MyTouch 3G Visual Voicemail Videos

The folks at TMOnews have uncovered 3 videos that highlight visual voicemail working on the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G. They overview VVM for the phone, show how to save voicemails to your memory card and explain how you can view your voicemails in any order you choose. Unfortunately they’ve turned embedding off… so you’ve got to visit their site to view the goods.


For those fearing the app wouldn’t be ready in time… it looks like you have nothing to fear. The Visual Voicemail also makes use of Android’s notification system in the top status tray which is quite nice and convenient. The little things really add up over time…

Save to memory card:

Listen to voicemail in any order:

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  • Jackson H

    Could you at least make the image of a video link to the real video?

  • Phil

    Is this via T-Mobile or Google Voice? If its T-Mo is there any chance this would be available for the G1 as well?

  • Dood

    Wow… that looks really streamlined!

    No, seriously though… it seems like TMo spent more money on their training videos than they did developing their visual voicemail app.

  • Colin Dean

    This is most assuredly through T-Mobile.

    However, with Hullomail already out there in the wild (and working excellently) and Google Voice slowly gaining steam, the only thing that T-Mobile’s voicemail application has over them is that it’s guaranteed to work with the device–always.

  • Wale

    this is nothing special…. there’s already a good app for virtual voice mail for android which is called virtual voicemail…

  • doom

    youmail already works exactly like this for the g1, so does another app but youmail works a little better. it also emails you every time you get a voice mail which is sort of nice. you can even listen to the voice mail through your email.