HTC Announcement: June 24th In London!


Something big is brewing. We’ve just been informed that HTC is holding an event in London where they will be celebrating a GLOBAL announcement about the future of HTC design. A satellite event in New York City will also be taking place.


All signs point to the HTC Hero being announced and we would be absolutely ELATED if that were the case. But you can never be certain with these things and HTC could have more planned, less planned or anything in between or outside planned. Whatever they have planned you should definitely be excited because HTC has helped pave the Android way and we know every product they launch packs hotness.

Mark it down. June 24th. London. Circle it in red permanent marker.

Rob Jackson
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  1. That’s a hella cheap looking flyer.

  2. I’ts obviously the presentation of the HTC Hero, look that rose on the chest… just like rosie UI

  3. Whoah, that is some hipster-targeted marketing. It looks like they’re specifically trying to sell phones 20-30yr olds in the Mission District in San Francisco. Maybe other cities have this same style of hipster going, but that picture looks straight out of SF to my Bay Area eyes. Those Ray Ban style shades, the semi-beard, the button-down shirt w/plaid or whatever you call that. Yeah, I mean if you walk down Valencia St. this afternoon you’re sure to see like 100 of that dude for sure, all riding their fixed gear bicycles and looking way too cool =)

  4. And to respond to the above comment, I doubt it was cheap. This kind of targeted marketing is really hard to get right because you’re targeting people that think 1. being targeted is not cool and 2. are always trying to do the new “thing” that nobody else is doing. Advertising to this group of people costs a lot of money because it has to be just perfect or you alienate the non-hipsters and the hipsters think you’re square.

  5. @jonno.N what are the odds that pic ends up on this site…


  6. Why is a Huey Lewis song now running through my head? WHY?!

  7. holy crap! i just went and looked up hipster on wikipedia. apparently there is a whole subculture I missed. I just thought my sister was a pain in the ass with peter pan syndrome. suddenly I am aware that her and her weird friends dress and act that way on purpose.

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