MyTouch 3G Announced Next Week, Launch “This Summer”


g1-wsjWe told you the launch of the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G was imminent and it seems we were at least half right. The Wall Street Journal – a source you can probably trust – is reporting that T-Mobile USA will announce details of the new phone next week. It WILL be called the myTouch 3G so there will be no need reprint all those boxes and it will be on sale this summer.

This summer could mean it is available the day it is announced OR that we’ll have to wait several months but we would assume sooner rather than later. Considering the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G is made by HTC and there is a worldwide launch in London from HTC next week… can we assume that the MyTouch 3G will be announced alongside the HTC Hero, HTC Lancaster or whatever else is planned?

By the way, pictured in this article is the T-Mobile G1 and NOT the upcoming MyTouch 3G. While other countries around the world enjoying the HTC Magic, Americans have only one option – the G1 option – and are eagerly anticipating the upcoming announcement by T-Mobile. That is… if I may speak for all Americans.

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  1. I still can’t believe how bad a name “MyTouch 3G” is. They should have just called it the G2.

  2. its a stab at apple, i mean come on ITOUCH, MY TOUCH. As long as i can touch the thing ASAP i dont care what they call it.

  3. they could call it “dog food” i just want the phone is the phone going to have a 5 megapixel?

  4. They couldn’t call it the G2 because of trademark issues with Gatorade’s drink called G2!!

  5. I definitely think it’s a stab at Apple. A pretty good one too.

    Also, “G2” is WAY too close to 2G, which is NOT something they want associated with any phone, especially one that is actually 3G (consumers as a whole are easily confused).

  6. Amber is right, we cant call in the G2 because its already a trade mark of Gatorade.

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