Google Wave Invites (CONTEST)!


Alright folks I just got my own official invite to Google Wave and as you may well know, I’ve got 8 invites to share the Wave love. What else would I do with them besides share them with my favoritest of most favoritey-fave people (or sell them on Ebay)! Here is the deal:

I’m giving away ALL 8 invites:

  • 2 will be given away to regular readers who post a comment below. Make sure you use a functioning Email address. To qualify you have to – IN ONE SHORT SENTENCE – tell us which Android Phone you like most and why (available/upcoming/rumored all okay). I’ll choose the 2 winners at random 24 hours from now (5pm EST on October 2nd).
  • 6 will be given away to subscribers of the Phandroid VIP Newsletter (see right sidebar!) – these will be chosen at random as well and you’ll be Emailed if you win. I’ll continue hooking our VIP Newsletter folks up with opportunities as they become available!

I can’t promise the invitation will amount to immediate access as Google has the following disclaimer:

Invite others to Google Wave

Google Wave is more fun when you have others to wave with, so please nominate people you would like to add. Keep in mind that this is a preview so it could be a bit rocky at times.

Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.

Happy waving!

But what I CAN promise you is that if you win… it is your Email address I will be inviting and whatever comes of that is destiny! By the way, if you HAVE Google Wave already and want to meet other wavers, or perhaps don’t have it but want to discuss wave, hit up this Forum Thread I started at AndroidForums:

If you’re still wondering what the heck Google Wave is… I suggest you read up and watch the video below:

Happy waving!


Oh and if you’re wondering why we’re posting about Google Wave on an Android site I have two comments:

  1. I wanted to give you all something for free!
  2. Google Wave will work with Android
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  1. Sholes/Tao/Droid looks like the best so far… whatever you call it as long as it’s on VZW!

  2. Verizon you’ve got the Network, Give us The Droid, and give ATT/iPhone a run for Our Money!

  3. HTC MAGIC because it’s in my pocket right now.

  4. I’m a subscriber. Hope to get an invite, maybe!

    Thanks for giving everyone this kind of opportunity!

  5. Verizon’s previous phone limiting (current?) and the fact that it is CDMA dissuade me, but I like the Geeks Phone One as it has a QWERTY and I like that it’s a startup :D.

  6. I like the mytouch… because it makes my friends with iphones sad.

  7. I am most excited about the MOTO CLIQ!

    I think it’s a very sleek looking phone with the physical keyboard (which I see as a necessity) and the new MOTO BLUR Android UI looks pretty sexy!

  8. Droid on Verizon will make me stay with them. Flash will work (reportedly)! This may be the droid I’m looking for.

  9. Sony Xperia X3, the specs are incredibly amazing, probably the only phone without a keyboard I would enjoy.

  10. Scholes, which will be a huge improvement for Verizon in the smartphone department.

  11. need the invite so I can WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I like the HTC Hero. I hope the network support is adequate!!!

  13. I love Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X3 with the huge touch screen and 8MP camera (with flash!).

  14. The recently posted pictures of the shole/droid look pretty sleek. I’m stuck with verizon since all other carriers have very poor reception in my area.

  15. Hero ,Sense UI

  16. Sholes/Tao/Droid because I tried G1 on T-Mobile for a day and cried as it dropped every call made in my apartment so Verizon has me tied.

  17. I love the Huawei U8230, aka the T-Mobile G3, that you guys covered back in June:

    This thing looks incredible!

  18. I like the upcoming Verizon Tao phone. I’m stuck on Verizon and it looks like it will be the best phone for the network.

  19. Sprint HTC Hero, because it’s coming out soon and I’ll be buying it and bidding AT&T a fond farewell. That and I can always contribute a few more invites to the cause! :)

  20. My G1. Mostly because its the only one I’ll have for a while.

  21. I like the Sprint Hero for its awesome list of functions, even if it’s lacking the chin QQ

  22. The specs and the custom UI will make this phone truly special!

  23. Hi! I’m a regular reader and occasional commenter, and I simply must get in on the wave of the future.

    I’m dying to get the moto droid because thin is king, and not only will it be the thinnest QWERTY slider on the market, but it’s the thinnest android phone yet rumored to be available in my area before year’s end.

  24. I’ve been waiting for the Hero, I’m on Sprint and they have the best data plans!

  25. I have HTC Hero (European model)with the new ROM, which make the phone really fast as iPhone.

  26. The Sony Ericsson specs and the custom UI will make this phone truly special!

  27. Im looking forward to the “Motorblur” technology of the CLIQ to free us from human contact and face-to-face interaction for good ;)

  28. I’m still totally in love with the hero, the specs are just awesome

  29. Qwerty may have made the typewriter slower, but his keyboard is why I want a CLIQ!

  30. HTC Hero because I love how the design of the chin protects the screen and how the RAM is huge. Also, the HTC Sense firmware is the future, today.

  31. I like the Samsung Galaxy because I own it and because it has T-Mobile’s 3G bands … and because it has an AMOLED screen.

  32. I like the myTouch. I also had a G1, but the myTouch is sooooo much better. I wasn’t sure about not having a keyboard, but i like the slim design even more.

  33. I’m hoping the Motorola Sholes/Tao/Whatever gets announced soon because I’m stuck on Android-less Verizon.

  34. HTC Magic. Just because I’ve got one. :)

  35. My UK HTC hero. It’s been amazing since I got it and even better with the new rom update. I can actually use those fancy widgets and a lot of the time, they’re even faster than the non htc ones. I wish they had thought of tying picasa in to the pictures, seems so obvious. Maybe it’s due to API limitations.

    The Sony Xperia X3 looks proper fancy, like it’s from the future or something (well, it technically is, but I mean many years). I’m not too hot on the look of the interface though. The sholes custom interface looks interesting too.

  36. Even though I love my MyTouch, the Shole/Tao just looks so sexy.

    Lol @ Jason, same with my friends.

