Motorola CLIQ Free On Contract? Maybe, Maybe Not.


Those guys at EngadgetMobile are quick. For a period of about 5-minutes, they spotted the Motorola CLIQ on the main T-Mobile website and it was listed at $399.99 straight up or 100% FREE on a 2-year contract:


Really? Free? They tried incessantly to “Add to Cart” which didn’t work and T-Mobile wised up and removed the listing 5-minutes later. So it this a sign of things to come or a TMO tech dude with a slippery trigger finger testing something out and accidentally making it live?

I’d like to say the former but I can’t help but think the latter. T-Mobile has the G1 and MyTouch 3G on the shelves… how could they possibly offer the Motorola CLIQ for FREE when the HTC Android Phones currently have a price tag? It wouldn’t make much sense…

I think we’ll see the CLIQ launch at in the $199.99 range – that is what the G1 and MyTouch 3G each cost when they first launched. That’s not to say Motorola and T-Mobile don’t have an amazing deal worked out whereby Motorola is focused on pushing a large volume of handsets – they very well could.

This was an interesting find but I don’t think it “means” anything one way or the other. You make arguments for it coming true or not coming true but in the end we’ll just have to wait for an Official Price and revisit this with hindsight vision. But that doesn’t stop you from speculating and guessing:

What do you think – How much will the Motorola CLIQ cost with a 2-year contract when it first launches?

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. it is going to release for $99. moto needs some sales to get them off their downhill slope. they get the cliq to sell well, redeem their name, and then rape all the vzw customers with the sholes.

    just a thought

  2. Yeah, what would T-Mobile care if Moto wants to take a loss for early orders in order to generate some buzz and get the phones out in the market? Seems like a great idea if they really wanna’ push the MotoBlur feature before the X-Mas phones hit.

  3. I figure no matter the price, ths phone will sell well over the amount of phones the g1 and my touch sold. Mostly because of the sleek look. Of course, the My Touch is a gorgeous phone compared to the G1, but this is so much better considering it still has the physical keyboard. Whatever the price, I want one…

  4. So no camera flash on this? Fail…

  5. Fail? I agree no flash is a major draw back, but hey the savings will be passed on to consumers so we can all afford one. In my opinoin as long as the phone isn’t slow like the zine, it will quickly become the number one attraction for T-mo. Just hope it is less than 150. Hopefully t-mo can get the exclusive on this phone like apple has with att.

  6. One of the best phones i ever owned was motarola

  7. hey i was at the mall and i walk in to a best buy moblie and i got the cliq for free with a new line and it was the greatest thing when he told me it was free i almost thought i was dreaming but i relly did get it for free whooooo hooo love this cliq !!!! R.I.P iphone 3gs lol

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