Pre-Ordered G1’s Now Shipping!


Just a quick heads up for anyone who pre-ordered their T-Mobile G1 to check the UPS Website for a tracking number and shipping date. At least 2 readers have contacted us saying they have shipping information today and that the shipping method is via 3-day… meaning you could receive your T-Mobile G1 as early as the 17th and definitely by the 21st.

Awesome job for T-Mobile to get the pre-orders out there before they are available in stores. And, props for limiting pre-orders to existing customers when porting contracts from AT&T, Sprint & Verizon is such a big deal.

Eagerly awaiting your T-Mobile G1? Head on over to and join the rest of us!

[Thanks Marjorie, djryan]

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1.5 Million G1 Phones Have Been Pre-Ordered!

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  1. Which begs the question of what are you going to do with them once you get them? Android Market seems to be currently MIA – heck I even have a completed app I’d like to make available to folks if there were some way to distribute it.

    Granted, I suspect the ability to make calls will still be included in the box :-)

  2. I have mine too… it says it was shipped on the 14TH WOHOO! g1 HERE YOU COME TO MY WARM HANDS THATS BEEN WAITING FOREVER! hehehe

  3. I just spoke with a representative of t-mobile to see if I had a tracking number yet (Atlanta, GA) and I was informed that some orders had started shipping but for reasons being of how far customers are from the distribution centers. I’m still hopeful I’ll get mine early, and that maybe she just noticed it was a g1 phone and that maybe she just didn’t actually go look for it, since the second she saw it was a g1 she said they usually don’t ship for a few days before but some have already started shipping.

    ::Crosses Fingers::

  4. Wait…how are we supposed to check this? Where do I get my Tracking #?

  5. Ok, for the people like me, who don’t know, you have to track by reference number. the reference number is your phone number.


    You may want to update the article to include this for people who don’t know.

  6. A Market seems to be working on all the demo units. There’s probably not an established uplink yet for everyone, but the contest developers probably have an ‘in’ on this.

  7. Also, My shipping is Ground, not 3-day.

  8. How are you guys checking to see if it was shipped. What are you entering in the UPS site to see this?

  9. You have to goto “TRACK BY REFRENCE” and enter your mobile number like this 405-555-1234 (WITH DASHES)

    If you do this in the normal spot to track packages it won’t come up.

  10. To track your order through UPS, go to tracking then track by reference. Use your phone number with dashes and enter the range, if your phone has been picked up by ups it should give you the tracking information.

  11. Pretty confident I saw one in NYC on Monday afternoon in the hands of some 20 something guy. Have any been made available to the public yet or is this likely an employee or tester?

  12. I called T-Mobile Customer Service on my existing phone (611) and followed the prompting to “Check on an Order”. The computerized assistant found my G1 order and rattled-off the date (24-Sep) and my order number -but- instead of providing a nice UPS tracking code, it indicated the phone is “on backorder” …

    Here’s hoping that system is simply behind and/or not connected in realtime to the actual shipping department.

  13. mine says it shipped the 14th, doesnt give a eta, but hopefully it comes soon, i cant stand the wing ne more

  14. Interesting note… can actually type tmobile g1 in the tracking by reference field and it gives you a list of people whom the device have been delivered too.

  15. Hmmmm…..all interesting stuff.
    I get no tracking number.
    When I call 611 to “Check an Order” I am told order data 9-23, on backorder.

    I ordered mine within about an hour of the announcement, before all the problems with the website.

    For anybody who has theirs or has a tracking number how quickly did you get your order in?

  16. Interesting note… can actually type tmobile g1 in the tracking by reference field and it gives you a list of people whom the device have been delivered too.

    Holy sh*t I just tried and it did for sure….how is this not a blatant security hole. I just typed bluediamond…..and viola. who wants an engagement ring?

    1. find retailer of high end merchandise
    2. type various keywords to find mark
    3. find out where mark lives via UPS’s handy little tool
    4. rob said mark of recently purchased high end merchandise.

    Am I missing something here?

  17. @ryan l – Uh, yeah. You’re missing the fact that it doesn’t give you the address of where the package is coming from or going to.

  18. LAME. I pre-ordered during the announcement, and UPS doesn’t find my package by my phone number.

  19. rumor is that they’re shipping them to west coast people first and working their way east.

