LG GW620 To Launch In France First


It appears as if the LG Eve – model GW620 – will first launch in Francefor an unlocked price of about 450€ ($654) and 69€ ($100) with contract and discounts. According to GPSandGo (Translated to English and via AG) it will be available early October on Bouygues, Orange and later SFR. The below video is in French which is convenient for French Folks and the rest of you can mute it and then fixate on the pictures below:

And a bunch of pictures with more details below them:

The LG Eve fits  into the budget Android column and here are the reasons why:

  • Resistive screen instead of capacitive
  • HVGA screen not WVGA
  • Only 300MB internal memory (although MicroSD exists)
That being said, if you look past those few shortcomings the phone has a nice feature set:
  • The keyboard is 5 rows and looks spacious
  • 5MP camera with autofocus and flash
  • FM Radio
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and MicroUSB 2.0
  • 1500 mAh battery
  • Qualcomm 528 mHz processor

This is definitely a phone the folks in France should be considering… especially for those who want an awesome device at an affordable price. It’s already early October now… so you shouldn’t have to wait too long.

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  1. That keyboard looks amazing…I hope they put it on a beefier phone soon.

  2. for about half the video I thought it was just stock android but there are some changes and they seem alright. Nothing like sense but still welcome I think.

    In the pictures it’s a qwerty keyboard but they specfically mention that it has an azerty keyboard in the video. Those pictures must be of a version coming somewhere else(most likely english speaking). I wonder where and when.

  3. 450 euro is not really is the budget category mate .anyway i hope to see this beauty in india soon

  4. Looks like it will be on the orange mobile network, it had an app called orange messaging

    why does it have to have a resistive screen :9 although it does look like it works quite well

  5. Only 528 mili Hertz huh? That sucks, lol. ;)

  6. This video is awful: the place had high pitched noises throughout the interview and the lg representative didn’t even know the specs of the cpu or the preorder price. And they didn’t yet fire his ass ?!

  7. I would love this phone if it had a trackball and capacitative screen that was bigger (4inches). Love the five row qwerty. Oh and also if iit wasn’t Lg. Every Lg phone I have had has been crap. Oh ya less space????? On an android????? It better run apps from sd!

  8. what about the lame processor? Can we please have an android phone with decent inner beauty????

  9. 450 Euro, “budget”? “Affordable?” Are you joking?

    You can get a HTC Hero for less than that. If it retails for 450, it’s going to be a disaster for LG.

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