Feb 19th, 2009

I got an email tip that Paid Android Apps were hitting the Android Market about 30 minutes ago. With my G1 in front of me I looked for myself… nothing. But it seemed blogs around the interwebz were reporting the same thing from readers writing in but the bloggers themselves? Nothing.

I was lucky enough to have a tipster who also sent in a picture (Thanks Ryan!):


You can clearly see two applications for sale:

  • Aviator Watch by Ian Schumaker for $1
  • Universal Unit Converter by Chris Baker for $0.99

Apparently the paid apps are showing up based on the day they were SUBMITTED not based on the current time they appear in the Android Market so you have to scroll quite a ways down to see them. I scrolled pretty far but saw nothing… so perhaps the rollout to the market is what? Regional?

I’m not sure exactly what’s going on but we’re teetering on the edge of an important day in the history of Android. Reserve some funds in your bank accounts… its almost time to play big league ball!

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