Paid Apps Hitting Android Market?


I got an email tip that Paid Android Apps were hitting the Android Market about 30 minutes ago. With my G1 in front of me I looked for myself… nothing. But it seemed blogs around the interwebz were reporting the same thing from readers writing in but the bloggers themselves? Nothing.

I was lucky enough to have a tipster who also sent in a picture (Thanks Ryan!):


You can clearly see two applications for sale:

  • Aviator Watch by Ian Schumaker for $1
  • Universal Unit Converter by Chris Baker for $0.99

Apparently the paid apps are showing up based on the day they were SUBMITTED not based on the current time they appear in the Android Market so you have to scroll quite a ways down to see them. I scrolled pretty far but saw nothing… so perhaps the rollout to the market is what? Regional?

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but we’re teetering on the edge of an important day in the history of Android. Reserve some funds in your bank accounts… its almost time to play big league ball!

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  1. Hmm, I did a search for aviator watch and couldn’t find it. Where does your friend live?

  2. I haven’t seen any paid apps, I’m at the same position as that picture, and all I can see are FREE apps.

  3. The pic is from me …

    I’m south of Denver, CO.

    The app placement is interesting. Some paid apps are at the top, as expected, but the list goes deep before hitting the “all free” section. It would seem people have been submitting for some time (as soon as they were allowed) and the market kept those dates even though users only saw the free ones that were submitted at the same time.

    Very exciting time for the Android platform!

  4. Just thought of something …

    The payments are filtered through Google Checkout. Do either of you have a Google Checkout account associated with the same account as used on your G1? I do. Maybe it has something to do with that?

  5. Yes paid app have hit the market boo!!! . Its for me another let down for G1 atleast we knew where IPhone was comming from. Google keeps changing there tune. Still the main issues haven’t been address. Flash, touch key pad, flash, and video player. I was always a Nokia fan can’t wate for there touch. Or I Phone 3.

  6. I live in Iowa and i see the paid apps

  7. On the google group feeds they are saying the paid apps are available to internal use only for testing. Some of the developers were getting purchase notifications.

  8. Is this another rolling update like RC33 that takes a week before everyone gets it?

    I still don’t see paid apps yet when going to the Market.

  9. Market is working for me!

    Bought SMSpeaker and Guitar Hero – happy with both purchases, although Market hangs sometimes and I have to cancel and retry the downloads a few times before they went through. Was definitely worth it: SMSpeaker is like having Steven Hawking in your Android reading your text messages to you and Guitar Hero rocks, literally!

  10. I live in springfield, mo and my wife’s G1 has the paid apps as pictured above, but mine doesn’t. We both have
    RC33. We saw them at about 10pm tonight, I have rebooted
    at least 6 times, no dice….

  11. Oh Yeah, I’ve got the apps, they range in price, but there are many out of the $0.99 price (which I’m assuming will lower in price once all these greedy bastards realize people won’t buy them). There are many for $4.99, $5.00 and even $14.99 (for some vocabulary crap). I’m in the Miami Area, my phone was working just fine with the apps store, and I saw all the paid apps on it, but then my phone decided to switch from edge/3G connection to Wifi, everything fine, but when tried changing back to data connection, I got an error message, then call T-mobile, and one of their Guru (far from it), said: “T-mobile is experiencing outtage on their data service connection, they are having problems since this afternoon, and I’m part of it, they are working on this and it should be back up in a couple of hours” Jeez, they are quick to outtage people’s connections in order to roll out paid apps, why aren’t they as quick and responsible to cut my service in order to fix their damn 3G network and make it as fas as AT&T’s ?!!?!?! Now with all these new apps, they have some catching up to do…

  12. I don’t know about the converter, but I just downloaded and installed the aviator watch for free.

    It’s OK either way. I’m sure we’ll see paid apps soon!

  13. i got them on my phone there are already hundreds of piad apps. Im in baltimore, md

  14. Meh, I’d much prefer the apps to stay free. The Android Market’s just going to get cluttered with junk that costs money now :(

  15. A search for aviator watch yields one result, its the same app, but its listed as free on my rooted G1

  16. @Rob, I am seeing the same thing on my rooted G1.

  17. Well, it’s official. I just looked at my google acount and people have started to purchase a2b!

    Fee based downloads have began! Now, when will they be availble in the Dallas market?!

  18. I just checked my Android Market on my phone and it shows Aviator Watch as free. Not sure what the deal is.

  19. I see the aviator watch app on my g1 market but its listed as free.

    I’m in Boston btw

  20. I’m seeing paid apps. I live on Long Island in NY.

  21. Hey. I published Aviator Watch and initially had it at $1, but then only a few hours later made it free instead. This seemed to confuse the system and the app disappeared completely :-) I guess maybe that wasn’t a scenario they really thought of or tested. Anyways I expect it will be back again and is free so don’t send me hate mail or anything because I had the ‘gall’ to ask for $1 for my app ;-)

  22. In Los Angeles there are tons of apps for sale as of 10:00am PST Friday morning.

  23. Yep TONS of the same crappy apps but now they CHARGE you! There are alot of weird pricing going on too along with currency variations (some apps in pounds, euros, WTF! doesn’t the phone automagicaly know to post in your local currency based on your prefs)

    Its not looking good. I expected all the same crap apps to stay free while very good apps to then get submitted as paid.

    Now all i see are .99 1.99 fart apps, a frick’n 34.99 app for golf that was shit when it was a demo, and dogg catcher even went 9.99 WTF? I expected catcher to be .99 which i’d pay but 9.99 fuck that. I can use the rss feeds on my podcasts and just download the mp3s and listen to them in the music player. Heck doggcatch only worked semi good when detecting new pod casts and downloading them (over wifi).

    this does not bode well for android market. Instead of it looking like a joke with free crap apps now its just a joke with idiot people paying for the crap apps.

  24. Okay, now I’m finally able to see fee based downloads in Dallas BUT like many of you I’m getting a server error.

    Here’s a few screens shots of the error I’m seeing. Let me know if you’re seeing the same thing.

  25. If you return the app back to google within 24 hours of buying it you get a full refund. So case in point (you sell a shitty app I get my money back.


  26. I have received paid apps but…. Are they refundable if you don’t like them? I heard that you can do a refund. Is it true?

  27. I just biught my first app from the Android Market. Advanced Task Manager for $.99! Now I am addicted to 2 app stores. iTunes App Store & now the Android Market. :-(

  28. Dummies :) on the market press menu, go to view and change to paid apps or all : p

  29. @Nikolai – the paid apps and the ability to sort by paid/free must have been rolled out separately. I saw paid apps quite awhile ago but couldn’t sort until several days after.

  30. With Android bringing a price to the marketplace, developers will have a reason to come to the G1. This is GOOD news! More quality apps will be on their way, just wait for the stupid developers to realize their apps wont make them money.

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