  20. Or is it east coast. I dont remember now lol

  21. Mine shipped on the 14th and has a scheduled delivery date of the 17th! I had to start a UPS account in order to see the estimated delivery date.
    I also live in Portland, Maine so don’t think the West to East theory is true.

  22. Hey the “backordered” thing.

    The T-Mo website is setup to order handsets and have them ship within the next day or so. Anything that’s going to take longer than that is called “backordered”. They didn’t update the system for this release, the first big releast Tmo has ever done. So don’t freak, “backordered” doesn’t necessarily mean “you’ll wait a billion years”.

  23. If anyone cares, I can’t track my package yet. I ordered during the announcement and I’m in Houston, TX

  24. my bad yeah I glanced quickly and saw the city but I guess that alone won’t get you too far.

  25. I just spoke to the t-mobile rep and he gave me the tracking number. Mine tracker said that it shipped on 10/14 and the method was 3 day select. I should have it Friday!!! I have tried all the other cell phone carriers and T-Mobile has the best customer service hands down. GREAT JOB T-MOBILE……….

  26. Mine is listed as information received, meaning that T-mobile has prepared the shipment with UPS’s network, but UPS has not picked up an actual package from T-mobile for delivery yet.

  27. ordered the day it was announced.
    Live in NJ.
    No info available for tracking from UPS.
    So the East to West theory doesn’t seem correct, if anyone was wondering.

    The closer it gets, the more i can barelay contain myself. I’m obsessing over it!

  28. can I hear from all the lowly ppl who won’t get theirs til Nov.10th :-(

  29. I am the luckiest person EVER. I live in the Denver metro area which happens to be where the west coast T MO distribution center. It shipped yesterday, and arrived today. Other than the app store not working and the keyboard backlight being crap it is awesome.

    Good luck to everyone still waiting.

  30. I also live I houston and I can’t get a tracking number either and when I call tmobile they say backorder and she had the nerve to tell me hopefully by the 27th I know this can’t be true I ordered on 9/25

  31. Ha, I checked mine it’s rescheduled delivery is until 10/20/2008 ):

  32. So mine said the 3day select shipping and it still has the status billing information etc… so that means its still sitting in the warehouse and has not literally been shipped but is sitting there… damnit! So if the UPS site is true.. that means it might ship tomorrow which means I get it Monday… if im lucky…. but then again UPS is sometimes inundated and is delayed 24 hours on ground items… so that means the website is a bit slow and the product is on its way.. URGH man I have never waited this anxiously for anything in my whole life… DAMN google, DAMN HTC, DAMN TMOBILE for making us all crazy for a PHONE! hahaha

    I feel bad for the peeps getting theirs 11/10! But hey, think of it this way, atleast you will get to read everyone’s negative regarding the phone and you still have time to cancel your order…..


  33. yeah, this is odd… mine is still market “billin info”, but it also still has tomorrow as the scheduled deliv. date. odd…

  34. I did as instructed, and yes. My phone has been issued a tracking number with UPS, and I live in the Birmingham Alabama area. My tracking number was issued on Oct. 15.

    Thanks for the info!

  35. John,

    Thanks for the tracking info and website ( ). I was able to pull up my tracking info with my 10 digit phone number. Mine was shipped on the 14th……

    G1….u better not disappoint!!!!!!!!

  36. Got my date – 10/20. UPS status is “In Transit – Rescheduled”. It’s shipping Ground, not 3 day.

    Make sure to use the right format when entering the reference number (your 9 digits and the dashes!)

  37. My phone shipped on the 15th!!!!!!!!

  38. i flippin pre ordered the g1 an it has a back order an now they tell me im going to get it late thats not right.i mean what was the point in pre ordering in verey up set

  39. Me and my best friend sent off for our phones on the 26 of september. We have a tracking number but still a little confused. If you have a tracking number does that mean your phone has already been sent ? it does say 3 day shipping. it says shipped/ billed on the 14th so does that mean it’s been shipped or it is just sitting in the warehouse WAITING to be shipped? So many questions!!! I just wish I had it in my hands already!! I feel like we’ve been waiting FOREVER!! BUT I am happy to see I am not alone???