  37. Here is another vote for the Xperia X3, rachel UI looks amazing!

  38. Motorola Tao/Sholes/Droid

    For having a physical keyboard, look at the size compared to the iPhone. It will be awesome to shut those drones up.


    If this also isn’t burdened down with any MOTOBlur, and is a Google Experience device then this will be what we’ve all been waiting for.

  39. The Motorola Sholes/Tao because it looks like a beast of a phone and best of all it is on Verizon!

  40. -Hey I would love to have an invite to google wave! -Now the reason why I should get one is because I check your site anywhere from 10 to 15 times a day.
    -Just some quick back round info, I actually work for T-mobile and I have been chosen as the representative for HTC numerous times ( Yes I have received the shadows,G1,touchpro2 and MyTouch all free because of this!) So I know all there is to know about android since it first came out, also because I root and mess with all of them.
    -Here is my short sentence, The Motorola cliq, why? because it is simply a MT3G BUT with all the perks keyboard and quick access to social networking and android rules all!

    P.S. You never said I can’t give all that info you asked for a short sentence ABOUT my choice and why so there it is!

    – Graziano

  41. Android Dev Phone 1 has a QWERTY keyboard, is already rooted and unlocked, and is actually out now. Can’t beat that!

  42. I love my myTouch because it’s a beautiful device that just fits better in the hand than the other smartphones I’ve used/had. iPhone.

  43. I love the HTC Hero from Sprint. Sleek, smooth, fast, great battery life, and 1.6 out of the box!

  44. I want the Motorola Toa/Sholes because I want a good Android phone on Verizon!

  45. I’m eagerly awaiting the Sholes/Toa/Droid because of the power!

  46. The Acer android set (A1?) because of the 3.5″ screen size, the faster-than-average processor, the fact that it isn’t (yet) rumored for Verizon, and the price that will be less than the Xperia X3 because it isn’t made by Sony.

  47. My favorite so far is the HTC Hero, for which I’m anxiously awaiting a Canadian release. The CLIQ looks very interesting, but I’m not so much into the Facebook/Twitter thing, more into aggregating everything under the people they belong to thing. In that regard they seem tied, but the Hero is so customizable, I can have all my work related information on one Scene, and then on the weekend switch to a social Scene! Brilliant! Sorry for the long post. Also, Google Wave is very desirable to me because I collaborate on research papers with people far away, working at different times, and GWave would make our lives much easier.

  48. I’m thinking that I’m gonna have to side with the people who say that they like the Xperia X3 with it’s UI, 8MP camera and (omg) 3.5mm jack.

  49. I am on Metro pcs but I am waiting my Android, anyone.

  50. htc hero, I love my white hero for the whole connected feel on the thing, twitter, facebook no problem!

  51. Looking forward to getting the Cliq: Physical keyboard is a must for my large hands.

  52. I love the G1 Easily rooted and slide out keyboard.

  53. I want Motorola/Sholes

  54. Rob, you should post your wave address =) I already have my wave account but only have one other person so far to wave to

  55. The Xperia X3 just looks beautiful. The sholes after that.

  56. I vote for the Samsung Bigfoot. Reason is simple, I have a mytouch and won’t get a new phone for a couple of years, but then everything we’ve seen will be old news. The bigfoot however is green, and so i can talk my girlfriend into using it.

  57. the motorola cliq.I love android!im tired of apple.

  58. The HTC Hero, the specs of other phones are either lower or at same level and it has the Sense UI. Other than Motoblur, there isn’t really anything else that distinguishes their device from others.

  59. i want the motorola cliq because of the messaging capabilities and the 5 megapixel camera and of course it runs on android!

  60. Motorola Sholes’ UI is awesome, definitely the best one.

  61. I’m going to have to go with the merlot myTouch because of Whoopi.

  62. I like my G1 just fine. Here’s to hoping that 1.6 donut will make it even better.

  63. Gotta go with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3. It’s thin, it’s gorgeous, it rocks a 1GHz Snap Dragon, and I’m praying to the gods it will support the 1700 and 2100mhz bands.

  64. Hero by far and wide.

    Rocking g1 w modaco

  65. Motorola CLIQ, because of the full qwerty keyboard. the G1’s just wasn’t good enough

  66. Tao|Sholes|Droid. Great looking phone with the best handset OS waiting for me to tweak the hell out of it! Oh, and my NE2 comes up Oct 11!

  67. I’m currently using G1 and pretty happy with it. If only it would have more RAM then meagerly 192 MB. Correspondingly I would not mind upgrading to Cliq with 256 MB.
    Though I will likely postpone upgrading until device with faster processor becomes available. As far as I know there are no rumors about horizontal slider with 800+ MHz processor.
    And I would love to try Wave in the meantime :-)

  68. my favorite android is the SPRINT HERO. I grabbing it as soon as it drops. I’ve been waiting all summer for an ANDROID device on Sprint!

  69. Has to be the Hero with a chin! It’s capable (now!), querky, shiny, and will run Google Wave (hopefully)!

  70. The Sholes/Tao is by far the coolest phone, I’m planning on switching from my G1 to the Sholes when it’s ready!

  71. I absolutely LOVE the HTC Hero for Sprint. It is one sexy looking phone and HTC Sense looks AMAZING.

  72. Motorola Sholes/Tao, because of the looks and impressive specs

  73. ^^ By the way, the reason the Sholes is awesome is because it has bigger screen, and the pictures seem to indicate the 5MP camera will have a FLASH.

  74. While the Toa’s hardwares seem’s nice, I really think the Cliq is pretty slick.

  75. The Tao/Sholes is the best, if only because it is on the best network in the world in terms of reliability and coverage: Verizon.

  76. T-Mob Pulse…biggest screen so far and it has a 3.5mm headphone jack!

  77. The Droid is definitely the best because it’s coming to Verizon, it runs Eclair, and it has a 3.7 inch touch screen and hardware keyboard.

  78. The CLIQ with the qwerty keyboard is reason enough. ;)

  79. I love my HTC Magic running Hero ROM!

    Posted via mobile!!!

