Cupcake Has Arrived

It is only a matter of time before we get to freely chomp on Android’s delicious cupcake development branch which includes a software keyboard, video recording, support for widget extension, UI upgrades and bug fixes among other things. But as far as the Android Robot and Google Campus are concerned… Cupcake has already arrived:


If you thought that cupcake firmware updates were actually going out because of my title… blame Bob Lee… don’t shoot the messenger! And by the way… thanks Bob Lee!

[Via Bob Lee Tweet]

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  • John John

    Is there any idea when cupcake will be sent to the g1

  • richie

    so when will da cupcake update will be released??
    cuz they been saying it would be on april but april is almost over n no cupcake!!!

  • Jonno.N

    I’m curious to find out what that little dog looking thing is next to Android’s right foot (our left, viewing)

  • Blaine

    Jonno, that’s the new widget SDK’s name.

    The Airedale Terrier branch.

  • Nando

    Please refrain from posting these types of articles. It’s not funny as people have been waiting for a long time for these updates. Frankly I’m getting tired of waiting and may be making the Iphone or WM 6.5 jump soon.

    Enough propoganda and more action.

  • Matt Vincent

    Give me the suga!!!! UPDATE ME ALREADY!!!

  • DroidProof

    Rob, I prefer my cupake to either be bite size or bit size. Plaster and metal don’t digest well.


  • John John

    So is the update comeing april or may when g2 is realsed

  • agoes

    great ..
    please repair bug security

  • Bflame7

    I know what you all are saying it is getting kind of ridiculous it’s April 21st for gods sake I just really hope this update comes out sometime before May.

  • frog

    I have cupcake and it tastes so good. If your tired of waiting, root.

  • nnx

    Waiting until JF does a decent rom for 1.5; the haykuro versions are OK to play with for a bit, but not suitable if you actually want a functioning phone. Also, with the JF 1.42 rom + Droidsans Auto-Rotate combo, the rotation has a really nice feel to it, and it seems to rotate when the phone is at about 45deg. With the Haykuro roms, you have to have the phone almost upside down for it to turn.

  • goodlord

    well i have JF build of the original firmware and i am and have currently been using Haykuro’s rom 1.5 everyday and im not sure what youve tried but its fully functional for everyday use and i have it on both my phones. I really dont know where some people post there information from but lets speak facts the real final version will soon come but you guys can wait for that and tmobile to send it all you like. I love the haykuros cupcake you guys can enjoy the lameware that came with your phone and wait and wait and wait and wait. Thanks XDA and Haykuro.

  • Diaztradeinc

    Cupcake has been out my friends, you just have to find the root within your g1. Root shall lead you to g1 happiness! :0)

  • Phil

    They probably did that because of the type of crap we’ve seen in the App Market feedbacks…..

    “Like OMG….CUPCAKE……CUPCAKE CUPCAKE CUPCAKE……I need cupcake… can I install cupcake… RC33 cupcake….I got cupcake last night…..OMG OMG CUPCAKE ROCKS!!!”

    Who wouldn’t get a laugh out of all the foolishness.

  • dantemania

    Wow you all are really calm. All this cupcake stuff has given me a tooth ache feel like I’m going to the dentist but there’s no one there to fix this root canal all this talk about the cupcake has given me. Id be happy with a a2dp addition. These damn mires make me wanna strangle myself with them. I think if they do relaese it there won’t be anything for us to complain about. Tmobile is always leaving out bluetooth they did on the sidekick th MDA and now the g1 its probably about money and yeah I had all those devices . Left sidekick because it had no bluetooth at all when they released the second one. I love their approach but closing tthe deal has always pissed me off they get the race started then sort of crawl across the finish line.

  • Ted

    ugh… I wanted to break my computer when I read this… stop pissing me off people!!!!

  • Elmdroid

    Come on you guys, this article IS funny. Stop being such a wooz about being tricked. It tries to lighten things up a little. We’re ALL waiting for the CC, so let’s all just laugh about its long delay…

    Wanna jump to iPhone or WM? Please do, so the real droidlovers won’t be bothered by your wining remarks anymore…

    Phandroid rules!

  • Jason D

    cupcake isn’t an update, it’s a development branch.

    Do some homework(straight from the android’s mouth):

    # The “cupcake” branch is a read-only mirror of the private Android branch.
    # cupcake is still very much a work in progress. It is a development branch, not a release.

  • Cameron Lazzari

    First of the iphone is lame. Until it can do video recording, allow you too use your mp3’s as ringtones, and send pic messaging…it is beneath. Although the games are much better…the android market needs to step it up. Can’t wait till Cupcake will work right. The developers are close…the only thing I see lacking is being able to download from the market. Once that is tackled I will be installing it. But for now I will wait. Really the only thing I am excited about is the video recording. I bought the G1 because it had a real keyboard. The only reason I see the soft keyboard as a plus is when you are driving and want to use one hand. Anyhow can’t wait to see where Android will go…Im a lifer.

    Super C (root, Multitouch & tethered)

  • Bflame7

    I myself have tried to root my g1 and I was even able to downgrade my software to RC29 I struggled to do that even I followed all of the directions and it didn’t work I think I went wrong somewhere I eventually gave up and reset my phone and got RC33 back I still would like to root my g1 though if anyone can give me easier directions that would help a lot.

    My email is

  • chris

    When i try to update i click alt+s and it says there is no signature (368 files) and that the verification failed and then aborted. can anyone please tell me either whats wrong or a step by step installation. thank you

  • Android

    When the hell is the OTA update or someone please give exact instructions on how to root please

  • K.P.


    The dog in the picture is the “Magis Puppy” designed by Eero Aarnio. It is part of a line of furniture designed in Italy.

  • Bflame7

    To chris- Yeah that’s what happened to me to I don’t know where I went wrong I am still waiting for someone to email me with easier step by step directions.

  • chris

    To Bflame7- Yeah, it sucks. i really want some cupcake : ) but thanks and let us know if you hear anything and ill do the same

  • Bflame7

    It is friday April 24th currently 1:25 here in florida still no cupcake if anyone was wondering. I will continue to post to this forum periodically throughout the coming days, weeks, and possibly months until cupcake comes out. I really don’t think anyone of us realizes how long we might have to wait for this thing so that being said I will continue to update you fellow android followers on any developments.

  • Josh

    If you check androids source site they released cupcake as a git this morning

  • Edo

    Hi all for those that are having problems to get root access you can add me to your msn account and I will be happy to help

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  • david

    Man I’m dieng 2 get the cupcake up date I still haven’t gotten it….

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