  41. What does the rescheduled date really mean will I get it friday or for sure monday? I need to take off monday if it dosent come monday since signature is required

  42. Guys Majority of the phones wont be shipped till tomorrow or Monday GRRRR F#$@CK SH@#…. GRRRR…. I was told by UPS that there is a halt…… I was hoping to get mine tomorrow but here is to disappointment… but then again I am happy that I am getting it on time vs. next month.. Sorry guys… (for those who will get it on the 10th)….. Anyhow EVERYONE BREATHE ITS JUST A PHONE… (yeah, right, I have been checking the UPS website every 2 hours….) Here is to my fellow Android Gadget Geeks! Wohooo….

  43. Shipped To: BIRMINGHAM, AL, US
    Shipped/Billed On: 10/15/2008
    Service: GROUND
    Weight: 1.50 Lbs


  44. Yeah billing information received shipped on 10/16.
    man oh man I can’t wait

  45. MINE STILL SAYS THE DARN Status… and UPS says the package has not been received! OMG People in California like myself are DYING TO HAVE THIS DAMN THING IN OUR HANDS! LUCKY People on the East Coast!

  46. DID you all read that they are giving the phone away for free in the UK OMG what happened to the US…. man…. whatever! and they also get the WHITE version as well….. WTF…..

  47. I feel like a crack addict – I’ve been sitting at my cubicle everyday at work scratching my arm and checking the UPS site every day! What the heck is wrong with me?…It’s only a phone right? WRONG! I’ma geek and so is everyone else posting here – CHEERS TO US!

  48. I was told that I should recieve mine on Monday the 20th. I am on the East Coast.

  49. just checked UPS , its on the way..!!!! I can’t wait this month took forever….Spoke with t mobile yesterday..they said by Mon all ordereds arriving by 22 of oct..should be seen on ups web site.

  50. Yeah BUB I agree…. man I feel like im on crack as well… I can’t sit straight without checking the damn UPS site… plus I am so uneasy with my darn old phone it feels so AAAAAAAAAH (screaming inside with anger cause I dont have my G1 yet)…. a few more days…… BREATHE!

  51. DAMNIT I JUST CHECKed UPS and mine is arriving on Tuesday…. MUTHA F@#$#@$#! OMG OMG OMG…. AAAAAH someone give me a chill pill… I have another friend who is going through the same thing and she is going crazy for this darn phone…..

  52. @ least you guys get it this month…pipe down mines isn’t coming until 11/10

  53. I have 2 on the way. I inadvertently pre-ordered two; one black and one brown. I called TMO support and tried to change to Brown after the pre-orders were “sold out”. I went online and ordered a brown anyways and it went through. Well, one will be returned but I don’t know which one I should keep. The first one I ordered, the black one has a rescheduled delivery for Monday, the 20th. The brown(I’m guessing) still has billing status.

    Which one should I keep? Black or Brown? I’m leaning to the brown but I really don’t know. Help!

  54. Status: In Transit – Rescheduled
    Rescheduled Delivery: 10/21/2008
    Shipped To: POMPANO BEACH, FL, US
    Shipped/Billed On: 10/16/2008
    Reference Number(s): XX, XXX-XXX-XXXX
    Service: GROUND
    Weight: 1.50 Lbs

    I wish we could of choose to pay for 3 day shipping i would of in a heart beat, did any one get the 16gb card yet i dont know were to get mine and i want to just go pick one up, where can i get one at?

  55. I live in Phoenix, AZ and UPS has a the schedule delivery date set for Tuesday 10/21. I am so excited, It is going to be hard to work all day knowing my G1 that I have already named SASHA (this is what I do I name my electronics) is at home waiting one me.

  56. I just got home and checked the UPS site again and guess what???? They re-scheduled the delivery and now I have to wait until Tuesday the 21st instead of Monday the 20th… I hope IT doesn’t check my internet activity at work – If so, I hope this G1 has an advanced feature button that automatically FINDS A NEW JOB FOR YOU – LOL :o)

  57. MotoQuigley I would definitely keep the brown one. one of my friends has inside on Tmobile Corp here in Cali and he got his 4 days ago and his black G1 is all smudged up with finger prints… I think the brown one will be easier to keep clean…

    JSmitty I am pissed as well because my phone arrived in Los Angeles a few hours ago, so I called UPS and they located where my package is but since THEY ARE CLOSED ON SATURDAY and wont proces till Monday evening.. I wont be able to pick it up until Monday Night after 5 or wait till Tuesday.. GRRRRRR!

