movies with you to watch them on your mate’s television.

  13. yeah it’s a concept phone. I want to know more about this zii stemcell…how does it really perform?

  14. @Josh and @Nick,
    I share bad Zii EGG experience: almost nothing work on it which is supposed to work. However, a sound quality with stock Zii EGG earphones is astonishing and a video/screen quality is excellent too. Hopefully, it will be as good in Trinity, while bugs will be eliminated…
    Zii EGG is said to be capable of a full 1080p HDMI output as well. Did someone really try and proof that?

  15. @Vladimir

    I couldn’t try the 1080p HDMI output coz Zii was asking $50 for a freaking HDMI cable. The Audio quality is good, but half the time I only got mono sound due to some issues with their audio connector. Touch screen was awfully unreliable. The device would not unlock from a locked state 50% of time. Their sync software corrupted my Windows installation, and I had to re-install everything. The list of issues is endless, and they’ll probably need years (if ever) to fix those.

  16. if this is a device for developers, will i have root access?
    am i able to put the newest android sources on it? (after compiling etc. of course). I’m so disappointed about waiting for carriers to release an update. i want the newest version, directly from google. can any other phone do this? of course no hacked g1 or something…

  17. > can any other phone do this?

    have you checked out the Nokia N900?
    Root access doesn’t require any hacks.

  18. I knew someone would bitch about the looks of this phone. For fucks sake, it has the StemCell processor that can act as both a super processor, or a super GPU, or WHATEVER it needs to do.

  19. all i care about is how it will perform. cant wait to see some vids

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