Motorola Morrison Spied, Teen Friendly?

Most of you know that the Motorola Morrison is one of many rumored Android Phones of which we know very little. Heck, we can’t even be sure this thing exists. After initially seeing the device in a leaked T-Mobile roadmap we’re just now getting a glimpse at a decent sized unblurry picture that provides some rumor-spine – the Motorola Morrison sure looks real:


To me this looks like an Android Phone aiming for affordability and targeting the teen texting market. This would be a GREAT idea for Motorola as most of the initial Android Phones and rumored Android phones are really reaching for the high end consumer. Will the plane work?

It will surely depend on how usable the Motorola Morrison actually is. The sliding QWERTY appears to cover less than 2/3 of  the phones front surface are meaning the buttons will probably be quite small. The buttons also look quite flat whereas most people usually like some bevel to avoid typos and accidental button pushes. But remember – we’re looking at a leaked pic that may or may not be real and even if it IS real we don’t know how far into production. Not to mention a picture will never compare to a hands on experience.

If Motorola can price this affordably, they could have a real winner. It doesn’t need to be considered “better” than any of the top phones out there… it just needs to move volume. Come on Moto – you can do it! By the way if  this targeting the high-end consumer and competing with the G1/iPhone/Pre/etc… I think moto might be in trouble.

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  • A

    This phone looks pretty nice. Never really know about a keyboard untill youve used it though. Oen thing to be exited about is if it is aimed at the teenage texter, it should be pretty cheap which has really got my attention!

  • Bob Garon

    I will NOT replace any of my phones for this cheap looking piece of crap. The MyTouch 3g YES, YES, YES!!! OR any other of the “leaked” ones, but never this.

  • str4vag

    hmm..i still can’t see the hardware buttons android requires on that picture. touch sensitive button? or a a phone for a different platform?

  • William

    “Will the plane work?” haha.
    in response to the intended question, the answer is, if this is the phone, yes, it will work. I bought a G1 after being obsessed with it for about 2 months, and I showed this phone to my brother and he wants it as soon as it comes out. (We are 15)

  • ega278

    Dang it! Much more of this and I’m going to have to switch from a long time (8 years) customer of Sprint to T-Mobile. Sprint better get their head out of their @ss and allow an Android handset on their network.

    Congratulations to all you T-Mobile customers!

  • Gibbo

    It does have the unique search button that the HTC G1 has next to the alt and arrow buttons that the G1 has

  • str4vag

    i guess we will see when it finally comes out officially then..

  • Leon

    Motorola now defines crap.

  • Keith

    love the D-pad on the keyboard

  • Ricky

    If they price it right, it’s going to sell like hotcakes. I could see this competing with the $99 iPhone 3G.

  • Shawn

    I really hope that Motorola gets back in the game they have some decent features for such crappy phones. If the phone comes out I will definately wait to get one until the reviews come out.

  • iPhone killer

    Design is just awful !

  • Rosie

    Having been a T-Mobile customer who only twitched to the provider for the Sidekick, this looks like a great cross-over for Android.

    I am by no means a phone expert, but I like the look and I feel like the transition from my much-loved SK will be fairly easy on a handset like this.

    Before we make any assumptions, I should probably add that I’m almost 27, not 14.