HTC Magic = T-Mobile G2


We’ve heard from HTC/Vodafone that the HTC is a Vodafone exclusive. But what if they kept the basics of the phone identical, took out all HTC branding, plopped in a T-Mobile logo and called the thing a G2? That might be what they mean by exclusivity after a slide at Mobile World Congress seems to have slipped us some info:


See that T-Mobile logo on the device? Yeah, DURING THIS SLIDE, the executive calls this phone the HTC Magic. But it clearly is branded with T-Mobile and NOT Vodafone. So what in the world is going on here? The most obvious answer is that the HTC Magic will be coming to the United States as the T-Mobile G2 and T-Mo is just unprepared to make that announcement at the moment.

Here is the video from which the above slide was screencapped – fast forward to about 2 minutes 30 seconds or so:

So what do you think the explanation is?

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  1. Nice phone, but i won’t be buying one if it doesnt have a physical keyboard.

  2. I think the most logical explanation is that both the Dream and Magic use the same screen bezel, and since no one bought the white G1 there were a ton of extra, pre-branded bezels to work with when building prototypes.

  3. @J. MC – I don’t know. Pause at 2:27. Doesn’t look like G1 buttons to me. But alas, what should I care. I’m stuck with VZW for 2 years. Waiting for a LiMo phone . . .

  4. HTC Magic isn’t T-mobile G2..HTC Magic = Vodafone HTC Magic..
    Read HTC Magic vs T-mobile G1

  5. I spoke to a T Mobile retention rep yesterday. She confirmed to me that the Magic is coming to Tmobile in the 2nd quarter of 09. She told me that one of their executives have been using the Magic and it is a really good phone.

  6. I wo’nt buy if it does not have a physical keyboard

  7. hmmmm, interesting. Verizon Wireless’ parent company is Vodaphone.

  8. it’s no vodaphone, it’s vodafone!!!!

  9. HTC has separate regional deals for the Magic (Vodafone for Europe and T-Mobile for US). And Vodafone is selling different colours in different countries (white for UK, Spain, and France; black for Germany; and both colors for Italy). Particularly annoying for a Brit who wants a black Magic on T-Mobile…

  10. to hell with the physical keyboard. what is the point of having a touch screen phone with a physical keyboard have the g1 love everything about it but the physical keyboard waiting on g2 will be upgrading

  11. Tim,there are business people who need to write fast and for them physical keyboard is a must have!!!!

  12. I’m not sure if it’s the G2, but I really hope so. It’s so nice compared to the G1. The G1 is so ugly. And I’m fine with software keyboards. And why on earth would anyone specially order an HTC Magic with T-Mobile branding on it? I really hope it’s the G2.

  13. J. Mc makes a good point. . . but I think if it were something this important that HTC would change the name. Oh yeah, I’m definately getting it.

  14. I spoke with a t-mobile rep about the g2 when I got my g1 2 weeks ago, the magic is indeed the second in the line of the g1 phone but they call it the magic because they still intend on selling g1 with no price cut. They couldn’t do that if there’s a g2 at the same or similar price.

  15. I’ll wait for the G2 from Tmobile; got stuck with the behold; good phone but could not run the app’s that I wanted. G1 too bulky, G2 (if it’s the htc magic) best choice

  16. I just talked to the rep yesterday. They’re going on to a training program next week for the NEW TOUCH phone which I’m assuming is the HTC/G2. And it’ll be released the week after that!!! I can’t wait!!

  17. does anyone know when the magic or g2, whichever it will be, is coming out?

  18. for t-mobile its called the my touch its a great phone even it doesnt have a physical keyboard it able to type landscape and portrait. spell check and must more and its a great design

  19. its coming out aug 3 for pre-order i got mine. and aug 15 or so in store.

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