Meizu CEO: We Have A Team Investigating Android


You may not be familiar with Meizu – they are the Chinese manufacturer behind the upcoming Meizu M8 mobile phone that, while not likely to have huge circulation, has its fair share of fanboys and enthusiasts. One Meizu fan took to the company’s official bulletinboard requesting (translated) the company consider Android as a platform for upcoming Meizu phones. And the CEO of the company replied:


Oh my bad… forgot you couldn’t read Chinese. That little quote up there basically says, “We have a dedicated research team for the android platform,” when you trasnlate it to English. Don’t get TOO excited because the Meizu M8 isn’t even supposed to launch until March 2010. So any Meizu Android Phone wouldn’t come until after that… not to mention they are just “investigating” and their conclusion could easily be that Android isn’t in their best interest. Who knows… but the prospects of a Meizu Android will certainly please a fair number of folks.

I’m not sure where the Meizu fans at Meizume.com (via EngadgetMobile) got the picture but it seems to be the Meizu M8, probably with the Android UI photoshopped on:


Ahhh… Android always makes everything look better. By the way… don’t hold your breath. Oh and if you’re interested in more info about the Meizu M8 you might want to check out Engadget’s unboxing of the phone.

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  1. I really hope mobile vendors start to build smartphone “platforms” that are capable of running all of the mainstream licensed OSes (Android/Symbian/WinMo/…). Then, they could be flashed, in percentages relative to customer demand, for each OS.

    This approach would allow them to maximize their ROI on each smartphone design and it would also offer the possibility of running multiple OSes simultaneously, if virtualization on smartphones ever catches on.

  2. actually, that can already be achieved, as seen from the many porting projects for android. its just a matter of getting the right drivers for the right phones and making the OS talk to each component(gps,camera,GSM module,bluetooth,wifi) correctly. And also, making the available buttons work the correct way. For android, tat means the call, end, back, menu and home button.

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