  80. The Cliq because it’s on T-Mobile and has an awesome OS!

  81. I love the Hero’s focus on socialization. I just wish it was on T-mobile. Though the Cliq will be nice as well.

  82. The Dream, for being the first and awesome ;)

  83. I have the MyTouch, but my fav is the HTC Loe…..have you seen the benchmarks?

  84. I like the Sony Xperia 3 since it emits a glamorous image while it keep its sexy slimness. :)

  85. It’s all about the Sholes. I hope they don’t change the name – I actually quite like it!

    I nearly wet myself with excitement when I read that press release thing about the “XXX” – 5mpixel camera with double flash? That’s two up on the Dext, then. It looks like the perfect phone.

    I want to have its babies.

  86. I’m torn between the Droid and HTC hero. I love the look and feel of HTC Sense, but I also think Motorola has done some cool things with Moto Blur.

  87. the G1 because its so customizable and it has a full qwerty keyboard.

  88. G1 is my favorite. Never had issues with it at all. G1 woohoo.

  89. The Motorola Tao- Ultra thin with Full Qwerty and (possibly) Moto-blur sounds pretty sweet to me.

  90. I decided I’d get the first phone with hardware keyboard *and* 3.5mm headphone jack — hello moto!

  91. Sony Ericsson X3, because the grass is always greener on the other side! (got a HTC Magic) Luv phandroid, regardless! :)

  92. Gotta go with the G1… because I own it. I’m the most boring Phandroid ever.

  93. I looking foward to the Cliq becuase of the social apps and widgets.

  94. I am most excited about the Sholes/Tao, but also worried that VZW is going to cripple it as is their way.

  95. I think the htc hero is the best because it has all the goodness of android rapped into a sexy package of delicious win! Plus it seems htc is gonna keep updating the software often

  96. The Sprint Hero- because it will by my first Android phone, and I will be getting it the day it comes out!!

  97. I still have a bad taste in my mouth from the whole cyanogen thing, a wave invite might remedy that ;)

  98. I want the HTC Hero!!! Having Google Wave before that would really be great!

  99. HTC Hero – likely to be first available Android phone on a network with good coverage in my area.

  100. HTC Tatoo, because it it small, and pockets in female cloth are always smaller than mens pockets.

  101. Hello,

    Although I am still in love with my G1, I am liking the looks of the Cliq! G1 lags a bit too much for me, so here is to hoping that the Cliq won’t have that issue.. I am hoping I win both this contest and your Cliq contest!!

  102. I am in love with the customization and social features of the Sprint HTC Hero.

  103. I have the Rogers HTC Magic and absolutely love it because I save on SMS payments using Google Voice :)

  104. I like the Samsung Galaxy the best because of the form factor and specs, just wish it had a keyboard.

  105. I think there should be a Phandroid thread on Wave!
    (I already have a Wave account, so skip me in the drawing).

  106. I like G1 the most, because I just got it two days ago and already modded Cyanogen style. :)

  107. I like the Sholes/Tao because it will be the first thin Android phone with a physical keyboard even though ironically it may be the first with a big enough screen to make using the softkeyboard practical.

  108. Sticking with the HTC Dream,
    the keyboard and both touchscreen are awesome, not a big fan of touchscreen only. the position of the scroll ball makes it easy to handle in both portrait and landscape direction. Hardware wise, i’m pretty much satisfied with the RAM and internal memory it has to give. Rooting permitted me to overclock it to work as fast as the iphone even with 40+ apps installed, and 7 heavy apps running simultaneously. the feel for the phone is amazing, it is the phone that looks less like plastic, HTC, usually don’t have good taste for phone texture, but the slickness of this phone is legendary. the little bump it got on the side gives it a unique identity.

    Thanks for the opportunity..

  109. I am looking forward to the T-Mobile Pulse when it comes out for T-Mobile USA, hopefully! 3.5″ screen, I have issues with a 3.2″ screen on the MyTouch, guess size does matter, crap…

  110. I have been internet stalking the Motorola Sholes/Tao/XXX for MONTHS and I can’t wait to pre-order. It’s slim, it’s got full qwerty and it’s fast. This will be my first smartphone to be used as a personal device and also a business tool for amping up my tutoring business here on campus. Not to suck-up, but I follow your tweets and relay the best ones to my communications technology Professor!

  111. Its a kind of Magic baby!

  112. nothing beats my HEro! just pure awesome. :) i ditched symbian for it

  113. The T-Mobile G1, of course, as it was my first smart phone, its a great phone that runs like a Dream.

  114. Well Well Well lets see what phone I like, the Cliq would have to my soon to be favorite of all time because of the social side of it.

  115. I have an HTC Magic (mytouch 3g) but I really love to put my hands on a SE Xperia X3 :D

  116. i like the archos phone i’ve purchased devices from them before without problem…..too bad it wont be sold in the U.S.

  117. Google Ion due to the non-gimped HTC Magic specs (288 RAM) while still working on the US (T-Mobile) 3G frequencies!

  118. G1, since that is what I have

  119. I want to get HTC Hero when my current contract runs out. I think it’s the best Android phone so far, and I just love HTC Sense… :)

  120. I changed my mind: I want the Xperia X3 ‘Rachael’ eventually, what with that 1ghz processor and sexy UI and all, but I can’t wait that long. For concrete phones, I want the Hero.

  121. HTC Hero from Sprint with the new world peace app.

  122. I’m excited to see if the Motorola CLIQ will be as awesome as my G1, but without the creaking.

  123. HTC Hero for Sprint! Because I’m waiting to renew my contract with sprint for a year now but was waiting for a great phone to upgrade with.

  124. I SOOOOO want the Moto Cliq to NOT suck like a dyson vaccum! So far, it has just about EVERY feature that i dreamed my old Sidekick 2 had before the Sim Card slot died… Those were good times…

  125. Currently I like my developer-G1 most. While it is a little bit thick for daily usage, the main advantage is that I can run the developer images from HTC. While it may be possible to “crack” other Android phones to be able to install custom firmware, I prefer the “official” way of using the developer phone.

