T-Mobile myTouch 3G Box Art Leaked!


Americans were first to bask in the glory of Android with the T-Mobile G1. But the second Android device, the HTC Magic, has been somewhat elusive. We assumed it would land on T-Mobile sooner or later as the Magic, Saphhire, G2 or something else and it appears the rumors from May were correct – it will be called the T-Mobile myTouch 3G.

This newfound condfidence in the device’s name comes from a new development – leaked images of the box art:







Based on the boxes we can assume it will be available in 3 colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Merlot

T-Mobile has recently been heard saying a new Android Phone announcement will come later this month although Engadget’s internal document say it’ll hit retail August 5th but that could move forward. Lots of Android goodness here!

By the way… these boxes look much more slick than the G1 boxes, do they not?

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. MyTouch is just about the gayest name they could have used.

  2. im getting the impression that they named it mytouch for 2 reasons… they dont wanna continue the “Gs” till it’s sour like we have the g1 this wouldve been the g2 then it’s gona be the g3 and so on and i dont blame them cuz that’s pretty lame and the other reason i think they called it mytouch is a stab at Apple since they have a product called iTouch.. maybe maybe not.. im just speculating

  3. LOL MyTouch is a gay name, but i do get where you are coming from with the itouch thing.
    However, the box’s are AWEsome! Way cooler than the G1 box’s, I want one just for the sick box.

  4. So this is basically the G1 but full touchscreen..?

  5. Those are some wavy gravy boxes there. I think the name should have been “myPhone” or something though, if they’re gonna gay it up like that they may as well offer some direct competition to Apple. But I guess they’re not really interested in competing directly with Apple over at Google anymore, hence the federal anti-trust lawsuit over sharing board members.

  6. Sounds like a name for a vibrator or something. Oh well.. I am just going to call mine myBadAss phone.

  7. I’ve been waiting patiently… when is it coming out?????!!!!!!???!?!?!!??!

  8. by it looks ‘gay’ and ‘gay it up’, do you mean make it look nice and attractive? naturally, you’re going to SAY you don’t want it, but you do, you know it. ;-P

  9. Apple does not have a product called iTouch. Do you mean the iPod Touch? Because myTouch 3g sounds nothing like that…

  10. Disappointment here. If I wanted only a virtual keyboard I’d get an IPhone. To mean one huge thing that makes the G1 better than the IPhone is the hard keyboard. =P

  11. those of us with rooted phones are capable of having this right now (which i tried 2 months ago) and the g1 is much better. camera and camcorder are much better with stability and ZOOM, the PDF viewer comes standard and is perfect, the full touch screen sucks(those of you with “cupcake” know this). correction, it’s convenient at times, but more of a hassle unless driving. anyhow, take a look into rooting, and jailbreaking your phone. And haykuro or jesusfreke firmware/baseband versions and OS. you’ll get all of this “breaking news” stuff months before you see it places like this. like the magic’s style? get a colored shell…it’s rounded enough. ;-)

  12. better … is correct … rooted G1’s or even G1’s whenever they get the OTA cupcake update, will have same features as this phone, actually more, because G1 has a real keyboard. Maybe this MyTouch (lame name) phone has a bit more internal memory, but if you have root, you can run your apps from the SD card, and have as many apps as you like.

    On the other hand … some will go for the thinner form factor, so I wish T-Mobile success. More Android handsets out there is good for us all. As for me, I’ll stick with my (rooted) G1.

  13. The only thing that will sell me on this over the G1 would be a hardware video codec. What do we have here?

  14. actually, the design is very stock art ripoff and it is executed poorly for the style that is extremely dated anyhow. That phone should be out now, not in august. Has anyone tried the soft keyboard on g1? It is horrible, they need a faster g1 with new firmware, that is all.

  15. Hi


  16. Can’t wait for the release……some of yall can keep on blabbing for all i care…if i wanted a phone with keyborad , i could have gotten blackberry or something….NOW THIS IS AN ANDROID PHONE….I CAN’T SHOUT!!!!!

  17. The name G in the name for the G1 is called that because it is the first google powered phone . it has nothing to do with T-Mobile or any company who sells it .

  18. I’ve been waiting patiently… when is it coming out?????!!!!!!???!?!?!!??!

    No One Actually knows when it is coming out as of yet the RUMORS are that it is suppoed to be out this summer but it is only a RUMOR.

  19. hey can anyone help me root my g1 my email is scorpio3693 on yahoo or if you have any cool ideas that makes having this phone better feelfree to hit me up , please no spammers

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