T-Mobile Pulse Now Available In UK!

The T-Mobile Pulse is now available for purchase at T-Mobile UK!


Wait… does that say FREE? It sure does. T-Mobile has made it a great day for affordable Androids – commit to £20/month on a 2-year contract and you’ll get this phone absolutely FREE. There are a bunch of service plans you can choose from but the one I would fancy the most is £40/month for 18 months and you get unlimited web access and £225 credit to spend on calls and texts for your plan!

If you are thinking about getting this phone, getting this phone, or already have this phone…. head on over the the T-Mobile Pulse Forums to discuss and share!

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  • Carl C

    Is that a camera at the Front? :)

  • Baldyman1966

    May have to pop into T-Mob this weekend to have a look/Play with this. Still looking for a serious replacement to my G1 though.

  • Ted417

    I like this phone… I should seriously consider buying this one… It looks awesome :)

  • Tim

    FYI, it is locked to T-Mobile. Unlocking costs £15 and you need to wait for a bit (possibly 1 or 3 months) after your first top-up until they will unlock it.


  • chuksy

    I thought this was meant to be pay as you go,or am i mistaken?

  • acreda

    It is both contract and PAYG but i imagine PAYG will be later as they will want to try to get people to sign up to 2 yr deals first

    then comes the PAYG………

  • John

    A member of TMo staff (UK) confirmed the RAM/ROM as:
    SDRAM with 128 MB
    Flash EEPROM ROM with 256 MB

    I was sooo gonna get this until I saw the 256MB… will this have the same trouble as the G1 with future updates [i know 1.6 fits]

    Anyone know the partition size od the /system on the pulse?
    Putting off buying this phone now :(