  126. HTC Hero for me (non-US version) because I love the chin and trackball (and i just sold an iphone!)

  127. Currently, favorite android phone is my Tilt, mostly cause it shows some of the true spirit of android by porting it and drivers to a non android phone.

  128. i like G2 very much

    just because i am using T-Mobile myTouch 3G now….

    hope for the DONUT update

  129. Well, my phavorite phone? I am still in the maket looking for a solution. I am finished with my VZ contract and decided to start looking for a replacement phone. I fell in love with the idea of Android and now I can’t seem to make a decision. Everything is happening so fast. I too check this site 10-15 times per day. I think I’ll vote for the Hero since I like the Sprint plan from a cost stanpoint and the phone’s specs look pretty great. I wish I could fast forward a year and see all the options. There is a lot going on.

  130. I have and love the HTC Magic, but I’m certainly keeping an eye on the Sholes/Tao.

  131. I most like HTC tattoo because it has more features and good design. It also has FM radio function. wow~

  132. picking up a hero on the 11th but i wish it was a xperia x3 or tao/droid/sholes

  133. I’m most looking forward to the Droid for Verizon, but if it sucks, I’ll probably pick up the HTC Hero on Sprint. Either way, I can’t wait to win my Google Wave account and try out the mobile app as soon as possible…

  134. Moto Droid.

    Solid phone manufacturer. Solid OS. Solid Network.

  135. Hi, Rob. Let me star by just saying that. I love
    This page and I was happy until I saw this…..
    I think this is the reason why you didn’t want to comment
    On what’s going on with cyanogen and google ….
    Bcuz you get freebies from them (google).android

  136. The G1 is my favorite Android device because of its physical keyboard, which I can not live without,

  137. The htc hero, cause it is a improvement in my life!

  138. I’ve got the HTC Hero, and I love it. It’s the interface that makes it so great. If the X3 or A1 make it to AT&T I might switch (especially the for the X3).

  139. I love my g1 Because its the first of the first and i will keep forever and will be one of the first to get the sholes/tao that will be the best phone of today, hands down.

  140. My CM Modded HTC Magic with custom lockscreen of course!

  141. I’m liking the SE Xperia X3 because of it’s awesome UI, amazing screen and wicked processor.

  142. HTC Hero – Would love a keyboard, but will settle for monthly savings.

  143. The mytouch of course, except for the fact that everytime I bring it out either my gf or my friends take it away to play with it. Thats what I get for having an awesome phone!

  144. I like the Galaxy. Although it doesn’t look good in the US since it has kind of dropped off of the radar. I can still hope can’t I?

  145. Be back in the job market soon, so I will have to pay for a cell phone – first time in 12 years! With that in mind BUDGET is my sticking point – so I think Sprint is my winner. That said I like the InstinctQ or the hero – hard to decide. ;-)

  146. for now, my Magic has all I need, but looking forward for a phone with a decent camera and more battery…

    pd: anyone has heard the rumors about Google dropping the Google Device Experience (“with Google” phones) and can explain it to me?

  147. Combining Google Experience with Exchange sync, gorgeous screen, qwerty and so much more, the Motorola Tao is the “Droid” I’ve been looking for!

  148. I don’t think the perfect Android handset has been released yet. I’m currently using the HTC Magic and lamenting the absence of a light sensor and physical keyboard. Also, what the heck is with Google’s resurrection of the trackball?

    I very much like the look of Sony’s Xperia X3. I think my next Android handset will definitely need a physical keyboard though. Here’s hoping someone can make one of those that doesn’t turn the whole phone into an ugly duckling! /crossfingers

  149. With my super hero, I can easily impress all iPhone tappers

  150. Cliq to tmobile. I will be getting this phone very soon I love the concept of “synergy” for android.

  151. I’m most excited for the Sony Xepia X3, specwise it appears to be awesome!

  152. The HTC Hero is my favorite so far (I think the reasoning is obvious). But I won’t get it because it is Sprint (and my parents won’t change their family plan for me).

    So I guess I’ll have to go with the MyTouch (unless T-Mobile comes with a better one before January).

  153. if the motorola droid is anything like what the rumours suggest then that’ll be the one for me.
    I like the power, the screen, the onboard memory and the
    hardware keyboard.

    Currently available?
    I’ll stick with my G1 :)

  154. Maybe if I could spell… I meant Xperia X3.

  155. the g1 is the best android phone to thus far, partly because it’s the ugly duckling that i learned to love, and because it is THE original and always will be that one that held a special place in everyone’s heart

  156. Motorola sholes will be the iphone killer.

  157. I want the HTC Hero that they have in the UK! Because it’s all about that chin!!

  158. Andriod ROCks…….so does GOOGLe….

    give me more andriod, cant wait for more updates…

  159. Favorite is the G1 since it’s what I have and it’s the Original.

  160. Im doing the WAVEEEEEEEEEE!

  161. I like my Samsung Galaxy so far! It is pretty slcik, works good, just have to hope the battery doesn’t die too fast!

  162. sholes/tao looks like the phone i’ve been dreaming would come to altell/VW. december has never looked sweeter!

  163. Without a doubt the Sony Ericsson X3 is the one i’m aiming after.
    At least if the specs are correct and the visual appearance we’ve seen is the final one. One hot phone with awesome hardware and an open OS, could it be better?
    also it is Swedish ;)

  164. I’ll probably give in and get the first android phone to hit Verizon, but I like the specs on the Tao/Sholes(/DROID?), but I said the same thing about the nuvifone, a year ago, and now there’s no way I’d pay for that.

  165. wave! I like vzw’s sholes/tao/droid the most ‘cuz it’s the real iphone killer

  166. I love my G1 phone, I cant go to bed without it. I have however been abusive towards it, for there isn’t a type of surface that it didnt fall on. It always surprises me in how obedient it is even after my neglect and abuse. The G1 has taught me what it is to love.