    Erica I named mine Bob… hahaha I know lame but since I hate my boss I named it after him! So if the phone sucks I can cuss at the damn phone and at the same time take my frustrations from my boss out on the phone as well…. hehe

    BubSnack haha my co workers and I are on the same boat… GOOD thing that one of my coworkers waiting for the darn phone is also the IT Director… hahaha buy your IT people candy or smoothies… be their friend at this point….. I mean we ALL checked the UPS site every 1 hour.. right… hahaha

    Woohooo Thanks Tmobile and HTC and Google for making all of us gadget geeks Crack Addicts! well G1 Addicts….

  58. i had called ups and they told me that my g1 would be arriving on the 21st which is tuesday and when i had called earlier they told me the 20th.. ggrrrrrrrrrr cant wait nomore!!!!!

  59. I called tmobile and they said my order is on backorder. I just checked UPS under reference tracking and it said its in transit. Don’t call tmobile and freak out when they say it’s back ordered. Can’t wait to get my phone, feels like forever.

  60. Well I called 611 to “check on an order” and was told that my G1 that was ordered on October 11th is being processed and is going to be shipped on the next business day. I guess we shall see if tomorrow I have UPS tracking information to look up. :)

  61. I just checked in today with UPS and they said mine already arrived at the UPS place

    They were closed today so they couldn’t ship my phone but tomorrow i’m getting it 100% sure!

    cant wait!

  62. I got my anaroid just now… expected!!!!

  63. mines coming tomorrow :)

  64. I received my on 10/20, it takes some time getting use to after having an unlocked Iphone. The phone itself is very nice I have to say.

  65. Okay – I got my G1 yesterday. But I couldn’t sign into it (kept saying I didn’t have a data plan assigned to my account) so I called TMobile to get it straightened out and was told that NO ONE can sign in until 10/22 – the actual release. But I’m pretty sure I’m the ONLY person who has heard that and I’m still fighting with them over it. Has anyone else had this experience???


  67. omg i have to wait till nov. 10th for mines……and i called tmo and they said that mines was “back orderded”…..ahhhh welll
    anyone else in my boat???

  68. Got my phone yesterday and its pretty cool!!!Love it so far cant wait for all the functions to work on it.

  69. This phone is DA BOMB…..KABOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Had the phone for 2 days and i’m still playing with it non stop…you can do so much with this phone…love it…

  71. Yup, back-ordered. Expected by Nov. 10th, but could be sooner. Hopefully sooner.

  72. Their customer service stinks. I’ve been a tmobile customer since 2001. I was in one of their retail locations and they were selling them to people right in front of me, and refused to give me the 179 price even though i have spent like 15k on tmobile bills. They got me on the phone with a customer service rep who agreed to sell me the phone for 179 with express shipping and i should get in on wednesday (tomorrow). So my tracking number wasn’t coming up on UPS so I called them. First rep informed me I wouldn’t get my phone until Nov 10th. Totally shady, they sold me the phone and got me into a 2 yr conract promising it would deliver in october, then charged my card without shipping the order and I had not opted into the presell program. They are totally shady. If i didn’t need this thing for business research i would just cancel and get an iphone.

    why they can’t just let me pick it up from the retail store in NYC I don’t get, but either way I am going to call them and freak out on them everyday untll I get this thing. It better be good.

  73. ughhh ok so they have the billing info but what does that really mean? anyone?

  74. Well, I’m a November 10th pre-order and as of this morning, my G1 is in the mail. UPS is scheduled to deliver it tomorrow. it’s being shipped from Kentucky. I’m still not showing the charge on my bill though.

  75. I ordered my G1 Oct 29th, I’m “suppose” to receive mine by Nov 10th.

    Tracked by reference no go.. Nothing comes up yet.

    My current phone (sidekickIII) is OOOOOLLLDD.. And the keyboard is peeling off.

    I def. needed this upgrade. I hate you all with functional phones.


  76. I ordered my G1 on Oct. 29th and a week has already passed since Nov. 10th..

    My old phone got a text message saying “Enjoy your new G1 phone” and When I enter my tracking information into the UPS tracking reference, nothing comes up.

    Does this mean that my phone was already shipped AND delivered? and that they might have accidentally sent it to the wrong house?

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