Donut Has Arrived!

Remember when Cupcake Arrived? Well now the tasty dessert has a friend of its own kind – a larger than life Donut next to the Robot and Cupcake is at Googleplex!


This was sent in to Phandroid by Daniel@Google – Thanks Man! As I told him, we’ve been HECTIC over here trying to cover the Cliq. This is a fun change of pace that put a smile on my face. I’m also kind of glad that Moto only announced  one phone because otherwise my head would explode from all the rushed writing/recording/picture-taking/uploading/etc…!

Let the highly irritating “Not funniez prank – When Can I Haz My Donuts?!?!?!” comments begin! (BTW the above picture is NOT a prank, you can see how they made that original Cupcake if you please.)

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  • Brian

    What else can happen today to make my mouth water more?

  • jeremy

    YAY! Okay, how long did the cupcake sit ou there before we could flash 1.5???? Anyone???? Homer put it best…mmmmmm donuts aaarrrrrrggggggghhhhh.

  • http://none mdizzle

    so…when can i HAZ my donutz!!!

  • glyco

    MOTO cliq has 250mg internal space just like the G1…it must be coming with donut….but can it flash Eclair OTA? i wonder….

  • TKE789

    This is a good sign for the rumored late October launch of the (rumored donut having) Moto Sholes. You would think that Donut would be announced before the Sholes.

  • Tortri

    A whole month

  • Maj

    i thought that Donut has actually arrived and is being released OTA :(

  • nick

    Cliq has 512mb ROM memory. 256mb of it’s a User Storage.
    G1 has 256 ROM memory, and for user is about 80 of it.

  • Ricky D.

    Glyco is confused…Cliq has 512 ROM.

  • Y314K

    “Where I come from, snitches get stitches. Yeah, I said it. I snitched.”

    U snitched Rob…

    “I don’t care if you gotta fly. Trains, planes or automobiles, you better have my doooooooonuts.”

    ~Delonte West

  • Quantumrand

    Does this mean the X3 will be coming out today too? *drool*

  • http://Milligrams?! Brahe

    250 miligrams of what?

  • Maj

    guys anyone noticed in the specs that it’s going to come with cupcake and not donut and that the release date is beyond Q4. In other words, we’re not getting “Donut” any time soon :(

  • Brian

    I may be too hopeful, but maybe Motorola just listed 1.5 in the specs because they aren’t privvy to Google’s release schedule and don’t want to over promise and under deliver. But maybe I’m too optimistic and naive.

  • Todd A

    Okay, Rob. You’ve got to be the hardest working Android journalist. Thank you for the excellent work in bringing the excitement to those of us tethered to boring day jobs ! Rock on …

  • glyco

    @ nick, thanks for clearing that up for me
    @ Ricky, you’re a dick

  • Tedd Fox

    when can i HAZ my donutz!!!

  • edward

    really glyco…

    you are going to call him a dick because you were wrong? what a child….

    All he did was correct your mistake

  • jusblase

    The CLIQ is multi touch capable so i think it will come with donut an not cupcake

  • Pieter


    i think he is just messing around. well, at least i hope so. maybe im just a bit naive

  • Pieter

    *internet high five*

  • camellight

    what are the updates on donut?

  • Carl C


  • glyco

    @edward: i was wrong, but not confused. don’t really care for snidery is all. i did appreciate being corrected on my misreading, though.

  • Kris

    Im kinda pissed at this article lol i thought they were releasing it ota… I hope g1 will get it

  • Chris M

    hope donut is released the minute I crack open my htc hero box :)

    *crosses fingers*

  • Ricky D.

    @glyco…you were whining about the same garbage in 2 articles. You were obviously confused and apparently have some sort of reading disability. I’m not mad at you for calling me a dick…you probably forgot to take your meds (My guess…a tween on Ritalin).

  • Cru

    “I’m not mad at you for calling me a dick…you probably forgot to take your meds (My guess…a tween on Ritalin).”

    lol, self-betrayal.

  • sisi

    Is the donut update for the my touch 3g too ? Does anyone know ?

  • Bugge

    I dont understand all the fuzz about Click. The phone doesnt bring anything new compared to Hero or Magic. Its better than G1 only

  • iGod

    i can pull out my hero?!

  • Giovanni Calabrese

    I love that you guys love our sculptures! we have a lot of fun sculpting various over sized projects here at Custom Creations llc, Please do check out our Vlog to see some of our current stuff. And who knows… Maybe we are working on some NEW Google stuff ???????

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