  167. The O-G1…..The original Android phone !!!! Thank you very much.

  168. I’m looking forward to the Motorola DROID and the HTC Desire. The main reason is because I’m looking at switching to Verizon Wireless and those are the 2 phones that will be available under the service.
    The DROID is looking excellent so far, but the info on the Desire is highly lacking. I’ll probably end up going for the first one that is released.

  169. looking forward to Archos Phone (4.3″ screen …how cant you love that) and Sony xperia 3

  170. Tao/Sholes/Droid.

    It’s got everything I want, big screen, keyboard, nice camera with flash… and flash in the browser it looks like? I’d have preferred a snapdragon android phone but we haven’t really have heard from one with a keyboard yet…

  171. Definatly the Euro version of the Hero. Nice design, nice U.I. Now only if it would launch in Canada!

  172. At the moment, still my G1 because it is still the only one with an analog keyboard, and I love the rooting/hacking/technical linux joy I get from working with it.

  173. I like the HTC Hero European version because the software is fresh and simple (unlike motorola’s) and the form factor is unique… I would love to see a keyboard though.

  174. G1 because I have one and it does more than any winmo phone I have ever had!

  175. Tao/Scholes is my favourite – QWERTY, and features that outperform the iphone.

  176. My favorite Android phone would without a doubt be the Android phone with the refined UI of the iPhone, the sexy feel of the Blackberry, the originality of the Palm Pre and the unending versatility of the Android platform.
    Or in other words… the future ohone which doesn’t exist yet.

    But it will… trust me, it will…
    I know people who know people who promise there is a good chance that this dream phone will be announced tomorrow. :)

  177. The x3, the specs are to great to pass up, also the form factor is beautiful.

  178. Ah, My favorite is the Motorola Tao or whatever the real name is. I find the phone to be one of the sexiest with it’s sleek design and the fact they have yet to drop the qwerty keyboard we all know and love. Although a more real choice would be the Samsung Galaxy, considering it here and now. Well, it’s not here considering I am in the US…

  179. At the moment, I’m going to get the Sprint Hero because of the service deal. I am looking forward to the Moto CLIQ though mainly because I am a fan of the physical keyboard and like the ideas behind the social networking integration in their version of the OS. We’ll see what I do when October 11th comes around.

  180. Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 because it is rumoured to have a 1ghz cpu and a decent camera which is what I’m waiting for.

  181. Motorola Tao, because I literally turned my girlfriend on talking about this phone. Literally.

  182. I like HTC Hero, just because of HTC Sense. I’d prefer G1 rather than Hero, because of real keyboard, but I think the user experience is better with the awesome interface.

  183. Currently using the Hero after using the Magic previosuly – I like the Sense UI customization, in particular the Peep Twitter app and the backend integration of Facebook (as it saves me having to go to the site), it is the only real iPhone competitor out there at the moment.

  184. Motorola Tao, because my friend literally dropped his iphone when i read him the specs. (Again, no kidding)

  185. G1 + root = heaven

  186. My Hero’s not perfect and Android has it’s problems, but its early days. Remember the IPhone was first released two years ago. The future’s bright and I for one am looking forward to the journey, lets see where we are in two years time…..

  187. Hope I get the invite!! :) I am a newsletter subscriber too! Google Wave is a revolution!

  188. I have been holding off on switching to AT&T for the iPhone… Android looks much better. I’m hoping the Verizon phones are better than the G1!

  189. I got a myTouch recently. I chose it over Iphone because of my trust on Android platform. I love HTC hero though because of its cool UI and the multi-touch!

  190. The Sprint Hero cause I was the first one that did the pre order on sept 3rd (at best buy) and they even said they would waive my sign up fee!

  191. The maiden android on Sprint has be excited. It may not be as sweet looking as the Euro version, but the software is looking pretty awesome!

  192. The HTC Hero is my weapon of choice, looking so sleek and sexy, and with the beautiful Sense UI!

  193. Sprint HTC HERO!! Sweetest phone and awesome plans with excellent reception, gonna be awesome for me as a medical student!!!!

  194. For now, it’s Sholes…but I can’t wait for any true v2 HTC android phones…not the same old cpu rehash

  195. Motorola Sholes/Tao from Verizon (if it ever comes out) is what I’m dreaming for…Android 2.0+Keyboard+Big Screen = awesome!!

  196. Sholes FTW

    Look at the stats, come on! I could deal with moto hardware for that, I cant wait for a Leo-like device with android.

  197. I’m most excited about the Motorola Sholes/Tao, because of the devices powerful specs and the fact that it will probably be the first android phone released that is not using a Qualcomm chipset, instead its will most likely have the Texas Instruments OMAP 3430; from a technical aspect it is very exciting to see android being used on other chipsets.

  198. I’m looking forward to the Tao/Sholes/whatever because I think it will be ideal for me to work more on my small business needs.

  199. Verizon Tao, I want to make my co-workers green with envy, and I want Android 2.0!!!

  200. The motorola Cliq, my contract with tmobile ended 1.5 years ago and I’m finally in the market to upgrade and this phone looks to be the most viable. Although its no sholes.

  201. I really like the looks of the Hero, but the Qualcomm 528Mhz processors seem “old.” I’m waiting until more specs are available on the InstinctQ… if it’s got a processor faster than 528Mhz, it’ll be the winner.

    If not, I may just wait until the next generation of Android phones are released on Sprint that feature 700Mhz+ processors.

  202. Acer A1
    1. I’m a sucker for high-res screens.
    2. I’m writing this post on my Acer laptop
    3. Extra memory: thank you
    4. Faster processor, hell yeah

    just hope it lands at T-mobile USA

  203. I like to be ahead of the technological curve :).

  204. I still like the original HTC Hero… it looks pretty sexy :P

  205. I fell in love with my G1, and coming from an iPhone 3G, it means a lot. The physical keyboard is what makes me love this phone so much.

