Jun 21st, 2009 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 4:28 pm

Most of you know that the Motorola Morrison is one of many rumored Android Phones of which we know very little. Heck, we can’t even be sure this thing exists. After initially seeing the device in a leaked T-Mobile roadmap we’re just now getting a glimpse at a decent sized unblurry picture that provides some rumor-spine – the Motorola Morrison sure looks real:


To me this looks like an Android Phone aiming for affordability and targeting the teen texting market. This would be a GREAT idea for Motorola as most of the initial Android Phones and rumored Android phones are really reaching for the high end consumer. Will the plane work?

It will surely depend on how usable the Motorola Morrison actually is. The sliding QWERTY appears to cover less than 2/3 of  the phones front surface are meaning the buttons will probably be quite small. The buttons also look quite flat whereas most people usually like some bevel to avoid typos and accidental button pushes. But remember – we’re looking at a leaked pic that may or may not be real and even if it IS real we don’t know how far into production. Not to mention a picture will never compare to a hands on experience.

If Motorola can price this affordably, they could have a real winner. It doesn’t need to be considered “better” than any of the top phones out there… it just needs to move volume. Come on Moto – you can do it! By the way if  this targeting the high-end consumer and competing with the G1/iPhone/Pre/etc… I think moto might be in trouble.

[Via Mini-Suit]

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