Feb 20th, 2009

We’ve heard from HTC/Vodafone that the HTC is a Vodafone exclusive. But what if they kept the basics of the phone identical, took out all HTC branding, plopped in a T-Mobile logo and called the thing a G2? That might be what they mean by exclusivity after a slide at Mobile World Congress seems to have slipped us some info:


See that T-Mobile logo on the device? Yeah, DURING THIS SLIDE, the executive calls this phone the HTC Magic. But it clearly is branded with T-Mobile and NOT Vodafone. So what in the world is going on here? The most obvious answer is that the HTC Magic will be coming to the United States as the T-Mobile G2 and T-Mo is just unprepared to make that announcement at the moment.

Here is the video from which the above slide was screencapped – fast forward to about 2 minutes 30 seconds or so:

So what do you think the explanation is?

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