    I’m interested on the Cliq, but I’d have to see one first, as I hear its thicker than the G1.

  206. I am most excited about the MOTO TAO!I think it’s a very sleek looking phone with the physical keyboard (which I see as a necessity) and the new MOTO BLUR Android UI looks GREAT!

  207. Getting the HTC Hero with Cellular South Nov 2, and a Google Chrome user already. I want Google Wave!!!

  208. Hello All

    Google wave will round out my network/organizing/utilizing of my htc g1 to the fullest. I am running my life via google,chrome, gtalk, google voice, calandar, google search and so on. I guess google wave would complete the google package. Therefore, I would be complete with the new google wave. It looks interesting as heck, and I’m not a tweeter, and wave looks like the next level. so with that said, I raise my hand and put on my Horshack voice….Oooooh, Oooooh, Pick me, Ooooooh

  209. I want the motorola droid!! Or tao, or scholes, whatever it is now! A PWERFUL phone where i can do whatever i want is what i need!

  210. Waiting For the FIRST Android Phone(sholes/Tao/?) for VZW!!

  211. Holding out for Droid – physical keyboard, large sexy screen, Google Experience – these are the makings of the best phones ever created by man (or woman)!

  212. 1ghz processor, 4.8inch screen, metallic finish, up to 500G of storage, has to be the Archos Phone Tablet all the way. SEXY!

  213. The Sholes is looking great to me because it’s on Verizon!

  214. I like the htc hero because of its ui.also because of the look but it has to be the overseas 1 because the sprint 1 is not up to par. The sense ui is amazing.

  215. Motorola Droid is what I’ll be getting. Can’t wait to put my WM smartphone to its much awaited grave. Google rocks, and Android lookes amazing. So excited for it to be coming to Verizon!

  216. My G1, and the HTC Tattoo looks sweet!

  217. i use the T-Mobile MyTouch 3g and i like it because its thinner than the G1 and it uses a virtual keyboard and the battery last longer on the MyTouch rather than the G1

  218. I’d love to get my hands on the Htc Hero. The flash player just gets me excited. It’s another step at bringing mobile browsing to the next level! Also, I like the way it looks, the UI is smooth and great. Multitouch also enables much more out of apps. Also the camera isn’t half bad if I may say so myself.

  219. I know I’m low on this list, but I’ve been trying desperately for two days now trying to get a Wave invite. I’m a faithful Phandriod follower who reads all the posts on my Google Reader. I’m obsessed with everything Google.

  220. I left my iPhone and got a MyTouch last month. I’ve really enjoyed it so far. It does have it’s quarks but, hopefully the 1.6 update that’s rumored to hit tomorrow will make this great phone even better. I think developers are starting to realize that they can make great apps without jumping through all of those Apple hoops. More apps are coming everyday. Just got my Google Voice invite 10 min. before I saw this contest. Getting a Google Wave invite would be icing on the cake. Cheers!!!

  221. I love my G2 – Rogers Magic (Canada).
    It works pretty snazzily I must say. I’ve been using PalmOS for over 10 years now and there were some learning curves along the way, but I eventually settled in. I feared that doing the switch to Android would take me a couple handsets or years to do the same, but it has literally been less than a week and I’m drinking the kool-aid.

  222. The HTC Magic because it’s the phone that I have :)

  223. I am looking forward to the Motorola Sholes/Tao/Droid because its big, got a physical keyboard, and fast.

  224. I want the Motorola Cliq it has a keyboard and it has Social skills. LOL

  225. Samsung Galaxy! Android + 3.5mm headphone jack! Come on HTC, work with me!

  226. I can’t wait for Wave to really pull together these technologies. My MyTouch will soon allow me to rule the world.

  227. I like my HTC Hero the most because with the newest update it’s super fast.

  228. Well. I had G1, now I was given a G1 dev version by my employer and now I want to buy a device that is less ugly. But the problem is that too many are coming out to chose from.

    Ideal seems to be Sonyericsson Xperia X3 due to camera and flash (still not confirmed but nevertheless), but I think I am gonna have to settle for Cliq (because it looks the most elegant I think).

  229. The Samsung Galaxy just oozes sexiness with its AMOLED screen, 8 gig of memory and even a flash for the camera.

  230. I really want to see the Moto CLIQ.
    While many look down on BLUR I think it looks very useful. I also hope the d-pad will be good for games.

  231. The whole android scene is expanding nearly 1 year after the g1 came to people.I am from Greece and I have inspire many friends to buy g1 since g1 never came here officialy.It will be good to have gwave also…start expanding it here localy.
    G1 and cyan and anrdroid and rob from phandroid are the must in androidworld

  232. i have had my G1 since the first day available in the stores. loved it more than any phone i owned before. and always great service from t-mobile

  233. I want the HTC Hero because it seems like the perfect combination of Open Source freedom and the precision of the iPhone. Maybe I’ll be able to get rid of my iPod Touch after I get it.

  234. I wonder if they’ll make this mobile.
    It would be pretty cool if they did .

  235. HTC Magic it’s my choice, I bought it this week.

  236. I like all the Android phones but I can’t get one, too expensive for me….

  237. I am excited about both Motorola Sholes, because of Eclair and Sony XPeriaX3, simply for the amazing looks it has. That will be a cool device to own. Right now I have an HTC Magic 32A, I like it for the freedom that Android provide(s/d)

  238. HTC Magic because I own one, but also because it looks better then the bulkier Android phones and has no sliding keyboard.

  239. I’ll have to go with the Samsung Galaxy (the original one of course not the “lite”!). It has great specs including 8GB of memory (to fit as much apps as I want) and the AMOLED screen. I just hope it makes it to the US!

  240. Htc Hero because i will feel like a superhero with it!

  241. I love the HTC Hero because it pisses on the iPhone, looks better with it’s Sense UI & run’s the future mobile operating system, ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!

