Lenovo oPhone Video Demo

The Lenovo oPhone looks O so much like the unrelated and similarly named I device and that probably isn’t an accident – the looks OR the name. But it runs Android and pays testament to the truly open nature of Android that allows manufacturers and carriers to customize the platform to meet their needs.

This thing won’t likely make it out of China so for now, you’ll have to live vicariosly through this video:

Are you impressed?
[Thanks Paul]

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  • Phil

    While I don’t care for the iPhone look maybe this will remind people that Android doesn’t have to look anything like we know it on the G1 and many of the new phones probably won’t.

  • pjv

    I am impressed. This is more than just a bit of themeing. There is also new non-Cupcake functionality such as the back button and the handwriting. And still, even the themeing is quite iPhonized and not all that bad.

  • Milan

    Looks awesome. I really hope something like this comes out in the UK. The pictures of the oPhone handset also look very very good.

  • Tfan

    Video is not working

  • agoes


  • Tim

    This shows what phones can be. I don’t know why everyone is trembling under the shadow of the iphone when it seems like the Chinese pretty much have things figured out.