T-Mobile, NYC, April 21st: Big Announcement


T-Mobile has something brewing and we’ll all find out EXACTLY what it is on April 21st in New York City. An Email announcing a press event has been sent out but details on exactly what the company is announcing are absent.

It is likely one or more of the following:

  • HTC Magic / T-Mobile G2 / Whatever-you-want-to-call-it
  • Announcing the launch of Cupcake on the G1
  • T-Mobile Sidekick 3G launches


We’re obviously hoping for number 1 and number 2 while number 3 would be icing on the cake. What do you think they’ll announce? What do you WANT them announce? And don’t say anything stupid like a Time Machine so you can go forward to 2025 and get the awesomest Android Phone on the planet… although that would be pretty cool.

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  1. My bets: New android phone AND flash on Android…

  2. C’mon Magic…

    Ideally they’ll price the Magic a bit below the G1, since it’s the same spec-wise (minus the increased ROM and rumored increased megapixel count for the camera) and lacks the keyboard, but if it remains $180 I think I’ll finally bite on an Android phone- if it’s less than $300 unlocked I’ll go for that. No moving or movable parts in a much sleeker form factor is basically why I want it over the G1.

    I’d also take the Memphis (Magic with a keyboard) or the Whitestone (which is said to be the first Android device with Flash), but I’m itching for the Magic really hard right now. Don’t disappoint, T-Mobile- if it’s the Hero or Sidekick I’ll be incredibly disappointed. The latest I’ll wait for the Magic before considering the competition is July, so don’t screw this up either. Ideally, it’ll launch in late May, a month after the announcement like the G1 and hot on the heals of Vodafone’s release (which means all the reviews will already be in).

    The “Cupcake on G1” announcement will likely never come- we’ll probably hear of it from a press release or they’ll stealth launch it, as there’s really no point in hyping a free firmware upgrade (though it’s a nice bullet point to have).

  3. once one gets flash, they will all get flash.. right? i dont see why flash would be exclusive to one android device..

  4. @Matt:
    Well it could be dependent on how powerful the hardware is (and Whitestone does look to be a beast), but if the browser gets Flash I do imagine it’ll be made available in a firmware update.

    However it’s somewhat doubtful it’ll rely too too much on exceedingly-high hardware, as Adobe did demonstrate it on the G1, which specs-wise is identical to the Magic. So it’s all a matter of waiting for Adobe to work out the kinks and get it approved by Google. :)

  5. I really don’t think the G2/Magic and cupcake are strong enough phone to carry the event alone.

    Huawei’s G3 or Flash should at least make an appearance…

  6. Hopefully:
    1. Magic (g2… whatever)
    2. Cupcake (kinda agree with andrex that it’s not really a bug enough deal for a press conference though)
    3. Rollout dates for new 3g markets (and I hope the supposed “leaked” one from a few days ago is wrong because cincinnati isn’t on it anywhere for the whole year and that might just tick me off enough to cancel my contract in oct and find a new carrier because edge sucks… no matter what all of those people who say “aww, it’s not that bad” would have you think.)

  7. Anyone notice that this is the same day BlueTooth 3.0 is being released?

    Could T-Mobile be announcing the first Android Bluetooth 3.0 phones?

  8. A lot of sites are speculating that this could possibly be the launch of the new sidekick, but I hope it’s a new android device.

  9. I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NEW PHONE !!!!!
    SAMSUNG !!!!!!!!!
    3.5MM HEADJACK ~!!!!

  10. I feel as though if the magic is basically an upgraded dream then I would rather have the cupcake update for my dream. I mean bein a current dream owner, I dnt think its necessary to go out and buy the same phone u know. but for those who do not own the dream, I understand where u are comin from. but as far as the sidekick, haha, if its not android, its not in. [email protected]

  11. and I also feel tht when the magic does release tht the flash updrade for G1 should follow it. and I think the cupcake update for the G1 should come pre-release of the magic. more like a notice tht the magic launch is near. tht would be a good idea I think.

  12. They really need to step it up and launch a new 3G product with ActiveSynch and UMA on the G1, G2, and a WinMo device, yadda yadda yadda. T-Mobile is so behind the 8ball with product, marketing, and technology. It is very sad so we shall see what they announce! Probably a Sidekick which no one cares about!

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