  242. For me it’s a tossup between two phones;
    Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 simply for the awesome spec. First phone that feels like a large enough upgrade from my adp.

    Huawei 8232 simly because it’s cheap and huawei and android. My company sees android as it’s major competitor so my bosses would be pretty upset with me having one of their phones. Pure awesome. Hehe.

    So basically, I’m getting whichever is released here without operator contract first.

    Oh and then I will give my adp to a programmer so that he can start making andriod stuff. Hehe.

  243. I like the htc hero because of the functionality and the nice design both operating system the phone itself.

  244. Any, because the closest I can afford to get to an android phone is this site. Having Wave would partially make up for that…

  245. Motorola Cliq because of its “iphonelike” looks and because of my trust in Motorola from previous good experiences with Motorola phones.

  246. Here i am for my invite to google wave :)

  247. I’ve had my HTC Hero since it was introduced in early August. I’m very satisfied with it so far, chin and all…

    At the moment I can not see any other phone that I would rather have, even though the forthcoming SE Rachel (X3) seems to be a very attractive device.

  248. HTC Hero, I have it and I like it!

  249. I’m a new subscriber, but I read the RSS for months. I think I deserve an invite :)

  250. ops, I forgot to mention – this motorola DROID which seems to step on top of android pleasure – no MOTOBLUR, keyboard, BIG SCREEN, excellent for development, but let’s wait and see if it can live up to our expectations.

  251. Samsung Galaxy.
    When I finally manage to get one, with it’s 3.5mm jack socket, it will finally allow me to do everything I’ve ever needed. I will no longer need my brain.

  252. HTC Dream, physical keyboard and a pioneering phone.

  253. I love any Android device with phisical keyboard. I have a G1.

  254. i love my Samsung i7500 Galaxy for AMOLED display!!!

  255. Hey I need a Google wave invite..I saw its video and it looks awesome … please send me an invitation soon…

  256. G1 because it is my fanstastic phone!!

  257. Sprint HTC Hero looks awesome. Hopefully it gets to Europe.

  258. wow 225
    well my favorite is samsung galaxy but in white
    still waiting for it

  259. I want one!

  260. MyTouch. Elegant, intellectual and delicious!

    I’ll look for you at 5:01!

  261. I love my T-mobile g2 touch because despite still waiting for the new ROM update from t-mobile UK the phone just works. I love the sense UI and can feel google slowly edging their way into my day to day life.

  262. HTC Hero. A friend has one and it’s great!

  263. Xperia X3 seems like it’s going to be a great phone once released…

    Love your blog!

  264. HTC Magic…. its the phone that makes my day, every day!

  265. HTC Magic for now, keeping an eye on the new android devices going to be released!

  266. Hi.
    I’m looking forward to get the HTC Hero. I think Android with Sense is currently the best mobile Operating System.

    And please randomly pick me!

  267. The Hero, because it’s The Phone!

  268. I’ll try this challenge!
    I have an HTC Hero Dark!!! Really wonderfull

  269. ADP1 as I feel more like I own it more then phones I have had in the past that try to stop me from doing anything on them.

  270. The Geeksphone ONE because it is a much more open platform e.g. no rooting needed to do with the hardware what I want.

  271. The cliq is looking to be my favorite phone, just because of the four way d-pad on the keyboard should make emulation a lot better in terms of playability.

  272. Right now, HTC Magic 32b because it’s the device I have.. but I’m really excited for the new devices going to be released!

  273. Tao is my favorite phone. It’s has the best from everything.

  274. I still like my Google developer Phone G1. The keyboard is realy nice and never needed to root it.

  275. Sony Ericsson Xperia X3, It looks great and it has awesome specs.

  276. My Magic, I love it! ;-)

  277. I love my HTC Magic, although it could use a little more RAM, but the one I’m really looking forward to is the X3 Rachael, because of screen size and pure computing power!

  278. I’m definitely hooked on the Sholes/Tao/Droid! LOVE the QWERTY slider, would have a phone without it. The 5pm camera w/flash & zoom is a huge plus for me as is the rumored interface & phone/internet search combined. Can’t wait for it’s release! :)

  279. I love the look and feel of the hero can’t wait for it to come out.

  280. Sony Ericsson Xperia X3: Sony make the best optics for phones and arguably the best hardware. With snapdragon and their custom UI, this will be the phone to beat.

  281. 9 days until i buy that HTC Hero mi agigo! Thanks for the coverage of the modding/C&D (maybe add more features on modding in general?), i found yours to be pretty even handed when the majority of bytes out there were frothing fanatic forum posts or condescending corporate code.

  282. SE Xperia X3: Top phone, top specs, just totally tops everything else – give me it now!! http://phandroid.com/sony-ericsson-xperia-x3/

  283. I cannot see past the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3, however I would jump over to the hero now if it took better pictures and video (with a camera hardware button)

  284. G1. Its the Original

  285. I am extremely excited about the Sholes/Tao however I’m not so sure about Verizon.

  286. Sholes/Tao/Droid: Higher Res, larger screen, better processor, and more memory than my G1. And VZ has better coverage here than T-Mo.

  287. Personally, I still love my G1, it can get pretty slow and laggy but it dose what I want! Another full (FULL as in 123 keys separate) qwerty keyboard phone would be great though.

  288. I like my MyTouch the best because I think it looks the nicest of all the other Android phones out there right now.

  289. G1 It’s the original, and because I’m posting this comment from one right now.

  290. I will be waiting until December for the /Motorola (Sholes)|(Tao)|(Droid)/ Amazing stats, well worth jumping carriers for, and two new names in less than a week come on, why WOULDN’T you want this phone.

  291. right now i have a g-1.

    my next phone will either be an android with UMA or my g-1 with the ability to make hotspot@home calls as i live in wifi only tennessee.

