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We’ve got a bunch of incrementally new info on the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G and want to keep you folks updated… so here it is:

First of all, one rumor is that the MyTouch 3G will NOT be announced tomorrow as has been widely speculated. Instead, T-Mobile will announce the Motorola Morrison. I’m not so sure about this rumor since we’ve seen the box art and a bunch of other stuff indicating the MyTouch 3G is imminenet. But keep an eye on the Moto Morrison!

Secondly, TMOtoday dropped a bunch of new pictures of the MyTouch 3G being unboxed:

Lastly, word has it that T-Mobile may announce the MyTouch 3G in a Press Release published tomorrow which also mentions that the device will be available for Pre-Sale on July 8th. That would be a pretty quiet method of launching a brand new Android Phone but stranger things have happened. This one comes from TMOnews.

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Motorola Morrison Spied, Teen Friendly?

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  1. i like the matte black finish..

  2. they just announced the mytouch3g now!

  3. omg The MyTouch 3G is coming and you can pre order it on July 6 omg i can’t wait

  4. oh and i love the red one 0.0

  5. C’mon Phandroid, almost every other tech site has already posted the Tmobile myTouch announcement!! Would’ve been nice to get it from you guys first. But, whatever still my #1 source for android news.

  6. pre orders start july 8 for customers

  7. its on the tmobile main page

  8. So obviously this is the same phone as the HTC Magic (in the UK) which is exclusively on Vodafone. Can the UK expect a new android handset announcement this week?

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