  292. Go Wave!!

    Hope it’ll arrive soon on my Sapphire ;-)

  293. right now I have G1 I am looking forward for Archos Phone tablet… It has big screen and also better processor for multimedia

  294. I’m thinking the Moto Sholes will be my first Android phone, because I need the Verizon network. Hurry up December!

  295. Hi all,

    I’m writing on behalf of over 200 Lifehacker readers who have joined together in their effort to get Google Wave. We started the list in response to the incredible number of responses to yesterday’s Lifehacker post about Wave invites, realizing that organization and collaboration was needed for everyone to win.

    If someone, anyone, could afford us just one invite, we would use it to seed the list. Assuming invites beget invites, each person on the list would invite the next person, and so on, until everyone’s on board.

    The irony has been pointed out that if we had Wave to coordinate this effort it would have been much easier!

    And we hope that this out-of-the-box Wave community will make google want to approve our invites!

    Here’s the links:

    My Lifehacker post initiating the effort:

    The list of eager folks:

    You could make the difference here.

    Thanks for listening!

    Peter Crowell
    [email protected]

  296. X3, i like the snapdragon, its thin, big screen, fast graphics.

  297. My favorite droid will be the first one to come out in South America!! THe g1 is actually here, but quite expensive.
    so I guess Samsung Galaxy or the Huawei Phone, whichever makes it down to South America first ;-)

  298. Sprint Hero: It makes it easier to connect to my contacts

  299. I’m looking forward to the Motorola Tao. There are many reasons, but mostly Android + Verizon + a fast phone = what I want. I hope they’re plan pricing is competitive.

  300. I’m waiting for Sholes to come out, but any phone on Verizon with Blurr would be fun to play with. I really hope the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 becomes a reality though.

  301. The Hero. I like the design, RAM and proc.

  302. The T-Mobile G1 as the first is the innovator and the best Android device to date.

  303. My HTC Hero.

    I waiting ages for it and now its here. All Mine!

  304. I’m looking forward to the Sholes, but I’m also interested in whatever next-gen Android phone makes it to T-Mobile USA.

  305. I love my G1, because it is the only one available, beside that the sholes sounds pretty sweet(no trackball=sux).

  306. I like the mytouch, because it kicks asses. Love it.

  307. The T-Mobile G1, simply because it’s the only one I own :) .

  308. I can’t wait for the sprint hero, because it looks promising and its on the sprint network, with whom I am very happy.

  309. HTC Magic – cheaper than the Hero, same specs, feels great in the hand (mine especially!)

  310. T-Mobile G1, because there hasn’t been a more functional phone since.

  311. I just love my G1, its modable and easily programmable.

  312. available now: hero
    future: xperia

  313. ADP1 for the hackability and back cover, although it -desperately- needs more ram. (“Upcoming” n900 with an android port is my next choice though..)

  314. here in serbia, we have 3 options for android phones, with postpaid packages: htc magic, htc hero and samsung galaxy. HTC Magic is my choice because I think it is best buy. Galaxy it’s good phone, some features are better than magic, but I don’t like ergonomy and design, it looks like like any regular samsung phone. Hero is awesome but his price is problematic because it is much higher than magic and only that it gives is a: more desktops, multitouch, and better design. Also it comes with sense but it is slower because of that too. Magic will be my first android and for start and developing android applications it is very good deal, excellent ergonomy and design, has everything I need for internet(twitter, google services) so…my choice: HTC Magic

  315. The HERO because the SENSE UI rocks my face off!

  316. I’m definitelfy in love with the HTC Hero. That phone is sexy and just fits me. I’m rocking the Instinct which is very instinct at this point.

  317. Cliq because I don’t want to leave the t-mobile family plan that I have, physical keyboard w/ thumb pad on left (which will be great for my NES roms), and 3G was just turned on in my area.

  318. People are actually buying invites on eBay? People need to get out and smell the ‘effin roses.

  319. I’m using the HTC Magic and it’s a great device. Not to mention my first Android phone.

  320. HTC Hero is the Android phone I like most because it excels in the areas of hardware and user interface.

  321. By far G1 I love it…its the original…and it manages my life… I use just about all the google apps every day and i need more!!!!!!

  322. the GSM hero…sprint fail!

  323. I’m using an HTC Magic aswell. Started with a samsung galaxy. But switched to the magic just on the next week. The magic is a superb phone.

  324. I have to say my G1 is the phone for me. Being a graduate student locked in my room practically all the time, my phone keeps meconnected to the outside world, it is my life blood.

  325. I am awaiting the love from the Samsung Q; for the text keyboard and the fascinating android apps available have me under their spell like Layer and Geodroid.

  326. I’ll go with the European version of HTC Hero because it is so cool and the design is very functional. + it’s go ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!!! yay

  327. unlocked G1 because i can modify it how i want

  328. HTC Hero, looks the best, fast, and made by HTC.

  329. I’m going with Sholes, because I’m VZW, and absence makes the heart grow fonder.



  332. HTC Hero, getting it when it comes out with sprint. Loving the user interface.

  333. Right now, the G1 is the better android phone for me. Until a most needed updated version comes out, I’ll stick with the G1 for now.

  334. in india it is just 1 ‘expecting’ HTC hero almost 80% of population is on nokia Os . android has to show some hardcore reason on why it should be taken a chance

  335. HTC Hero, because it takes UI seriously. But I’m switching to the first phone running snapdragon, if that ever happens.

  336. pick me pick me! :) I`d like to hold that cute SE xperia in my hands, but because it is gonna cost so much, i`d be happy with any android phone I can play with :)

  337. The Sprint HTC Hero with AMA and touch sense will make the Iphone users drool.

  338. I really am looking forward to the HTC Hero hitting US and currently I am stuck with a G1 for the time being. Go Google Wave GO!

  339. I like Motorola sholes. It seems to have more power than my magic ;)

  340. G1 — root, root, root!!!

  341. Hero because it has multi touch

  342. I am looking forward to the Sony X3. I LOVE my G1 though.

  343. the magic sure is pretty but the hero has multi-touch and sense. I came “this close” to buying a magic, but i’m trying to hold off till christmas when there will be even more choice.

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